Topics regarding layoffs at PerkinElmer Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at PerkinElmer Inc.

After layoff's HIring Sales folks!!

After purging 3 Sales middle management and one key sales engineer in Boston, Perkin Elmer in its infinite wisdom is going to reorganize the sales force again and hire about 7 new (cheaper I am sure) Sales Engineers. Expanding the Food Sales Team... — read more 

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More redundancies

it looks like there will be more than 30 redundancies on the Turku site in Finland there were about 50 in Shelton, and about 100 in total in the US, CA and in recent months Reposted from a reply in another thread on top for important info. The... — read more 

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Training group Layoff purge

In an attempt to save cash as sales are down, Perkin Elmer has purged a number of Training and Support folks on Aug 20, 2019. Many of these folks were employees with more than 30 years of experience and knowledge. This after a small purge and a... — read more 

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Layoffs at PerkinElmer 2019

Nope! 13 year employee in sales leadership just laid off by the saddest group of executives we’ve ever had. I haven't heard of any layoffs at PE lately - do you mind providing some more info on this? When exactly did it happen, what was affected?... — read more 

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Unreal Layoffs

Just 11-18-2015 Juts before the holidays, the let go 188 people, mostly management. I can not believe the talent they let go though. Not sure how we can do without some of these long time employees. All from the Environmental side. Some say this was... — read more 

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PKI Layoffs Q4 2015

140-180 layoffs globally yesterday, a lot of management- VP level (again) laid off. Americas hit badly- a lot of experienced talented people from R&D, Sales training, Product management and applications

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PerkinElmer Rumors

I heard that there might be some layoffs internally, we might be streamlining finance and IT functions as well as some other internal stuff. You never know with PerkinElmer, but hey wanted to share what I know

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