Topics regarding layoffs at Ecolab Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Ecolab Inc.

From salary to hourly

I wonder what we did to deserve to be treated like this? This is such a shame, I don’t know what else to say about them lowering our wages. As if laying off workers is not enough. I wonder if there is any reasonable justification for such a move?... —  read more 

Looking for advice

Is there anyone here who would honestly be ready to recommend a position with this company? I was faced with the dilemma a few days ago. A close friend was just laid off and asked me if we were hiring and would I give him a referral. Saying yes is... —  read more 

Numbers first

You know Ecolab - numbers first. They cut directors a few years back, VPs have been encouraged to go in the last 2 years and many have chose to retire or leave on their own. Contractors with expiring contracts are gone and now it is the managers'... —  read more 

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