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I think Tech Mahindra is on it's last leg

Tech Mahindra once again stood in the news for illegally laying off employees a few days back in Pune. While the official news said the count was 75 unofficially it was more than 300. I talked with some of my friends who work there. Most of them are... read more

Freshers at any cost don't join this company

They fired hundreds of freshers silently last year. Rmg's treat freshers like sh-- and won't help them in finding projects. Freshers will be waiting for that day where they will be placed in a project. Suddenly one day HR calls and warns you to put... read more

Throw c.p gurnani outside first

One of the worst companies. The amount of exploitaton this company does is disgusting. No ethics, no values nothing. Top management is run by greedy corrupted capitalists. They covered up the news of the mass illegal layoffs. Don't join there is no... read more

Pune Layoffs for TM

The layoff have started - things will not get any better. They are pressuring people to leave.
by | Post ID: @TKE3lte
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layoff restart ?

layoff restart ? 5 senior technies asked to leave in pune last week
by | Post ID: @TbDQOtX
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RISE advertise ment in tatasky a big joke

RISE advertisement in tata sky a big joke - company doesnt train regular employees properly buy investing in training in stray folk in outdated skills and trying show off as social work and fool the government on skill development....
by | Post ID: @SAlhVEr
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poor response to hiring drives- due to worst culture image After a considerable number of tech professionals were terminated over the past year, managing ‘employer branding’, a... read more
by | Post ID: @SwdJwun
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CEO is worried about LTCG tax wants his pay to be restructured

CEO is worried about LTCG tax say his pay needs to restructured. Cant manipulate stock price to boost effective ESOP based pay model. he whatsapp leak system became useless. already got rap and fine from sebi for insider trading by 3 senrior VPS
by | Post ID: @RyOGSV1
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2017 layoffs info on Tech Mahindra

Although letting-go people is a common phenomenon at TechM like any other company, 2017 was slightly different. The number is slightly higher this year and TechM is done with cleaning up Q1 to Q4, normalising their internal project team (CIO team)... read more

system triggering backdated resignation for fired employee

Just saw auto mail triggered about one senior voluntary resignation - seems new system in place to trigger our backdated resignations to cover up layoff. the mail wont reach employee mail box ID but stopped at server level to keep employee in dark.
by | Post ID: @PmLwLJq
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