Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.


Even the most negative of us must be inspired by the new Strategy for Staples Inc right? Thoughts on last weeks meeting?

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HQ “updates”

The money being spent at 500 SD is obnoxious. Hideous paint color where it didnt even need to be painted. And now redoing floors to smaller more “collaborative” work spaces. What’s the point?

Should They Join?

Hey all, I have a friend that's entertaining the idea of joining the company. I've been away from the co for a while now do don't have insight on if it's a good idea or not. Can folks at HQ chime in and provide comments? Good or bad! Maybe just... —  read more 

Being a jerk pays off

I joined Staples Inc last year and have just had an epiphany. Being a jerk pays off! I am going to act like JL from now on, or at least kiss up and take it like the SLT. Watch out world, here I come!

Important times

Between November 11th to 18th, beware of some difficult decisions based on retail and commercial results of the first three quarters. These few months are so important. Good luck.

Company cheerleaders

Do company cheerleaders really believe what they're saying (we're doing great, we're turning this ship around) or do you just spew nonsense because it's your job to prop up a failing company? In all honesty, I'll have more respect for you if it's the... —  read more 

More closings

Office-supply giant Staples is based in Framingham Like the baker that doesn't have bread, Framingham will soon be without a Staples — despite the fact that the multinational office supply retailer is based here in the city... —  read more 

You deserve better

Don't settle into staying at Staples when there are so many options right now. I know a lot of people are reluctant to leave since they don't know if their situation will improve in the long run, but honestly, how much worse can it get than here? We... —  read more 

Cuts in May

I've been hearing talk about cuts in May. I don't think the source is too reliable so if somebody here knows more about it, that'd be great. If not, I'm going to take that the person is speaking out of his a-s and is just trying to get all of us... —  read more 

LinkedIn Love Letters

I see a few Staples love letters posting on LinkedIn. Must have been a recent riff. I get a kick out of the tired "looking forward to the next adventure"...was that before or after the company laid you off?

Return to Office

Everyone required to be back in office for at least 3 days a week starting May 2. Poor timing as fuel prices are at an all time high and employees will have to eat the cost of commuting. Will be the same as taking a pay cut. Wondering how many will... —  read more 

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