Topics regarding layoffs at Commscope Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Commscope Inc.

Any success?

Has anyone who is 50+ left the industry and found success elsewhere? I know it’s a hindrance once you hit your mid 40s but finding gainful employment is important and I’m wondering if I should look outside my field. I’m trying to get my foot in the... —  read more 

Better times for Commscope

Will those times ever come? Does anyone else feel optimism that Commscope could get back on track? This week is my last here because I'm not very optimistic, so I was looking for a new job, but still, I've been working here for a long time and... —  read more 

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It might be too late

I'd like to think there's still time to undo all the mistakes and wrong moves and get this company back on track, but I think it might be time to admit that we are too far gone by now. Too much damage has been done to even entertain the idea of... —  read more 

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Layoff month

Today is the first day of Q3 and did anyone receive any meeting invite from their manager or HR? I haven’t yet but quite stressed as rumours are circulating and CS did this after every quarter in the last 3 years.

Always be prepared

I got laid off. Every body was talking about what was coming and I ignored all the 'background noise' until it was too late. I had to scramble to get re-employed. It was not easy but I did better than Commscope in the end. If I had known what... —  read more 

Age discrimination?

A few of the posts here, indicate that a lot of older employees are being targeted on this layoffs! If a company is laying off a specific age group, may be is worth contacting the workforce commission or a lawyer.

Constant stress

Layoffs from month to month. This is insane. I constantly hear about new people getting laid off. How lucky is it to be a survivor here? Almost not at all. How do they expect people to be productive working under such pressure? I don't know, all... —  read more 


You see all the granted options. Mingle with 65,000 shares. How in the he-l is she worth that much. Or any one else on this half a$$ mgmt team. Since they don’t vest for 3 years, guess the place is stuck with them. Lol. Good luck to all.

Earnings Call

In case you missed it, CommScope announced on yesterday’s earnings call that there will be another $250m saved in headcount reduction which is 1,500-,2,000 employees. These reductions are for what they are calling Core CommScope (nonHN BUs). So this... —  read more 

Victims of their greed

It frustrates me when I know that a large number of jobs could be saved just if it wasn't for their greed. Basically, if I get laid off, (and I’m prepared like I will), I’ll definitely blame their greed and not think that I got cut because I didn’t... —  read more 

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