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Otis Exc. VP??

Surprised to see Otis as the VP for US Retail....recall he was caught up in the circus with Depot...but he is a pro at letting people go and reorganizing things so maybe that's why he is still there.
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No plan for a turn around

there is no plan to turn around Staples. SP's plan is to make Staples attractive for an IPO so they can cash out the remaining skin and then some that they have in the game, which is about 600 million. It is purely unintentional if anyone working... read more

I hear we can succeed!

So many employees on hear whining, complaining and speculating. Maybe if you would put half as much effort focusing on your job as you do these rumors you might just succeed. Here is an idea; wake-up tomorrow as ask yourself what YOU can do to... read more

Layoffs in July?

I hear there will be some big reorganization/layoffs coming in the summer. Anyone have more info? Which groups are impacted? How are the severance packages?

Great company culture

Hey BB. Everyone in Livonia loved your visit last week. Not a thing that you have said while smiling at all of us has ever been true. The part about "write em up and fire em" was especially heartfelt. You and JP and running a sh## show. Does... read more

Experience is worth very little today

As someone slightly younger than 50 I do fear for future career prospects, because yes I might have more experience, but how much is that experience worth to an employer? How often do they need that experience vs just straightforward day-to-day work... read more

No support to learn

Staples screwed up big in that way. They kept people on in dying tech roles without any support to grow / learn, add skills and then when things changed, those people had nowhere to go. Of course people should be motivated to grow themselves too, but... read more

Store #0875

Man things really have changed haven’t they? I used to work in the San Mateo California store three or four years ago. We did really well, we made between 7-8 million in sales every year. I was in a bind yesterday and I needed to buy toner for my... read more

The Staples of Today

Why stay?

So many unhappy people at Staples, so many negative posts (with good reason, mind you) that it makes me wonder what makes all of you stay here? I'm on my way out because I was not happy here anymore, but so many are miserable and they are doing... read more

FS Director

FS Director in Michigan has a real bad habit of degrading females. This needs to end. He has to go!

New logo? Big Deal.

I can’t even remember the last time I used a stapler. They are about as useful as the FL sales fiasco.

The Mid Market - SBA Inside

Has turned into hell on meth. Metrics that do not lead to anything but fake opportunities, 3.0 hour talk time. Oh, talking to people about what they will never buy and trying to have quality calls with companies that have no more than 10 employees?... read more

Repent now!!! The end is near

Repent now my friends— ask for forgiveness as the end is near for our once beloved Staples. Hahahahaha...... sorry... but for the way I was treated and how I watched my fellow team members treated like sh--— is it really so wrong of me to get so much... read more

Staples is a house of cards at this point

I just left Staples about a month ago. One of the best decisions I’ve made career wise. Staples has gone down as a place of employment since late 2015. The writing was on the wall then. I give Staples 3 or 4 years before they end up like Payless. If... read more

Atlana FC

Atlanta FC has all certified con man as a director look him up CA.

what about essendant?

i work at essendant. tried telling my co-workers what kind of cut throat tactics sp is notorious for but it goes in one ear and out the other. with the latest news about the debt they are sticking staples with so they can recoup their investment i am... read more

How to Serve Humans

How to serve humans was a great 50s or 60s sci-fi movie. Aliens landed in the US with a book called “how to serve humans”. Of course the humans thought the the aliens arrived to become their slaves and take care of them. Unfortunately for the humans... read more

Is there a way to block the bulge on Linkedin

Is there a way to block the Staples bilge that oozes for the pores of those indoctrinated in FL? I love my connection with the poor souls still there but everyday I have to see some syrupy oozing bilge about how great they are. I want to keep my... read more

Hilarious Article The funniest part of this article is that they don’t even realize/acknowledge the amount of debt the company had to take on to polish this turd. Enjoy.

No Lifeguard Can Save 20 Drowning People.

somehow $1 billion of existing revenue will salvage $20 billion in plummeting revenue? you'd have to be the stupidest person on EARTH to believe this. do you think 1 lifeguard can save 20 people at the same time? OMG, how stupid you can be here?

New Logo New Brands New Focus

I like the new logo. And the new brands seem cool. I’m just not sure that it’s enough when the real issues remain unaddressed: Amazon, Costco, SP dumping $1B in debt on the company, continued high turnover. I hope the company makes it for the many... read more
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Wake up and open your eyes PEOPLE!!

I get the whole I want to believe thing going on here.... it’s human nature to try and hold onto something that’s positive versus analyzing the facts to come to a negative conclusion. But folks— I have got some bad news for you..... when I was young... read more

Dot Com

Is dot com part of retail or delivery? My guess is it’s part of delivery. So if true how does the whole “omnichannel” (e.g. BOPIS) survive if delivery has a different owner than retail after SP spins off delivery? I don’t get it?

Trim the fat

Great sales conference. Unfortunately there are still way too many Sales Managers, Directors and VP's in this company. All taking large salaries and bonuses while the sales people are actually earning the money. All they do is high five each other... read more

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