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The Worst Thing About Staples

is that, yes, it kind of scked, but it scked in a weird, innocuous and easily forgettable way. nothing new or memorable. the mo--n cover-my-azz manager, yawn. the charismatic, backstabber coworker, the hapless yet indispensable wallflower, etc, etc... read more

Staples has lost its soul.

Not that Staples actually have a thriving soul, but there was a sense of appreciation and transparency for and to associates at one time. I've watch 2018 become the year that Staples has become the black eyed soulless creature that roams the street... read more

Where are the HR trolls today 1*11*2019

They nuke NAMES, they NUKE dates, and somehow the layoffs keep coming EXACTLY as expected. The HR trolls are mostly silent today. Maybe THEY got laid off hahahaha.

Layoffs Started Today

At least 40 let go in facilities business development. All were on a conf call and got the word. Nasty way going about it but not surprised.

Everyone ready?

2 weeks and the door will be swinging. Massive shake up coming. Welcome to 2.0!

IFSS Role being eliminated

From what I've heard the IFSS role is going to be eliminated, but it is going to be replaced with two new roles, one focused on inbound leads / opportunities with most likely a decreased pay, or a full cold calling outbound position with potential to... read more

Layoff severance

What do we get in severance if we are lucky and get laid off in Jan 2019? Can we ask to get laid off? I'm ready, so ready. Lay me off please!


Its a coming. Have they picked you to exit? Sandy (Jesus) has a list of names and titles to be eliminated. Happy New Year!

Two senior executives depart the company

Staples officially confirmed that the two executives from it’s North America operations are leaving the company but didn’t provide any further details about these departures. Both of them are company vets. Was hoping to get some thoughts on this, as... read more

Nobody at Staples will ever tell you the truth

it's not in their best short-term interests. if you don't grasp that by now, that the media is controlled and that YOU are sold whatever they believe they can sell.. then you're in far more trouble than anybody else can ever tell.

Cut Costs

one thing I learned from working at Indian companies is that their primary mindset is "cutting costs". As I later learned, that's the predominant mindset at Staples. And that's why Staples is dying and Amazon and Microsoft are not. you either have... read more

Sandy!!! Oh Oh! He's save every one of us! Sandy!!! Oh, oh! King of the Impossible! He'll save every one of us! Sandy!! OH OH!! Savior of the Staplesverse!!! Sandy !!!!! OH OH!!!! He's a miracle!!! Sandy!!! OH OH!!!! King of the Impossible!!!!!... read more

Don’t be negative

Negative folks like you is the problem. Staples has been good to many, and now I see a decent leader standing before us. Either beleive in him or just stay miserable. Nothing is good enough for anyone. Beleive me, they are still terrible leaders that... read more

Staples 2.0

What has everyone heard from the mountain west project? What’s happening to SALs, BDEs and B2Bs. Seems like inside sales is going to be the future for staples. Anyone have news on how much they’re looking to cut? Which positions will be gone?


He is an incredible leader. Please give him chance. Most importantly, he is a man of integrity. I beleive in him. Work with him, and support his mission. Let's be optimistic for a change, let's think positive. I'm not a leader, I'm your fellow... read more

Is Staples successfully reinventing itself ?

We all can see that Staples is changing as a company, with a new vision and direction that is used to have. Found the article in the link to be an interesting description of everything that has been done since the new CEO took the wheel. Got me... read more


Furniture Operations and Quill/Facilities should watch their backs before fiscal year end is up... huge change coming....

Engineering department is so bad

I left Staples engineering and am so much happier. I feel bad for my friends who are still there and are miserable . Engineering is run by a bunch of mo--ns, people who were hired only because they were FoFS or FoW. The morale is at an all time low... read more

Any news?

I heard Staples is going to close two stores in the Bay Area in California. Does anyone know what stores they are??? I’m hoping it’s not my store, I need my job. I’ve applied at a few locations outside of retail but I’ve had no luck. Please keep my... read more

Profitable Businesses Will Go First

Sycamore wants to quickly make some return on their investment so would it not shock anyone to see where they will likely make changes? Furniture and Tech riding high for years. You see positioning already in both businesses working off their... read more
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Staples is closing it's store in Eugene

Staples announced, in a written statement, that the store in Eugene (Ore.) is set to close by November 9th. Another sad example that online sales are the nail in the coffin of brick and mortar stores. Feel for the workers that lost their jobs and... read more

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