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Staples is laying off and hiring too??

Staples has been laying off people in all departments and they are still on hiring spree. How's that working out? especially in IT, they have let go of many people in past and they are still continuing to release new offers and new positions? are lot... —  read more 

SBA Canada?

Seems that SBA Canada is on the block? Is Staples pulling out of the commercial business in Canada as a way to make a fast buck? Apparently the fleet and DCs are worth more to SP? Well, we know that MM, MB and MB can’t grow a business - maybe... —  read more 

Equal Opportunities?

SD posted today that the black community has faced much hardship in gaining equal opportunities and fair chances. And how Staples is great! But how many black people are on the senior leadership team? How many black VPs and directors are at... —  read more 

Red Alert!

With the termination of several top regional leaders, the fear has been set. There will be more to come.

Censorship is real

Your comments are anonymous, but you may not be able to post anything. They actively block IP addresses that they don't approve of....jus sayin

Senior Leadership Changes?

Have heard that there is going to be a big change in senior leadership announced in the next 2 weeks. Apparently Sycamore isn’t happy with the results to date at NAD and will be looking to make a series of changes so that the business can get back on... —  read more 


With states beginning to open - is there any word on when they are bringing us back?

Furloughed employees

Just wondering who made the decision to furlough employees and how were they picked seems funny it's all supervisors and managers but employees with health conditions never got asked

No Bonuses - Bankruptcy

I heard a rumor. Bankruptcy is possible and there are efforts underway for it. Is said to be the reason bonuses haven't been paid. Assuming they can get away with blaming bankruptcy for inability to pay us? Any truth?

Leave of Absence

I am not in the upper ranks of Staples. I am one of the Associates in a busy PMS store; the only profitable part in all of Staples' retail. I requested a LOA for 30 days due to Covid 19 implications. I was told that Cigna is managing all leaves of... —  read more 

Moving accounts

Those people working still have had a ton of account moves. About 60% of books were changed. However, currently they are not allowed to call the new customers. Books are a mess. AM1 accounts have been mixed into AM2 books. AM2 accounts have been... —  read more 

Any news on layoffs?

A lot of companies have started laying off furloughed employees, I'm wondering if we are next...

Promoting Sr Leadership

While thousands of associates are furloughed, Staples announced the promotion of Amit Karla to Chief SC officer. Most associates haven’t been paid their 2019 bonus, no one has received their merit increase but they promote at that level is not... —  read more 

Jockeying for position

Observing those jockeying for position is a study in corporate dysfunction. Results speak, not kissing of the bullocks.


Has corporate changed their stance on unemployment? At first self quarantine was allowed and you could collect/file for unemployment with no contest from Staples. Have they backed off from this stance and are now considering terminating those... —  read more 

What’s next for furloughed employees

Does anyone know what is next for TAMs or KAMS that got furloughed? Any talk of when they go back to their jobs at 100% pay and hours? What about TAMS or KAMS furloughed 100%? Does anyone know if they will have a job or will they be let go? For... —  read more 

Furlough details?

Hey, what's the extent of the furloughs in the contract & commercial? What roles abd percentages?

Hand Sanitizer Highlights A Bigger Problem

Our customers are begging us for the most important products and our leadership can’t figure out how to source hand sanitizer? Why are we always a day late and a dollar short? All around the United States, distilleries are producing hand sanitizer... —  read more 

Be Kind T-Shirts

CCO was kind enough to let us have Be Kind t-shirts! Could this be the start of a change of heart for Staples leadership. Will the organization start to Be Kind to its employees?

Great new videos in Canada!

Videos in Canada promoting Staples Advantage and how it can help your business grow! LOL This is a business that is so badly managed by a President that couldn’t run a bath, let alone a business. Micromanaging across the business, declining sales... —  read more 

What do you make of this? I think they will declare bankruptsy for Staples pretty soon. What do you think?

Getting a temp job while furloughed?

Is this frowned upon? There are some essential companies in my area that are hiring temps, but I don't want to jeopardize my job at Staples (if they were hiring for a permanent job, I wouldn't think twice about it.) So can I get in trouble for... —  read more 

Unwanted Posts

Hey this is fun. This shooter bans me from posting from my pc, but not from my phone. I've rarely posted recently because in truth, Staples was on death watch and I was bored. However the virus thing revived my interest cause it was obvious SP was... —  read more 

Last Paycheck

If you have been furloughed have you received your last paycheck by Staples? I did not get my check today and was told in writing I would receive my last check on 4/17

Congratulations on NOT being Furloughed!

Congratulations you’re not furloughed. Your reward is NO merit increase, more work (cause of all the furloughs), and the latest DEFERRED BONUS! If you have been furloughed consider yourself lucky. You get your bonuses, unemployment, an extra 600... —  read more 

Keeping fingers crossed for April or May

CEO said he is cutting his Salary by 50%, So believe He must put huge number of employees on Partial Furlough or Salary cut. And in extreme case Full Furlough. Its basically a Capital reduction of company. I donot think by just cutting couple of... —  read more 

Bonus pay (furlough)

Hello Do those furlough had their bonus paid? At least to help them Also if I wasn’t furlough and staples said they want to pay the bonus once this crisis is over, however Im planning to leave in the coming month since they confirmed that they... —  read more 


If you were put on furlough and then are terminated at a later date, will u still receive severance? Is it two weeks pay for every year at the company?

Furlough - Start of your Departure

All furlough’ed might not come back. You might be terminated all together even if business get back. Staples will take the opportunity to trim down even if America goes back. Save your money people, don’t count on being back full time, you might just... —  read more 

Furlough the CCO 100 percent PLEASE

If NR was still here he would have addressed his entire organization by now. Only info we get from CCO is what inventory we have and what customers get prioritized. What about the associates who have been keeping the customers taken care of these... —  read more 

Layoffs at the DPF

One location cutting all part timers and offering layoffs to full timers. No longer a 24 hour operation, only running 2 shifts

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