Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

IPO this year?

Do we really think Staples Canada is ready for an IPO this year? The free shipping for is bleeding red ink and the Professional division is also struggling along. How can they restore this business to profitability?


Recently looked through some old files and saw the names of all of the competent leaders who have left marketing. Then I join all hands to hear the new leader humbly describe herself as “super smart” and “sharp elbowed” as her reasons for getting the... —  read more 

Time & Attendance system

Great communication (not) Staples sent out about time & attendance system being down. Its going on two days and nobody knows when it will be back up. Hope this doesn't effect our paycheck this week.

List of reasons why…

I was unhappy working for Staples for a multitude of reasons and relieved when I was severed recently. Would love to hear reasons why others were unhappy…. Pay? Your Manager? Benefits? What made people so unhappy at Staples that folks like myself... —  read more 

It's a numbers game

Nobody should consider themselves safe when layoffs are nothing but a numbers game. It has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with the company getting rid of those who earn the most and then finding enough people in the low and... —  read more 


Leave. Best thing I ever did a few months back. Underpaid, haven’t paid out merit in a couple years and the actual sellers salary is not competitive. The rah rah of town halls is the same old tune, no strategy and it’s all for sale

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Thank you, Staples

If I hadn't gotten layoff, I probably would have put off looking for a new job for a long time. I got a 20 percent higher pay. I know people who managed to get even more after they left here. It turned out that layoff was the best thing that ever... —  read more 

The age of entitlement!!

Let’s face it. The reality is that this is a company/business that is owned by people who are interested in their maximum return of investment. They will make decisions, whether good or bad, based on what they think will achieve their objectives. We... —  read more 


Investment is being made in the sides of business that are growing and can make a profit and bring more value. These restructures are hard and lives impacted which is never easy. Staples continues to change to stay profitable and relevant as the... —  read more 

Just another useless move

This is not the first layoff/restructuring/RIF or however they decided to call it this time and it'll not be the last. The only thing they all had in common? They achieved nothing in the end. No improvements, results still suck, any material gains... —  read more 

Going the way of the dodo

After the bad feelings subsided after I found out that they didn't need me anymore, I'm not so upset anymore. Moreover, now I think layoff is the best thing that could have happened to me because who knows if I would have decided to look for a new... —  read more 

Scared to quit

I've had enough but I'm scared to quit. Just when I think the latest round of layoffs is going to help me make up my mind, I rationalize it as being over and done with and now I can relax for a while, no need to worry. Then another round happens... —  read more 

More layoffs

I mean everyone that has been here at staples should know this happens 2 x’s out of the year especially towards the end. More layoffs to happen in the Orlando area business center… who’s to say elsewhere. This is all sales. When quota is not met... —  read more 

It's Very Unfortunate

It's very unfortunate that a company like Staples (and others) that "values their associates" never has a human resource optimization program in effect. Usually the first pass budgets come out in the Fall and management is shocked they have to cut to... —  read more 

There's nothing to stay for

When I started working at Staples I had good pay and good benefits and I could look forward to regular bonuses. Fast forward to today. The pay has stagnated, the benefits have been reduced, and I haven't had a proper raise in a few years. Add to that... —  read more 

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