Topics regarding layoffs at Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Recent layoffs

Last week there were several more layoffs with PPD/Thermofisher. The main reason? In my humble opinion, corporate greed. We just had a meeting the week before in which we were informed we had such a good first quarter. They simply want to do what... — read more 

Constant cuts

Is it just me, or have we been having constant cuts in the last 12 months, only much smaller in scope than usual? I've been hearing about people being let go at least on a monthly basis. I'm now at the point where I'm worried about more cuts nonstop... — read more 

Why are we still hiring?

What was the point of hiring people just a few weeks after so many have been laid off? Is that really necessary? We couldn't have kept some of those who were affected on? I guess it's true what some people said, people who earn more (due to being... — read more 

FSP Update?

There's been a meeting set up tomorrow with little notice titled "FSP Update" - anyone know if there is something happening to the FSP pillar? Thought this meeting seemed eerily similar to the "Organizational Update" meeting back in June.

Q2 Earnings Call

On the financial call this morning discussing the q2 decline, the CFO stated that $450million in proposed savings through year end will include job cuts. Looks like more in coming.


This is typical thermo panic mode lay off. Just mind you i worked at thermo for a long time and i am so happy i left the company. You ha e to wonder what management is thinking of. Buidling new building left and right, hiring more perm employees... — read more 


I was a Sr Staff level IC and I was laid off on 6/22. On 6/21, I received a "touchbase" meeting invite with my senior manager. In that meeting, there was a Sr HR Manager in the call without being in the meeting details and she informed me that my job... — read more 

How do you even work when you’re in the department that’s about to be let go and it’s just a matter of waiting at this point?

Yeah yeah yeah I get the apply, resume update, network sh-t, but like truly are you actually working on the deliverables during working hours knowing you’re about to get laid off and it’s just a matter of “is today the day?”?…fake it til you make it... — read more 

Layoffs and Media

Do you have contact at LinkedIn or someplace else you can notify to bring attention to the layoffs? Very sneaky how this is playing out, layoffs within all divisions on weekly basis. Everything swept under the rug. Unless you are human resources or... — read more 

PPD/CRG Layoff?

Can someone confirm if the Warn notice was posted before they made the announcements of their RIF? Just wondering if its worth monitoring or just wait until they tell us. Also, it would help to know what positions these "reliable sources are" I feel... — read more 

Just got laid off

In DPE, was just laid off at 2pm with a VP level call. Was informed 70+ in the org were let go. Management had no prior knowledge it was going down or that i was chosen. My 2nd and 3rd level directors were also cut. 25% of my team was cut. ... — read more 

More layoffs, no details

Once again I am forced to guess if the layoffs are already done, are about to happen, if people who are affected have already been notified or not, and so many more things. I don't even care anymore if I'm laid off. I don't want to work for a company... — read more 

Third round of layoffs

Millersburg, pa letting people go. 2 rounds so far. They said a 3rd will be coming. We are all scared. We like it here. Can somebody provide more info on the third round? Is this referring strictly to Millersburg or will it be throughout the... — read more 

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