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you need to understand

when your manager is a despicable POS that's back-stabbing you to make his bonus. make no mistake. that's most of the managers at Staples. My particular manager was named John, American, late 40s and totally full of sh--. But, having seen sacks of... read more

Sycamore Exit / IPO

Corp Dev?

Heard the corp dev guy ws fired.... sad to see the good ones go

Heading the right direction!

Lot of haters here. The truth is, Sycamore did what was long overdue. The reason our stock continuously fell, year after year, for the seven years leading to the firesale of the company was simple: -Poor leadership, which lead to... -Bad vision... read more

Happy Bonus Day!

This company is doing so poorly that they announced today that the bonus payout will be 135% of plan (Enterprise). We truly are fools for sticking around and collecting a fat check for a job well done. Should have gotten out while we still could.

Stefan Kaluzny

I wonder..... has Stefan Kaluzny has stayed at Trumps hotel in Washington? Along with all the fools from T-Mobil

401K Match Rules ?

I got let go in the Feb 13th layoff. I had only been at the company for 2 years. I was in the 401K, and my understanding was that Staples changed the rules, and that employees hired after 2017 had to be there 3 years, before they are vested... read more

Office Depot Just Jumped WAY ahead of Staples

Alibaba Eyes U.S. Small Businesses in New Tie-Up With Office Depot Alibaba’s business-to-business trading platform has forged its first U.S. partnership with a large company as it teams up with Office Depot. (BABA, +1.82%) will create a... read more

Loyalty got me this?

Nothing but years of lost work and a new territory that was poorly managed by multiple lines of business leaders who failed to do their job the past decade. Sad that the same managers who lead these teams are now in the same roles or promoted. How... read more

How incompetent can our managers get?

They know nothing! (And no, that was not intentional, I would never compare the inept Staples managers with Jon Snow.) Any question I pose is met in ninety percent of cases with a blank stare and the remaining ten percent with a vague answer that... read more

Change of direction

Internal analysis assuming a 2020 recession means a big drop in profit, so an "aggressive employee retirement" program is being phased in after June.

Severance is taxed like a bonus

FYI if you're expecting to get laid off and get a severance package, keep in mind that the Federal tax withheld will be at the IRS "supplemental rate" and not what you put on your W4. This could mean that your severance is significantly lower than... read more

Take Off Those Sunglasses, It's Dark!

The future for SBA is not that bright. The GTM strategy is already showing several huge holes. Just wait a few months and it will be irreversible. RIP
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Class Action

February 20, 2019 A Class Action Could Complicate Staples, Inc.’s Bid To Buy Essendant An investor in Essendant is taking steps toward launching a class action against the office supplies distributor, a move that could cause further delay for... read more

Micro management is happing Retail

I can not believe stores are required to give hourly updates to their District Managers. NPS scores, Computer Market Basket, Printer Market Basket.... come on this is getting out of control. Why is the RVP emailing stores asking for action plans... read more

Furniture leadership definitely has no clue

I recently left the furniture division. It is amazing to see what the contract furniture market is really like. I’m working on three projects orders totals over 400 workstations (all Allsteel) in a single city that no sales person at Staples had a... read more

Life After Staples

After 18 years of service, I was let go in the latest round. I was able to find better employment, more money in base and commissions. Maybe this was the best thing that happened to me...

Why are ya’ll so surprised????

Sycamore partners is a “retail focused organization”— just look at their entire portfolio. Why is everyone so surprised that they are destroying what they do not understand? They don’t want it- they don’t see the value in this business-their vision... read more

How can we have more layoffs???

So many people already gone, most of our best already sent packing... How in the world is laying off even more people a good business decision? Is the management trying to bring this company down? I honestly can't think of another reason for such... read more

MM Tech

The blind leading the blind. New Clueless unqualified leader of MM. granted they laid off my team a few weeks ago. after I sold more all year than people on different teams(who still have jobs). If Chris is the future of MM techs leadership. Y’all... read more

Transformation of Furniture

The transformation of furniture is fully underway. Of those that are left if you don’t see the writing on the wall it’s because you are listening only to the words of SK, PB and SS. You aren’t observing their actions. SK wants everyone to believe... read more

"Right Size my @SS"

This so called "right sizing" is nothing more than the death of outside sales people. This is what companies do to re-align their business model. What will be left of SBA will be telemarketers. Sycamore DOES NOT see the value with outside sales... read more

Any layoffs today?

So it’s February 1st. Did any of the predicted layoffs happen? If yes, which depts and how many associates impacted?

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