Topics regarding layoffs at Commscope Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Commscope Inc.

What's the exit process like?

If you quit, what was your exit experience? Is the two weeks notice expected? Also, if you give your two weeks notice what are the chances you'll be told not to bother returning for those two weeks? I've had a few offers where I was supposed to start... —  read more 

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You see all the granted options. Mingle with 65,000 shares. How in the he-l is she worth that much. Or any one else on this half a$$ mgmt team. Since they don’t vest for 3 years, guess the place is stuck with them. Lol. Good luck to all.

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Earnings Call

In case you missed it, CommScope announced on yesterday’s earnings call that there will be another $250m saved in headcount reduction which is 1,500-,2,000 employees. These reductions are for what they are calling Core CommScope (nonHN BUs). So this... —  read more 

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Since there cutting expenses

Im curious why they still have a 2 corporate aircraft and a team of pilots. Most companies have eliminated the expense. Much cheaper to just fly commercial but they think they are to good for commercial I guess.

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Victims of their greed

It frustrates me when I know that a large number of jobs could be saved just if it wasn't for their greed. Basically, if I get laid off, (and I’m prepared like I will), I’ll definitely blame their greed and not think that I got cut because I didn’t... —  read more 

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This is not the same Commscope

This is definitely not the same company I joined ten years ago. I've never been more unsatisfied with my job than I am right now. Layoffs have sucked out all the fun from work - everybody is worried and stressing all the time. It doesn't help that... —  read more 

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How do you deal with uncertainty?

I’m looking for a new job and hope to find it before I get laid off. The stress is huge. Lately, I absolutely can’t dedicate myself to work and concentrate because I’m demoralized, demotivated and very anxious. How do you deal with this unbearable... —  read more 

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Last year I understand they closed most of the Mexico plants for cleaning after covid infections appeared. With the virus spiking in India, I wonder how the mfg, the DC and all the sales and engineering locations. CS has relocated a lot of jobs... —  read more 

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Lie & Deny

This blog is pathetic. Yes, there’s legit people worried about their jobs but most are a group of rumour wielding bullies who aren’t truthful. ARRIS’ ongoing failures are the noose around CommScope’s neck. Yes, CS should NOT have acquired ARRIS, but... —  read more 

Fiber cable and hardware?

How's this business doing? Are those groups stable, people-wise? Corning is raking in money, so I'd assume this part of Commscope is doing OK, but it sounds like things are getting wobbly in Hickory. We buy a lot of fiber stuff.

Prepare yourself

If you work here, you should be preparing for possible layoffs. And no, I don't think everybody will be laid off from Commscope but I do believe everybody is in danger of being laid off. From what I've seen so far unless you're leadership you're not... —  read more 

Don't leave money on the table

If they give me a severance package, I'll take it. Thing is the manager won't let me say that outside of the managers office. I heard it was not like winning the lottery, but also not bad. It's like a down payment on a car. I all for it. I'm tired... —  read more 

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