Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.


Run. Constant restructures and layoffs. Private equity ownership means little to no investment in the future. The budget is banking on everything (customers back into offices) this fall. If that doesn’t happen, which it won’t with the delta variant... —  read more 

Retail is a joke

Retail is a joke. Associates are the backbone and they quit in droves. Pay is so much lower than any other retail job. This right here. We are losing people left and right and amid the current labor shortage and lack of competitive pay, we're lucky... —  read more 

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Store closings soon?

How true are the rumors that we're looking at a major round of closings before the end of the year? I usually ignore rumors, but I've heard this mentioned enough times in the past month or so that I'm starting to worry. I'm still thinking there's not... —  read more 

How’s the culture?

I’m considering joining Staples after a recent offer, working in Corporate. What’s it like to work there? How is leadership? Teamwork, etc.? What do you like and what is one thing you would change?


Why do companies, like Staples, continue to sell products that are linked with forced labor in China? Apple is probably the biggest product I can think of that we sell.

Back To School 2021

Did Staples abandon their "Back To School" campaign for 2021? Not sure about US, but in Canada, I have not seen anything on TV, radio or online...nothing. Did they decide to sit this one out? This is their "Bread & Butter"...this is where they make... —  read more 

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Staples = Freedom

Staples is a fair and solid place to work, they love their employees and customers. Management never thinks they are any better than their fellow co-workers. Upper management is not elitist at all and they hate it when you worship them. You should... —  read more 

What a difference

I left a few months ago for a competitor and I noticed how much life has improved since then. The differences financially and mentally were astounding not to mention the quality of my peers and leadership. I never thought I’d say this because I used... —  read more 

No Longer Reliable

Well, June has come and gone. No layoffs. The one poster who felt vindicated that his predicted "massacre" came in the form of the CEO leaving was almost comical, but was mostly sad. This website used to have a little credibility, but now it's... —  read more 

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