Topics regarding layoffs at National Instruments Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at National Instruments Corp.


What was the severance with NI with the layoffs back in late 2020? How many weeks per year, months of medical provided, prorated bonus, RSUs?

NI S---S

Perhaps you could've saved at least a few positions from not wasting money on renaming the company. How much did changing everything to NI cost anyway??? Nothing like laying off just before Christmas. Sending jobs to Hungary. A–holes. —  read more 

650 Layoffs (media)

For example, Austin tech company National Instruments announced at the end of October that it would lay off about 650 of its workers worldwide, the Austin...

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Will it stop at 650?

We all knew layoffs were coming, the company has been having issues for a long time even before the pandemic arrived and made everything three times worse. I'm more worried about this being just the start. I don't want to get lulled into a false... —  read more 

National Instruments Corp

National Instruments Corp. is struggling, it's a well known fact, i used to work there and i can tell you it's not fun. i am glad i got out... good luck to all of you that stayed over there...

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