Topics regarding layoffs at Guitar Center

Topics regarding layoffs at Guitar Center

Here we go

Now that the company has filed for bankruptcy the only question for the employees is how bad it will get. Whatever kind of reorganization they decide to implement it will come with major layoffs. And I highly doubt they plan to reorganize the ELT and... —  read more 

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Shameful way to treat employees

It looks to me like Guitar Center couldn't wait to get rid of us. They used the coronavirus crisis to their advantage and showed us the door with barely any help or benefits provided. So much for being a loyal employee and expecting some kind of... —  read more 

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Layoffs at GCI - Not Surprising

The only question is: was it COVID 19 that did them in or did the virus just force Japinga's hand. Poorly run company, mediocre management, crippling debt.... why did this not happen sooner?????

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Frustrated customers

Guitar Center needs to work on its internal structure and network ASAP. Can't remember how many delayed orders we had to justify to customers because of this. I also have to make sure to follow through every step of the process or chances are it'll... —  read more 

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Guitar Center is not closing

Guitar Center is not closing. They are under enormous debt and a lot of pressure due to the coming payments they need to make off amount of interest on this debt. They saved themselves about 3 million dollars in payroll by laying off 140 people at... —  read more 

Getting the right guys in place is one thing, but many of the changes and the people behind the changes especially through phase III...

...Were not those laid off. Gc is going down the toilet and the corporate jackasses in place giving themselves more control are prepping to chop gc up, I would almost be willing to put money on it. What do 20 plus years of experience at this company... —  read more 

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Working at Guitar Center

You know, it's about time someone at the home office said, 'why do we have these people with no business skills running the most important positions in the company?' It's nice that we have tenured people at the top, but they were all salespeople who... —  read more 

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Management Layoffs 2015

Over 70 people, all mid to upper management, were let go to cut payroll. Meanwhile, the latest in a string of CEOs is being shuttled back and forth from his home via private jet. Tough commute, huh?

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