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My reason I am bitter about staples

I never post anything or read much into this site but I am very bitter with this company. For almost 5 years I was a contractor, no complaints either and always performed my work @ 100% no matter what and never trash talked the company. But over... —  read more 

No SALES jobs on Staples Career website

I wonder if Staples is going to get rid of all outside AM and outside sales? I know some managers have just hired outside B2B but I find it very odd that there are no jobs for outside sales on the job board! Any thoughts?

Why is eCommerce Failing?

Why is ecommerce such an abysmal failure? Is it assortment, leaders, or both? I mean, any gains are from panic buyers (sanitizer, wipes). Not actual talent or strategy IMO. How many ways can you sell paper and ink? Staples was #2, now it's not... —  read more 

SD Update Video

Did anyone see the new update from SD? I mean, I know he’s a puppet for SP but could they at least find a competent puppet and not one that gets up there and sounds like he pounded a 12 pack before they hand him the mic? My’s terrifying... —  read more 

Mandatory Sunday work

Do any other FC locations have to start working on Sundays? We received an announcement today.

Senior Leader Lectures

The senior (white) leadership fumbling over themselves to join the woke olympics is becoming a classic diversion from utter failure. It's fun to watch. We will go down but we will go down socially righteous. So we have that at least. Not... —  read more 

The Loop

While leadership is making changes they should seriously think about getting rid of The Loop. If you have good salespeople talking to customers this becomes a redundant waste of money and resources. In addition, it provides no value to either the... —  read more 

My company sent me a care package!

I’ve seen several LinkedIn posts with current employees sharing pics of “care packages” with purell, wipes, etc. “I love how my company takes care of us, blah blah blah.” Yeah, except for the thousands they fired. And you’re next—regardless of a few... —  read more 

Why lie?

I understand the situation is bad, I understand some adjustments are needed, but what's the point in lying to us? That's what I don't understand. Why call us to say we can expect to be called back and then weeks later call us again to let us know we... —  read more 

Staples Haters

Too bad that's all that's here most the time. Waste of time reading this c-ap.

Stupid LinKedIn posts

Has anyone else noticed a trend of those being played off posting sappy love notes about how they loved the company and that it was a great place? Makes me think there is a stipulation in the severance that requires it or something. Anyone know what... —  read more 

Don't listen to the rumor mill

I've been out here watching all the speculation and it only serves to make people more anxious. I've been on furlough since the beginning of April and my manager has been more that willing to answer my questions. I'd advise don't listen to rumors... —  read more 

Retail lay off?

Is anyone hearing any details yet for USR? Hearing the action may take place next week. On furlough now and waiting to find out if my job will come back. I have been looking for a new position since furlough started but jobs are drying up fast with... —  read more 

Hoping to be laid off

Is anyone else hoping to be laid off by this money hungry hell hole? No? Just me? I'm sorry to everyone who has been laid off thus far but you're better off without this place.

No Information

I find it interesting that there hasn’t been one article published or news about the recent layoffs. I know Staples is private but you cannot get any information or rumors on this company except here. Clearly Sycamore has an exit strategy coming up... —  read more 

If laid off

If I’m laid off, will the company still pay me for my vacation and sick time that I never took? I still haven’t heard when/if I’m returning just asking in case I find out that I’m let go sometime soon.

Severance and unemployment in NY

I saw the Question and answers about Mass - does anyone know if you can collect severance and unemployment in NYS? I also know we will be receiving PTO pay next Friday. Same question - does that impact unemployment payment?

How many got cut?

About 75% of my office was let go over the past month, most on 6/17. Does anyone know how many total people were let go?

Retail Layoffs ?

Have there been any layoffs in retail? Either furloughed or non furloughed people?


So after a few hours to digest my job loss today, I am relieved to not have the worry and uncertainty linger over me. Going into the job market isn’t appealing but it has to be better than remaining at Staples where the workload is unbearable with... —  read more 

Any details on SBA Canada cuts?

The messaging isn’t clear on who or what departments are being cut - maybe I missed an email? Too scared to ask my boss for details in case I get added to the list...any big changes?

1-on-1 update

Anyone have there 1-on-1 yet, with updated Real info? I know everyone is worried, but all these past posts are different. Yes there will prob be more layoffs, everyone saw that coming. I do wish you all the best and hope most of these rumors are just... —  read more 

Wednesday June 17 Lay-off Confirmed

Rule is you are notified early in the morning before the news gets out - HQ office impacted. Blessing in disguise for most of us. Severance can’t be denied, rules can’t change last minute.

Meetings 6/17

Anxiety high tonight since my manager scheduled a meeting tomorrow. I’m in TA. Anyone else get a last minute meeting?

Major layoffs coming this week

Two Supply Chain RVP’s (PM and WB) were let go today. Furloughed associates will be notified Wednesday that their jobs are being eliminated entirely.

What’s happening with retail?

What’s happening with retail? Office Depot has announced that they’re closing 160 stores? Has staples announced any similar action?

Going back to the office?

Going back to the office? Do you people have concerns about getting back into the office? Or is everyone more comfortable working at home?

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