Topics regarding layoffs at Sigma-Aldrich Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Sigma-Aldrich Corp.

Glad to be here

The company I left has a very active discussion thread on this site. They have frequent layoffs, lots of employee dissatisfaction, grumbling and griping. Since joining MilliporeSigma, I find it refreshing that the petty political infighting... — read more 

Lay offs?

What is going to happen to small companies that sial bought with Merck's acquisition of sigma? I think these companies are going to be sold and those employees screwed over. Bioreliance didn't learn of acquisition until 1:00 today. 6 hours after the... — read more 

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Bromborough Site closure.

Epichem Ltd was started in 1983 in Bromborough Uk. Built into a multi million£££ company. SAFC bought the company in 2006 re nameing it SAFC Hitech & are shutting the place down in 2014. Total mismanagement by Sigma. The writing was on the wall when... — read more 

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and more....

data is moved to google drives, common and personal drives deleted. The guys responsible for the servers will be removed soon after this is done.

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more facts

There goes the money: Rakesh got 10.5 million total in 2013 and 5.2 million total as "welcome"... — read more 

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15 yrs of dedicated service

The raises for 2013 are 2-3%, not even the cost of living. No wonder everyone is jumping ship. We had at least 30% turnover last year at our location and the company doesn’t really care. Moral is terrible and Management is incompetent. What a way to... — read more 


J. Doe not surprised at all. It is amazing how a candidate can speak perfect English on the phone screen, but they can't string a sentence together in a face-to-face. Let's face it. It is a money grab for these consulting/recruiting firms and... — read more 

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Many companies outsource to regions with workforce with sub-par English language skills - yet, while the quality of service tanked the...

Many companies outsource to regions with workforce with sub-par English language skills - yet, while the quality of service tanked the positive effect of the move outweighs the quality drop effect. So, it actually makes sense... Employees do not like... — read more 

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don't delude yourself

don't delude yourself. when you out source to people who don't understand the English language and who create a multitude of errors at every level day after day. the money "being put into real profit centers" seems like a lot of waste because the... — read more 

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It is a good time to get a job there

It is a good time to get a job there. The under-achieving parts of the company are finally being outsourced, eliminate, or left to natural head-count shrinking. The corporation is only putting money into real profit centers, not pipe dreams.

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