Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

What a difference

I left a few months ago for a competitor and I noticed how much life has improved since then. The differences financially and mentally were astounding not to mention the quality of my peers and leadership. I never thought I’d say this because I used... —  read more 

No Longer Reliable

Well, June has come and gone. No layoffs. The one poster who felt vindicated that his predicted "massacre" came in the form of the CEO leaving was almost comical, but was mostly sad. This website used to have a little credibility, but now it's... —  read more 

Shady business exposed

No reputable business tells their account managers that they will earn more money than in years past under the new 2021 anaplan model, all while hiding sales quota details and stacking books with deadbeat accounts to hold revenue down. SLT is... —  read more 

It Might be Fear

Folks, I've been away from Staples for a while. I've been reading these posts from time to time. I noticed that there is general disdain for SLT. A feeling that nothing is good enough. People trashing the CEO and others. I think two things... —  read more 

Lipstick on a pig...

Laughable content in the all hands meeting today. Let’s all update the brand prop and not all the real problems with actual investments, plans, and leaders to drive.

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I can't rest

I'm too tired every day. I start and finish work tired. When I have a day off, I cannot get enough rest. Total burnout. It was to be expected that I would get into this situation because I have been doing work for several people for months now... —  read more 

How to keep employees!

Leadership need to get back to there old ways of overall sales goal and move away from talk time and the amount of dials. Yes more dials = more talk time. Need to focus on quality over quantity and that will bring in more sales. Doesn’t matter if... —  read more 

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