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Latin Americans

Is the gender neutral term. I hope you will use this going forward Staples. No Spanish speaking country uses LatinX. That is whitewashing and is not pronounceable in their native tongue.

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Any Word?

We had HR at our facility today but there has been no word on anything and I’ve heard of no one getting laid off yet. Anyone know anything?

If it’s true….

This company is one of the worst anyone can work for if rumors of another layoff are true. It’s bad enough that so many hard working individuals have been cut already, and now we’re looking at more? I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside... —  read more 

Amazing. Company

I dont understand why everyone doesnt like Staples. I came to this country they game me a job. Paid me 100k per year. Gives me a raise and a bonus every year. I get to work at home. This is pretty much the best company to work for who treats... —  read more 

CCO is not inclusive

No recognition story for inside sales or .com? Still an outside driven company although results have proven more successful with proactive inside sales engagement. Let’s pay outside sales twice as much for half the accountability and give all... —  read more 


Make sure to give your honest reviews of the best company to have ever existed! Remember that it’s anonymous too! I definitely didn’t give this company a bad rating and you shouldn’t either! Hooray for Staples and hooray for Sycamore! I’m gonna post... —  read more 

Staples Is The Worst By Far

Staples has been the worst company I have worked for. Between the lack of formal training and people who are lazy and unwilling to work together as a team, it was a terrible working experience. Like so many others, I was hired, came in with fresh... —  read more 

VP of retail

Anyone else think Andrew Thorp is the biggest scumbag, bozo. This guy tries giving off the south Boston attitude with the way he walks, talks and demands things. He never thanks u for stopping everything else ur doing to help him. Then when sh– hits... —  read more 

Why I left Staples.

3 years ago I got to start my career with Staples as an account manager and loved every minute of it. Throughout my journey I mastered the systems, was praised for my hard work, always met quota and KPI’s, trained new employees, but every time I... —  read more 

Why is eCommerce Failing?

Why is ecommerce such an abysmal failure? Is it assortment, leaders, or both? I mean, any gains are from panic buyers (sanitizer, wipes). Not actual talent or strategy IMO. How many ways can you sell paper and ink? Staples was #2, now it's not... —  read more 

SD Update Video

Did anyone see the new update from SD? I mean, I know he’s a puppet for SP but could they at least find a competent puppet and not one that gets up there and sounds like he pounded a 12 pack before they hand him the mic? My’s terrifying... —  read more 

Senior Leader Lectures

The senior (white) leadership fumbling over themselves to join the woke olympics is becoming a classic diversion from utter failure. It's fun to watch. We will go down but we will go down socially righteous. So we have that at least. Not... —  read more 

The Loop

While leadership is making changes they should seriously think about getting rid of The Loop. If you have good salespeople talking to customers this becomes a redundant waste of money and resources. In addition, it provides no value to either the... —  read more 

Why lie?

I understand the situation is bad, I understand some adjustments are needed, but what's the point in lying to us? That's what I don't understand. Why call us to say we can expect to be called back and then weeks later call us again to let us know we... —  read more 

Stupid LinKedIn posts

Has anyone else noticed a trend of those being played off posting sappy love notes about how they loved the company and that it was a great place? Makes me think there is a stipulation in the severance that requires it or something. Anyone know what... —  read more 

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