Topics regarding layoffs at Commscope Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Commscope Inc.

Early 2021 layoffs

The postponed merit increases was done to allow time for layoffs in the next months. Those who have been notified have some time to seek other internal positions in parts of the company that are hiring.

Loma Prieta

Don't bother asking for a raise because deep down inside you know what's going on. Get back to work! The big one is coming. Everything is fine! Don't worry, be happy! Can we meet again tomorrow morning at 10 A.M.? I just let go of... —  read more 

Something is coming

Too many people (and I am talking managers) are leaving right now on their own. People with cushy jobs who do very little as it is and get paid too much for it. Why would anybody leave a situation like? I doubt they can find anything better, since... —  read more 

Bring the Ruckus dog back!

Heard about that Ruckus will be separated as a BU again. The integration into Commscope was a big management failure. Best would be to bring Ruckus again as separate company to the market. Implement a professional management. Buy security and SDWAN... —  read more 


Is it true that CommScope‚Äôs Ruckus Engineers have been fleeing to Meraki, who is just beating the green snot out of Ruckus? Meraki has cameras, security appliance, IoT, LTE, switches, WiFi6, and a NICE array of products ( which honestly Ruckus is... —  read more 

Too many bad acquisitions

One of the biggest problems is that Commscope has bought too many companies that do not fit together. Arris is an old company with products that don't make sense in the medium term. Ruckus is facing considerable challenges in the marketplace. Aruba... —  read more 

5G replace modems?

Here's what I would like to know about the company before I go out and buy the stock. Is Commscope involved in 5G , 4G, ETC, or any cellphone technologies? 0 Will people give up their modem at home, in favor of their 5G cellphones? —  read more 

July Layoff Rumors

There's a lot of rumors going around regarding a massive layoff even for July. The ARRIS layoff packages are being replaced with signifigantly worse CommScope packages July 1. I've heard from a few managers that they know something is coming but... —  read more 

More layoffs this week

More this week although not clear where. ARRIS was good for a while, but has gradually gone downhill...especially over the last year. Do more with fewer resources (in the US) while more and more jobs are send offshore for cheaper pay/less experience... —  read more 

Laid off today

I got laid off today from CommScope. One month severance. Most people who got laid off were not given much more. It was random, and very little thought went into the people who were let go, and the positions that were cut. There is no back fill. More... —  read more 

Commscope severance packages

What sort of severance packages are people seeing when laid off from Commscope? Is there a formula used to make the calculation? I know Arris had a range from a few weeks to a full year, depending on tenure... Commscope seems to have a larger history... —  read more 

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2014 Layoffs

Prepare yourself, it'll be bumpy for all of us at commscope - if you thought 2013 sucked, waith a month or two

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