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Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Layoffs at the DPF

One location cutting all part timers and offering layoffs to full timers. No longer a 24 hour operation, only running 2 shifts

Corona virs---Layoffs coming

With all facility products going to health care companies and no one else being open to sell to who is worried that account managers and specialists and going to be laid off in mass in a couple of weeks?

Sycamore Bankruptcy

Given retail is tanking at scale due to Coronavirus, and Sycamore is mostly retail, is there a risk for Sycamore to file bankruptcy?

USR SDS bonus. Haven't heard anything offlate

Hi everyone, being in USR SDS, the last that I heard was we are going to get 150% bonus this year. There has been no communication since then. Haven't had 1x1 with my manager where we discuss about year end review. Not sure, if we are going to get... —  read more 

New RIF?

I just heard that a RIF is planned because of Covid 19, and the bad start to the year. Can this business, owned by billionaires, really be that heartless? Firing people in the middle of a pandemic? Could this be right?

Coronavirus Response

Do you feel the Staples leadership team is doing an effective job? Would you like more direct broadcasts to ease the uncertainty and questions you might have?

About to be hired by Staples...

I’m going to be presented with an offer to join Staples soon, and was wondering how the performance related bonus system works - are bonuses paid out regularly at Staples? And if so, are they paid out at 100%? The HR manager said that last year the... —  read more 

Bonus News

Hello everyone. I was laid off late last year. I'm curious about the bonus. Is NAD, NAR or other getting any? If so, what %? Thank you

Bonus definition

SD, you really need to learn the difference between a bonus and pay at risk. A bonus is when those of us level34 and under bust our A– so that the company makes money. Our reward for going a fantastic job shouldn't be that "we get a salary" but... —  read more 

IPO in September?

SD wants to launch the IPO in September or October? Any insights or confirmations??


Hearing mixed reports on bonuses - some groups getting bonuses and some are not - any ideas on when we’ll hear the confirmation on payouts and percentages?

Do You Agree?

Ok. Now that mass layoffs are long gone and the company still s—s at ecommerce and can't sell it's way out of a squirkle shaped bag, is it safe to assume that the leadership a) is the problem, and b) should have been purged instead of all the good... —  read more 

SDS layoff

Anyone have idea how many more ? I know 4 colleagues who got laid off.

Comp Plan 2020

New 2020 Comp Plan. You will see in the next few weeks how much Sycamore is making off your efforts. Expect more mass departures but that is the plan they crafted.

Sycamore continues to line their pockets

LCN Capital Partners this week acquired the Framingham headquarters campus of office supplies retailer Staples Inc. for $165 million, according to a Middlesex County deed. LCN, an investment firm headquartered in New York and Luxembourg... —  read more 

HQ sold?

Imminent restructure?

Prior to a third interview at corporate, was notified that the req. was withdrawn because of restructuring. Is that the current euphemism for RIF?

There is life outside of Staples

I worked for Staples for 17 years, through the good years in the beginning where we made money hand over fist, and through the rough years where some years there were no bonuses at all paid out. It always felt like a kick in the pants because our... —  read more 

Another Staples Conference

There has been rumors circulating regarding another event for this year. Normally when they have these special events where they are spending millions of $’s there are big changes with our brand which happened last year which we have changed our... —  read more 


I’ve heard that there will be very small bonuses at SBA Canada this year, maybe none at all - could that be true? Our president MM always says how great we are doing though we are missing our sales targets. What’s the truth? And has anybody heard... —  read more 

‘Twas the week before layoffs

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring except careers left doubt. Now that reality has set in and plans have been tossed in a Tru Red trash bin, there is nothing left to celebrate that not even a consulting group can mitigate. We all... —  read more 

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