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(Wed 12/17/14 17:44:19 UTC)

Will Merck lay off Sigma Aldrich employees

What are your thoughts on the topic. If yes, what groups, locations, positions might be in jeopardy?

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(Mon 09/22/14 23:31:16 UTC)

Merck Acquisition - How Do You Feel About It?

Post your thoughts guys? I am anxious, it's not that we had the best culture, but I liked working here. So, in short, I am anxious. All the best...

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(Mon 09/22/14 20:45:18 UTC)


Can someone explain what exactly will happen to our 401K and RSVP accounts now ?

Not me
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(Mon 09/22/14 17:40:20 UTC)

Lay offs?

What is going to happen to small companies that sial bought with Merck's acquisition of sigma? I think these companies are going to be sold and those employees screwed over. Bioreliance didn't learn of acquisition until 1:00 today. 6 hours after the announcement

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(Fri 07/04/14 02:30:40 UTC)


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(Fri 06/20/14 21:08:31 UTC)

Bromborough Site closure.

Epichem Ltd was started in 1983 in Bromborough Uk. Built into a multi million£££ company. SAFC bought the company in 2006 re nameing it SAFC Hitech & are shutting the place down in 2014. Total mismanagement by Sigma. The writing was on the wall when they promoted guy's who didn't have a clue how to ... read more

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(Tue 06/03/14 06:37:49 UTC)

Severance Pay

Do you know how much folks being let go are getting this month?

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(Thu 05/15/14 17:51:05 UTC)

and more....

data is moved to google drives, common and personal drives deleted. The guys responsible for the servers will be removed soon after this is done.

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(Thu 05/15/14 17:48:08 UTC)

more facts

There goes the money: Rakesh got 10.5 million total in 2013 and 5.2 million total as "welcome". If he leaves he gets 17 million more... On the ... read more

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(Fri 04/04/14 00:18:03 UTC)

15 yrs of dedicated service

The raises for 2013 are 2-3%, not even the cost of living. No wonder everyone is jumping ship. We had at least 30% turnover last year at our location and the company doesn’t really care. Moral is terrible and Management is incompetent. What a way to run a business.

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(Sat 01/25/14 17:43:14 UTC)

What changes to marcom?

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(Sat 01/25/14 08:38:32 UTC)


Operational Marketing, Accounts Payable, Marcom

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(Tue 12/03/13 23:57:09 UTC)

aldrich downsizing

are you guys still cutting - want to apply for a job but not sure if you are still reducing workforce

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(Tue 10/15/13 02:52:18 UTC)

nothings happening right now


(Tue 10/15/13 01:37:42 UTC)

Hmmm been a few weeks... Doesn't look like their is an eBusiness reorg.


(Mon 09/23/13 18:24:50 UTC)

J. Doe not surprised at all. It is amazing how a candidate can speak perfect English on the phone screen, but they can't string a sentence together in a face-to-face. Let's face it. It is a money grab for these consulting/recruiting firms and unfortunately Sigma needs warm bodies at a cheap labor ... read more

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(Sat 09/21/13 07:22:42 UTC)

Outsourcing has been mentioned several times on this site. But what about insourcing? H1b visas are being used at our SIAL lab to perform typical chemistry experiments. In several cases it is obvious the foreign worker doesn't have even rudimentary knowledge of chemistry, yet they were hired in as ... read more

j. doe
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(Tue 08/13/13 18:04:54 UTC)

confirmed - reorganization in eBusiness


(Sun 08/11/13 01:57:26 UTC)

Heard more directors leaving. Reorg in eBusiness?


(Thu 08/08/13 23:43:55 UTC)

Oh no a corporation is outsourcing! Wow...welcome to 2003. If you are worried about outsourcing, then your skills are out of date and you've become a wasted resource.


(Wed 07/24/13 16:03:15 UTC)

Many companies outsource to regions with workforce with sub-par English language skills - yet, while the quality of service tanked the positive effect of the move outweighs the quality drop effect. So, it actually makes sense... Employees do not like it, customers do not like it, yet it makes ... read more

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(Wed 07/24/13 10:01:32 UTC)

Buildings being sold in St. Louis. Anyone hear this?

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(Mon 07/22/13 23:36:58 UTC)

"when you out source to people who don't understand the English language" The same could be said for many in the United States born and raised here over the last several generations.


(Sun 07/21/13 20:23:19 UTC)

don't delude yourself. when you out source to people who don't understand the English language and who create a multitude of errors at every level day after day. the money "being put into real profit centers" seems like a lot of waste because the Company is still stuck with people who cannot ... read more

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(Sun 07/21/13 17:23:52 UTC)

It is a good time to get a job there. The under-achieving parts of the company are finally being outsourced, eliminate, or left to natural head-count shrinking. The corporation is only putting money into real profit centers, not pipe dreams.


(Sat 07/20/13 20:51:51 UTC)

so would it be a bad time to get a job with sigma right now?


(Sat 07/20/13 10:17:19 UTC)

customer service, Tech Service and I/S is out sourced to India. Coincidence that the head of the company is from India? I don't think so.


(Fri 07/19/13 22:03:58 UTC)

Love that I have spent two years begging for a project or even some trivial task. How can this company function? They are currently paying employees to study for whatever courses they are taking in an attempt to leave the company. Must be great getting paid a salary to do homework.


(Sat 06/08/13 09:13:10 UTC)

With all of the people leaving, there is opportunity for you to further your career. There are plenty of job openings at Sigma-Aldrich now. Staying in the same job for years makes you a layoff target. Become more valuable for yourself and the company.


(Wed 04/24/13 17:22:55 UTC)

You know it is bad when directors leave!


(Tue 04/23/13 13:06:34 UTC)

Agreed, I had a request for a recommendation from a long-time Sigma employee. Sad....

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(Sun 04/14/13 20:10:29 UTC)

No need for layoffs. Employees are leaving faster than they can be let go.


(Wed 03/27/13 18:15:12 UTC)



(Sat 03/23/13 00:31:36 UTC)

goodbye Sage Labs. They are someone elses money pit now.

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(Tue 03/12/13 02:35:54 UTC)

They had a department meeting and said they will be eliminating Packaging here in St. Louis. That's about 80 folks. Of course there will be a domino effect with other departments. The guy running Sigma is going to destroy it. DeKalb building in general and packaging in particular were cash cows for ... read more

Wally Rakish
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(Thu 03/07/13 10:37:18 UTC)

Packaging at Decalb


(Wed 03/06/13 23:04:44 UTC)

More cutbacks in Saint Louis is a given. Have any specifics?


(Wed 03/06/13 10:53:43 UTC)

More cutbacks in St Louis


(Wed 02/27/13 16:45:40 UTC)

I think the "troll" hit the nail on the head a while back!

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(Tue 02/19/13 23:06:35 UTC)

The intent is to not provide a severance. What person would risk the chance of being fired? Especially good employees? The goal is to put people on bogus PIPs as a measure to cut headcount. PIPed person finds a job and gives the company a middle finger. The company owes that person nothing. Boom. ... read more

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