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Go to Market

Anyone else watch the Go to Market town hall and wonder why they could so happily deliver the news that Outside sales will now only cover 35k accounts vs the 135K covered by outside sales now? That’s a lot of heads rolling...

I've been laid off three times in two years.

I started as a CPAM (Copy & Print Account Manager) in 2014. Everything was great until 2017 when I was laid off in the first wave (February 2017). I was called back just a month after the layoff and returned as a PMAC (Print & Marketing Account... read more


There was talk during an all hands meeting about reducing the amount of companies Staples uses for contractors. Sounds like we should see some action on this in the near future, keep an eye out.

Is this true?

How many stores are left? Are they getting close to the magic number of 450 that was speculated about years ago as the number of likely stores left that might be "showrooms" for dotcom? Is this true? Is Staples really attempting to get the number of... read more


So DP gets fired at Barnes & Noble and your sitting there at Staples owned by Sycamore and you ask why should I care? Well, because DP installed the same culture at B&N that he left behind at Staples. Most of the minions at higher levels are... read more

Create your own security

Create your own security so if you lose your job no worries. It is after July 4th now so as they have been saying no more severance packages so be prepared. So many out there want someone else to take care of them. This is America we have the... read more

Charlotte Staples store is closing

Haven't seen this posted here yet, if it was, I apologize. The Staples store at the Metropolitan shopping center in midtown Charlotte is the latest one in line of closing stores. From what I can see, this is not one of the previously announced... read more

SLA is doomed

There is no light at the end of that tunnel. If you can, get out now.


Happy Friday! Let's play a game to help lighten the mood. It's clear Staples is not doing what's needed to keep up with ecommerce trends and the changing market. It's also clear that the attempts that they have made to grow in this area have failed... read more

Excuse for more layoffs

How many people will be laid off to pay for the acquisition of HiTouch? How badly did we need to buy it right now, anyhow? It looks to me like just another convenient excuse to lay off more people... read more

Layoff of Training Department Personnel

This flew under the radar, but over the past couple months, various people in the training department, including the trainers of course, were laid off. It was about 80 people, which may seem like a small number compared to the thousands laid off... read more

July purge in the table.

Sycamore planned termination of jobs coming in July. Get ready, this will be the biggest one so far. SBA will be hit hard.

Isn't Ecommerce why this company is failing

Isn't Ecommerce the reason this company is failing? You can go to Amazon or Walmart and pretty much get anything you want. It is mostly third party items but you can still get them there. Try to do that with staples not possible. Are they even trying... read more

Staples center name

When does the naming rights for the staples center expire? Based on a company who slashed thousands of jobs and closed up many stores and other locations , outsourced delivery operations and plenty of other positions staples should end thier deal... read more

If It’s Friday, The Out of Office Alerts Must Mean

That you can find a SAL playing a round of golf or shutting down early while the line of business owners do the majority of the real work. When will Sycamore realize that a full revamp of the SAL organization is way past due?

SDS Reorg

Today is day that rumors indicate SDS getting a reorg announcement. Let's see if anything comes of it. Best of luck everyone, remember while it's blatantly obvious Staples doesn't care about your well being or respect you as a person... many of your... read more

Vetting of management

Does this company background check the management before they hire them? Do they credit check them? This is leading to layoffs for not playing the game.

Spin the Bottle

I can't wait for the next spin on what is really going on. BCG will get the money out they promised. Otherwise their pay will be low!

Is it done?

Are we expecting more layoffs next week (Friday is usually not a day for layoffs) or can we considered this round over?

Sales Quotas

Due to raising quotas beyond what is achievable, people are being paid less for doing more and more work. As a result, more money is being made for the business yet the employees making the money for the business are not being compensated for their... read more

They don’t want to let go....

Gave my manager in .com my resignation May 8th for a term date of June 8th. Manager goes on leave so I call HR this week to see what I need to do and they don’t even have a record of my notice? Good ridence ノ(ಠ_ಠノ)

1st Month New Comp Plan AKA Pay Cut #10

The results are in and the number of people NOT hitting a quota (that cannot be explained) is mind blowing. I would say the number is < 8% in our office. Chew on them apples. Sycamore just made (took away) millions upon the backs of hard working... read more

Another store closure

Staples in North Platte, Nebraska to close in July.

Welcome to June 2018

1 month left on severance payouts. Come July, the big ol' hatchet is currently being sharpened. Massive layoff/terminations to follow. And no.... this is not guess work. It is reality. All you have to do is research what Sycamore does to companies.

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