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Mahindra Cars Arriving to Michigan Mahindra plans plant, 2,000 jobs at Buick City site in Flint Deal could be contingent on incentives and U.S. Postal Service contract Would be... —  read more 

Fake reviews everywhere

This company is making its employees to write fake reviews everywhere to compensate the amount of backlash and negetavity it's recieving from the public. the ex employees who either moved out or layed off are currently tearing this company apart in... —  read more 

Typical Marwadi company

Typical Marwadi company run by people who are living in the last century. Most of the upper management are lazy old people who refuse to get retired. Company has one goal only that is to keep the shareholders happy. For that they can stoop to any... —  read more 

This company and its upper management is such a joke.

The company is spending a lot of money and giving themselves stupid awards like CEO of the year Future company of the year Innovative company of the year to increase their brand value CEO c.p gurnani is so desperate to change his tarnished Image that... —  read more 

Tech Mahindra is buying back their own shares

Tech Mahindra is buying back their own shares to please the shareholders who have lost confidence in techm a long time ago. The upper management is taking desperate measures to prevent shareholders from leaving. I think they finally understand their... —  read more 

Techmahindra canada get rave reviews on glassdoor,13_IL.14,20_IN3.htm 8 Tech Mahindra Logo "*a churn & burn clownshow" Former Employee - Associate-Customer Support in Riverview, NB Doesn't Recommend Negative Outlook... —  read more 

Company is facing extreme resource crisis

Laterals stay away from this company. Don't get attracted to the massive hikes promised to you. Tech Mahindras biggest clients like ATT and BT has lost confidence in techm a long time ago. Many of the projects are hanging by a thread. Upper... —  read more 

double speak on tech skills of people -

double speak on tech skills of people - While hiring we want highly skilled people in latest technologies. to managers - we should make every thing process driven skills should not matter, development should go like factory assembly line, why you... —  read more 

Massive layoff of 10,000 coming in the fall

I am on the inside exec team and can confirm there will be a massive layoff this fall. The executive management team has finalized the practice areas that will be eliminated and all the employees in the mentioned practices. Employees with skills will... —  read more 

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