Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Staples Professional?

Any news on the leadership change in Canada - have heard that they let go on MM? Any other changes? And who is running the show now? Assuming Staples Professional now reports to AG - is that right?

Change in our integrity

A few weeks ago while in the office I heard a SDS person say he was going to fabricate a story about one of the SDS leadership and hopefully that will stop the changes in their organization. In all my years of work at Staples I was shocked that... —  read more 

My last day at Staples

It's been a fun ride. I survived several layoffs, several managers, A LOT of changes and today is my day. After almost 17 years and giving Staples everything I have, the biggest mistake was trusting the fact I had security. I never gave much to... —  read more 

3rd party furniture

Any news on how the 3rd party furniture delivery/installs are going? Would love to know how that worked out. I wonder how the damaged product and lack of install experience worked out for Staples.

Rewards card

Can customers cash out rewards for money or gift cards in store? I’m with outside sales and we lose many deals because companies have Staples Credit cards. Although we can beat the pricing I heard a rumor customers can cash out rewards for money. Is... —  read more 

Something is coming...

I don't know anything but.... All HR docs were recently updated, engagement survey pushed, lots of HR activity, and sales down everywhere! Will it happen before or after start of Q2? Look for those early morning surprise 15 min. meetings! Good... —  read more 


Anyone hear the rumor AMs in inside sales are seeking legal advice from a well known attorney for the lack of coaching from the management team. The leadership team doesn't even provide coaching and expect you to guide yourself to a solution or... —  read more 

Sales down

Can somebody please tell me if all of the Staples locations are currently experiencing a slowdown in business and a decline in sales, or is that just us? We are at the stage where the situation is, mildly put, alarming. I am very concerned about the... —  read more 

Get out !!!!!!!!!!

Awful place to work I worked there for 25 years started as a cashier all the way to general manager I gave this company everything I had for a lot of years for what quite 6 months ago never realized what it was like to work for a new company that... —  read more 

Pay 2023

I am ending out 2022 very well. I am a Senior Network Engineer and my pay for 2023 is increasing around 40%. Some of this was done through some personal maneuvering and others I just had the right ears. Helps when you have the right manager who will... —  read more 

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