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Techmahindra canada get rave reviews on glassdoor,13_IL.14,20_IN3.htm 8 Tech Mahindra Logo "*a churn & burn clownshow" Former Employee - Associate-Customer Support in Riverview, NB Doesn't Recommend Negative Outlook... read more
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Company is facing extreme resource crisis

Laterals stay away from this company. Don't get attracted to the massive hikes promised to you. Tech Mahindras biggest clients like ATT and BT has lost confidence in techm a long time ago. Many of the projects are hanging by a thread. Upper... read more

double speak on tech skills of people -

double speak on tech skills of people - While hiring we want highly skilled people in latest technologies. to managers - we should make every thing process driven skills should not matter, development should go like factory assembly line, why you... read more

This company needs to be blacklisted as soon as possible.

This company needs to be blacklisted as soon as possible before it can destroy even more lives by throwing them out silently and sobotaging their careers. They destroyed lives of more than 7000 freshers by not giving call letters or throwing them out... read more
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Massive layoff of 10,000 coming in the fall

I am on the inside exec team and can confirm there will be a massive layoff this fall. The executive management team has finalized the practice areas that will be eliminated and all the employees in the mentioned practices. Employees with skills will... read more

Anand Mahindra is a total wimp

In Twitter you can see many tweets by Anand Mahindra which may give us an opinion that he is a very courageous and strong person. But in reality dude's just a wimp. He has no control over any of his businesses. The upper managements of his companies... read more

SAP layoff coming soon - and it will be huge

SAP layoff coming soon - and it will be huge across all locations and at onsite. back up hiring (hire before before layoff drive in progress) in full swing so start looking out and preseeve you skillandtechnical designation and and don't accept mgmt... read more

I think Tech Mahindra is on it's last leg

Tech Mahindra once again stood in the news for illegally laying off employees a few days back in Pune. While the official news said the count was 75 unofficially it was more than 300. I talked with some of my friends who work there. Most of them are... read more

Freshers at any cost don't join this company

They fired hundreds of freshers silently last year. Rmg's treat freshers like sh-- and won't help them in finding projects. Freshers will be waiting for that day where they will be placed in a project. Suddenly one day HR calls and warns you to put... read more

Throw c.p gurnani outside first

One of the worst companies. The amount of exploitaton this company does is disgusting. No ethics, no values nothing. Top management is run by greedy corrupted capitalists. They covered up the news of the mass illegal layoffs. Don't join there is no... read more

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