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Another One

Yet another reorg on the way. More details to come shortly, good luck everyone.

Good read

All three business units are separate now. Retail and SBA can go to different buyers. Its a PE model for selling the pieces because separate they are worth more than the whole. Imagine selling SBA to Wal-mart, Retail to Amazon for an automatic store... read more
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Has anyone negotiated severance?

I was terminated while on FMLA. I was on FMLA because Staples would not make a reasonable ADA and Domestic Violence safety accommodation. Even with a stalking protection order and medical paperwork, so I was pushed out on a leave of absence- I had no... read more

Question for all of you

Do you think that SP really understood what they were buying with Staples? I don’t. I believe that SP thought that they were buying a thriving delivery business with growth potential. I don’t believe that they fully understood the complexity or the... read more

Get ready Finance friends

Beware the ides of March. Now that we’ve closed out all financials we are about to be wiped out. I heard that from a VP that used to be in Finance but now works in NAD

Another store closing

I know this is hardly surprising news, but one more store is being closed. Fort Wayne Staples is a goner as of March 16. How many more will see the same fate this year as the company aggressively pushes online sales, I'm scared to even imagine... read more

One foot in Walmarts door?

PE groups to acquire CommerceHub for $1.1 bln Published: Mar 6, 2018 CommerceHub Inc., a technology company that helps retailers manage e-commerce inventory, is being acquired by private-equity firms GTCR LLC and Sycamore Partners for $1.1 billion... read more

Maitland layoffs in progress

Execs called the teams into the breakroom and broke the news about our site closing this morning. They have some BS reasons about profitability, long term sustainability, what’s right for the business blah blah blah. Then HR has “booths” set up for... read more

The Coming Storm

I stumbled across this post on the Staples subreddit tonight and I felt like it ought to be here. I am NOT the OP. ( "I don’t really post here unless I have something important to say... read more

High End Staples Stores

Have you heard about them? I am hearing that my store may be converted to a High End Store - basically It'd be a bunch of computers in the store where people can come in and order stuff. Also, we'd have a bunch of conf rooms that people can rent out... read more

Did anyone else hear about....

Fawad going toState Farm creating the same chaos in their “transformation” that he created at Staples. Interesting. If so why isn’t he in jail?

Maitland notices going out on Wednesday

Site wide meeting will be scheduled for Wednesday, SP will be there to announce at that meeting. Extra HR will be on hand to answer questions and explain severance policy. Good luck everyone!


Where are all the trolls who either aren't aware that Staples pays bonuses or incorrectly thought SP would reneg on bonuses? Over 100% bonuses are being paid out to all those who are bonus eligible. Even those laid off recently.

News from SBA front

I’ve heard from a Director that NR addressed directors from across from he country last week announcing that Furniture was now profitable. In fact more profitable division than facilities. As ac/dc sang we are back in black! Well NO $&@! Neil, you... read more

Working on the SBA side

Working on the SBA side, work life here is terrible and many of us are pursuing the opportunity to abandon ship. However, keeping under the radar is important when working for pure toxicity and the poster below has a point. People may feel more... read more


I'm a reporter at The Wall Street Journal. I'm trying to learn more about Staples. If you're willing to chat, please email me at or call me at 718-404-4736. I am available at the same number on Signal, too. Thanks so much... read more

Cutting hours in the warehouse

I work at Staples’ largest DC and all the leadership is freaking out about the budget. They are cutting hours and closing the warehouse early most days. Thinking layoffs are happening soon but in true Staples fashion we are still hiring. Wondering... read more

Has anyone received their unemployment yet?

In MA, if you are required to sign a severance package, you can receive unemployment (at least that is my understanding). Has anyone received theirs yet? I have not. Just curious - first time I have filed and not sure I am doing it correctly. Thank... read more

Henderson warehouse shutting down

Sorry to hear about the closing of the Henderson NC warehouse coming soon (timing not clear, maybe summer/fall 2018). New automated picking fc in charlotte is being built out and the Henderson operations will be combined with Charlotte once it is up... read more

Bonus received

Got my bonus, got 16 weeks severance, got a special store closing stay to end bonus... OH, sorry, forgot to mention this was 2014... and they really had tried to fire me back then but gave up when they realized I had been documenting all their BS in... read more

Staples is not about “easy”

Everywhere we turn to, anything we try to accomplish, there is always a block wall, it takes for ever to get anything through. All the latest changes from IS help to HR as well as the infamous Coupa, facilities Etc. I could go on for ever, we can’t... read more

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