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Last weeks layoffs

Massive layoffs going on today with Staples/Sycamore. These corporations have no soul! Always before the holidays, but I’m sure the shareholders will have a full belly. This was posted last week, did I miss some layoffs take place? Not that I don't... read more

Stop Lying

Stop lying. stop lying to yourself. stop lying to your employees. just stop. you know, deep in your heart, that you're engaged in a web of lies. stop lying.

Corp Layoff

It's coming, buckle up and hold tight. That's all I can say at this time. Good Luck to all.

La Mirada

the office is empty compared to how it was a year or two ago. Will Sycamore close the doors on LM soon?

15 or more years

If you are a long term employee, look out! They are going to show you the door. At a corporate meeting recently, a question was asked oh the Audience.... “how many people have worked for the company 15 or more years”? With a big response from the... read more

Store Closings

Has anyone heard about Store Closings in the Chicago area? I just tried calling the Orland Park store and I got a message that the location is no longer open for business, but it's still listed on the website. Is it closing and the employees don't... read more

The Blender

Basically, FM put a bunch of entry to mid-level people into a blender, tossed in some IT buzzwords, hit the "ON" button and hoped a real e-commerce system would pop out. That's kind of like throwing a lot of car parts, gas and oil into a cement mixer... read more


500 Staples Drive just went on the Market this week??? So much for honest and transparent Communication to the dedicated work force! We are not going to slash associates for saving’s, really then what’s happening! When are we going to wake up people... read more

Pre-bonus layoffs

Prediction - January huge layoffs... You were all promised a bonus in February? Everyone thinks that Sycamore is going to give these bonuses? Maybe to the executives. They don't have to give anyone a thing! What you will get is that "pink" slip... read more

So much upheaval at Staples

There has been so much upheaval within the organization between the sale, stores closing, long time EEs being let go, contract replacement employees from outside the US, not to mention the "Staples" of the culture of bullying and blame, the... read more

Layoffs Yesterday

Restructuring happening in business advantage. layoffs across the board yesterday. Good luck to those that remain... definitely bound to lose some clients.

Sears same store sales

They were announced yesterday. Down 15%. Yes, you read that correctly. Same store sales were down that much. Now as a retail management professional, ask yourself WHY? This is where I'll help out... it's because they don't offer their customer... read more

Staples Layoffs

Put 16 yrs in just for them to push us leads out and didn’t if let us step down to a lesser job. It hit my house twice all at the same time. Best day of my life and a blessing in disguise. I will feel for some of the associates in Ohio if they close... read more

Little warning

Closed our store in January 2017,. I asked if it was poor sales? Said no, but refused to give reason for store closure!

Happy to be gone

Finally managed to leave Staples for greener pastures two weeks ago. I got sick and tired of the way management was treating us and the unreasonable expectations they put on us. How hard is it to understand that "one model fits all" can't work across... read more

Racist Employees "Woman sparks outrage after she appears to don 'blackface' Halloween costume while working in a Staples store - but she claims it was just a... read more

Wrong people are getting promoted

Has anybody managed to work their way up at Staples? It seems to be mission impossible unless you know (or are related to) somebody in the upper management. We recently lost a guy we shouldn't have lost because he was passed over for a promotion for... read more

Bangor Maine

Is this going to affect the Bangor location? The other Bangor store closed 3 YEARS ago, I hope thus one stays open or I'm out of a job. A job that I LOVE.

FM thrown out

Words can’t do justice to my happeness in sharing the news . Looser quotes kids schooling as the reason

Amazon IS hurting Staples

Amazon is indeed gaining market share. Currently, Staples NAD is losing nearly 10% market share year-over-year, while retail is down nearly 40%. Reasons include, but not limited to, products and services costing more in retail and the B2B space, and... read more

Bye bye Staples

October 24, 2017 Inc. launched a Prime membership service for businesses, looking to replicate in the workplace the quick delivery of online orders that made it a go-to shopping destination for households. Shares of industrial suppliers WW... read more


What’s the status on furn ops?? Are they going 3rd party elimination altogether?? Anyone have any information

Exodus After 3/16/2018?

It is no secret that all the "performance shares" and other various "C-level" shares are vesting on 3/16 /2018 [6 months post close] Will we see Shir-rah-rah run away with the $14 million truckload? How about the others?

A box grew legs

What should happen after a supervisor gets accused of taken or losing a high value box at a s.d.o. ? How does h.r. handle this , should the supervisor be allowed to return to the same s.d.o.,how could the supervisor work at the same s.d.o. after... read more

HR is useless

Everyone, realize that HR never has you in their best interest. They are only there to serve the interests of the company and its agenda and after that, they’ll probably be let go too. If you want to talk about s-xual harassment, look no further than... read more

Stripping of Accounts

Here it starts for SBA. If the account is not 100K, it will now be pulled out of your book of business. Most SALs in SBA have books of business that have accounts less than 100K per year. As a matter of fact, 3/4 of their accounts fall into less than... read more

S-xual Harassment

Did anyone have a s-xual harassment issue at Staples? I did and went to HR anonymously. They figured it out anyway and I was let go in a mass lay off last year. I know of others.

Staples Layoffs 2018

Redundancies, RIFs, Layoffs, Job Cuts, Redunancies there is a ton of names for letting people go - do you really think that we'll be affected here in Framingham.

Store Closing

After 5 1/2 years working at my local store, it will be closing in December. Good Thing I got another job back in August and quit Staples. Hope all of my old coworkers are able to find employment soon.

Score Cards for friends of FM

FM has added over a dozen friends in various leadership roles since this January. Want to honestly understand what innovation or improvements they have brought into SDS

U.S retail

How long does anyone think before all stores close in the U.S?

Layoffs are not a solution

Many of those hit by the last round of layoffs are highly skilled and trained engineers and operations management with Masters degrees. I am proud to have worked with these exceptional team. The rapidness of the change - and some groups that had no... read more
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