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The Essendant buy - keep the champagne on ice

This isn't going to play out for the workers at all. First of all, when this sort of acquisitions happen some reorganization of WF is bound to happen on both ends. Staples has already revealed its plans to cut store sales by half (from 40% to 20%)... read more

Store closings

Any store closings on the horizon?
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1,000 dollar bonus to people willing to work at lithia springs

How bad has things gotten that stpaples is offering a thousand dollar bonus to full time employees to gowork at the lithia springs fc. Just shut the place down. It has been one of the worst building in the network for years.
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SBA Employees No Commision

Push employees to the brink and then not pay them? On what planet is this acceptable? Sandy, when will you step in? Good people, hard workers not being able to support their families. Shame on you Staples.

Directors and managers in SBA

Something is about to happen. These folks are coming apart at the seams. I have seen the effects of pressure in the past but nothing to this extent. No more exiting early on fridays!

SBA expense reports

These reports have many more eyes on them. Guess I need to be more careful of what goes on them. No more bar tabs! Damn it!

Future of SBA

Anybody have some good information for the future of SBA mid market, especially in regards to the outside sales force? My opinion is that by 2019, they are going to drastically cut the dead weight, and only keep a small amount of us to work with... read more

Tell me horror stories

Since there hasn't been any real layoff news on here in ages, I want to hear about the sh---shows you had the misfortune of living through...I'm thinking of things like: Coupa Odoo PNI acquisition Anything else you got

Whopping $14M Tax Bill for Staples LOL!

Corporate Close Up: Maryland Nexus Determination Results in a Whopping $14M Tax Bill for Staples Aug 20, 2018 The Maryland Court of Appeals recently affirmed the state’s multimillion dollar assessment against Staples—the office supply giant—based on... read more


Staples store in Springfield, Virgini accused black pregnant woman of stealing, mistaking her belly for stolen merchandise. Are you kidding me? Shame shame shame, so disappointed,wow unbeleivable. Store manager calls cops on pregnant woman, manager... read more

what is of being happening?

I am of wondering what is of happening. I am of taking this job outside of my country because of being promises but now of thinking that it could not last much longer. Why is this? Am I of getting cheated? What is of happening to me and my family who... read more

She Works Hard For The Money

So hard for ya honey, she works hard for the Staples but they refuse to treat her right. She works day and night working through bad contracts ***watching her salary and commission go away, she realizes now that their going to take her territory... read more

Band-aid solutions close stores

I know of a store that makes the numbers and was in the top 50 in the company for customer service and the store is being closed! Their building needs repairs done, expensive repairs and their lease is due to expire... So the store is closing!!! Make... read more

Go to Market

Anyone else watch the Go to Market town hall and wonder why they could so happily deliver the news that Outside sales will now only cover 35k accounts vs the 135K covered by outside sales now? That’s a lot of heads rolling...

I've been laid off three times in two years.

I started as a CPAM (Copy & Print Account Manager) in 2014. Everything was great until 2017 when I was laid off in the first wave (February 2017). I was called back just a month after the layoff and returned as a PMAC (Print & Marketing Account... read more


There was talk during an all hands meeting about reducing the amount of companies Staples uses for contractors. Sounds like we should see some action on this in the near future, keep an eye out.

Is this true?

How many stores are left? Are they getting close to the magic number of 450 that was speculated about years ago as the number of likely stores left that might be "showrooms" for dotcom? Is this true? Is Staples really attempting to get the number of... read more


So DP gets fired at Barnes & Noble and your sitting there at Staples owned by Sycamore and you ask why should I care? Well, because DP installed the same culture at B&N that he left behind at Staples. Most of the minions at higher levels are... read more

Create your own security

Create your own security so if you lose your job no worries. It is after July 4th now so as they have been saying no more severance packages so be prepared. So many out there want someone else to take care of them. This is America we have the... read more

Charlotte Staples store is closing

Haven't seen this posted here yet, if it was, I apologize. The Staples store at the Metropolitan shopping center in midtown Charlotte is the latest one in line of closing stores. From what I can see, this is not one of the previously announced... read more

SLA is doomed

There is no light at the end of that tunnel. If you can, get out now.


Happy Friday! Let's play a game to help lighten the mood. It's clear Staples is not doing what's needed to keep up with ecommerce trends and the changing market. It's also clear that the attempts that they have made to grow in this area have failed... read more

Excuse for more layoffs

How many people will be laid off to pay for the acquisition of HiTouch? How badly did we need to buy it right now, anyhow? It looks to me like just another convenient excuse to lay off more people... read more

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