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When did the word go out to HR?

You know, when did the HR folks get the word to dispute and attack all negative posts as the work of trolls? When were they authorized to attack all of the off-shoring of jobs as racist? Do the HR folk really believe that this is not transparent? I... read more

The narrative is in jeopardy

The common refrain from the trolls here has been that CP wants to gut the company and sell the scraps. The other theme is that CP doesn't give a damn about the contract business. Given the news this morning, that narrative is full of holes. Look for... read more


TJX just outsourced 500 jobs to India, wonder how long it will be before Staples does the same. I've heard rumors a month or so back about this which i mostly ignored, but now it looks like it's becoming more and more of a reality. To be very clear... read more

We need accurate info

On a positive side, I'm actually seeing a little more media coverage of layoffs at Staples. On the negative side, I really wish people would get more accurate information. For example, an article I found yesterday estimates that 200 people have been... read more

Marketing and accounting layoffs at Staples

It looks like that last week it was not only marketing that was hit, but also accounting. This week, based on internal correspondence and emails from those who lost their job, about a dozen employees in marketing and more than 3 times that in... read more

Marketing layoffs

I heard some really talented long term players got laid off today in Marketing. Not an easy road. Really superb talent that will be scooped up.

Is this possible?

there have been rumors floating from reasonable sources that the contract will be ending soon that Staples and Sycamore agreed to meaning once it ends you can say goodbye to the severance packages. Can this really happen? Can they lay off people... read more

SDS All hands

Good to see management finally acknowledge that they have created a sh!thole toxic work environment through all of their constant bad decisions. Over past months we have lost TONS of amazing talent. Staples is no longer a stable work environment and... read more

Maitland layoff June 1

They will be downsizing the inside sales group in Maitland. From I heard they will just be keeping a skeleton crew. Has anyone else heard the same?

More layoffs in IT

Expect more layoffs in SDS. Staples IT budget was roughly 3 times higher than Coke's and delivered medoicre results at best. So much bloat due to the foolish belief that we needed to build everything ourselves. Is this just guessing or was there... read more

How many were laid off?

There is very little info available on this week's layoffs. Does anybody know the final number of those who were laid off and which locations and departments were hit the hardest?

Today’s meeting

Why is DL in the building today, and what is this meeting at 4pm people claim to not know about?

Last week's layoffs done or no?

There were more layoffs in merchandizing this week. Executive assistants were let go! Have mercy sycamore. We have families to raise! What are the chances that last week's layoffs are done and they will not spill into this week? Or should we prepared... read more

Accounting being outsourced

Certain positions, not all, are being outsourced, including mine. What I find interesting is that some roles were found a comparable role within Accounting, while others were told that their role is ending 9/1 or 10/1, depending on your team. I was... read more

Store#875 San Mateo, CA

(Mind you I use to work at this store a few years back) But today I needed to buy ink for my printer so I went to the store today to buy ink cartridges and noticed the store was closed for business. All I saw in there while looking through the window... read more


I look around at Staples and you know what I see? Losers. I mean like, folks who have lost stuff. And we have, man, we have, all of us. Our jobs... Our pensions... Our self respect. And usually Staples takes more than it gives, but not today. Today... read more

Raise or bonus

Hi. What is word on raise or bonus? Team meetings are scheduled for later today.

Layoffs Today?

I heard some people were let go yesterday and it was hush hush does that mean there will be more today?


Honestly we do NOT need anyone in sales under a BDE level. They are all pretty much worthless and depend on everyone else to do things for them anyways. You are in sales, a dime a dozen. Sell or get out!

New AM Metrics

Seems to me things are getting obvious. Setting unatainable goals for all account managers. The vibes in the call center are morbid, nothing like it used to be. Ever since RG came aboard last year around this time this location has gone to hell... read more

Where is new CEO?

Did he start his position? Haven’t heard anything from or about him for a few weeks.

Certain L&D and Sales Coaches to be consolidated

From what I’ve been hearing around FRA on 1W, Sales Coaches and Training teams not located in Framingham will be impacted. Don’t have specific timing, but this will allow streamlined training with a skeleton staff.

Layoffs are coming

Layoffs may not have hit Friday but they are coming. This was confirmed in one of the VPs all hands. Lot of garbage on this site but 80% of the rumors are true though the timing or details could be off. Do we have an estimate on when they might come?... read more

Management is a huge problem.

It seems like the majority of people on this site and around Staples think that management is a big issue. Do you agree? Lets use this thread to discuss what has changed and what are some of the major differences or problems you see. Would love to... read more

Unfortunately this site has lost its Value!

I am saying farewell to this site. It is good news that no layoffs occurred today, however I have had enough of the lies and racist comments, that have taken over this once helpful information site. To those people who have been setting up elaborate... read more

IT Gone in June

Rumor is big IT layoff in June. Outsourced. All of it. Anyone hear this as well ? I am in the stores but this would be aweful for support for us.

Sinking Ship Mentality

There are many comments speaking to the end. Everyone that thinks Staples is a sinking ship is part of the hole that the waters of opportunity flow through. Stand up, be the solution, fill the gaps and the hole will seal. There is no reason that... read more

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