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HR is useless

Everyone, realize that HR never has you in their best interest. They are only there to serve the interests of the company and its agenda and after that, they’ll probably be let go too. If you want to talk about s-xual harassment, look no further than... read more

Stripping of Accounts

Here it starts for SBA. If the account is not 100K, it will now be pulled out of your book of business. Most SALs in SBA have books of business that have accounts less than 100K per year. As a matter of fact, 3/4 of their accounts fall into less than... read more

S-xual Harassment

Did anyone have a s-xual harassment issue at Staples? I did and went to HR anonymously. They figured it out anyway and I was let go in a mass lay off last year. I know of others.

Staples Layoffs 2018

Redundancies, RIFs, Layoffs, Job Cuts, Redunancies there is a ton of names for letting people go - do you really think that we'll be affected here in Framingham.

Store Closing

After 5 1/2 years working at my local store, it will be closing in December. Good Thing I got another job back in August and quit Staples. Hope all of my old coworkers are able to find employment soon.

Score Cards for friends of FM

FM has added over a dozen friends in various leadership roles since this January. Want to honestly understand what innovation or improvements they have brought into SDS

U.S retail

How long does anyone think before all stores close in the U.S?

Layoffs are not a solution

Many of those hit by the last round of layoffs are highly skilled and trained engineers and operations management with Masters degrees. I am proud to have worked with these exceptional team. The rapidness of the change - and some groups that had no... read more
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Info given to those laid off

Layoffs happened across both of it's 2 corporate offices, Framingham MA, and Broomfield CO. Affected employees will have a chance to interview with TCS in October... Those hired by TCS will leave Staples for TCS in November, while the rest will stay... read more

Au Revoir With a Smile

After a twenty year run I was “impacted” last Thursday when I was informed my services with Staples were no longer required. Later in the day in an email sent out by CTO Masud, I found out that my, and most every other “impacted” Staples Digital... read more

Canadian Layoffs

If any layoffs happens please let us know... "We the North"
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Be ready for many more layoffs at Staples

Please be prepared because these cuts will continue. The company needs to cut expenses now that it is property of Sycamore (a private equity firm). Staples will be prepped and made to appear more attractive for obvious reasons. As all have been... read more

You are So Screwed

Get on the HUB and READ the policy on severance. If possible find the changes and dates of the changes to this policy. Save this info to an outside location. It use to be 1 week for each year of service up to 16 weeks. (I'm sure they have F,cked that... read more

150 + people just got let go

Staples just let go of over 150 sales people across the midwest and east coast. They said they "eliminated the position". People recieved 4 weeks of severence. They have been saying that there would not be layoffs because of the buyout with sycamore... read more

New Board of Director @ Finish Line

Wondered why FM has been out when all of the excitement is starting. He has a new board position. Already looking for other options. From one failing company to the next. Please take the FOF's with you... read more

AC chopping block next—SBA

There are rumblings, that the AC program is going to be shut down as part of the 20/20 Sycamore Change. As they are ultimately a money losing team. There accounts will be split, the “big” ones will go to the SAL’s and the tiny accounts will go inside... read more

Massive Layoffs—09/21(Mid Market)

It looks like a massive slaughter occurred today at SBA-MM, as they shut down the ever failing AM 10-29 er 10-19 program. Hundred of people were let go from both the B2B and AM side in those three regions. Survivors were of course BP’s favorites... read more

Here is what to expect from PE

And now, here is what to expect from PE You are always for sale – Unfortunately there are negatives to working for PE held firms. This is one of the most unnerving for some and where public firms who are more stable have an edge. PE firms are in... read more

golden parachute

Staples Inc. stockholders yesterday overwhelmingly approved the proposed $6.9 billion sale of the nation’s No. 1 office supplies chain to New York private equity firm Sycamore Partners, but rejected “golden parachute” compensation for top Staples... read more

Self serve check outs?!

Been told our store may be chosen as a test store for self serve check outs. Store will carry 3 part time front end supervisors all year, but no cashiers will be scheduled. That extra person will be working on the floor. From opening to 11am-ish, the... read more

Age discrimination?

I worked for a store in the Bay Area 2 years ago, although it was very brief. I feel like the way they worded stuff to me it was a way for me to resign from my position. Which I did so, i've always felt uneasy since that day. Should I even bother... read more

How Ugly Will Q2 Results Be?

And what impact will it have on Sycamore's approach to Staples once it owns it? There is no way Sycamore will keep retail as it is. There's no point to that. It would make no sense to keep a bleeding retail business as it is now. And even though the... read more

Staples selling off retail

Article with perspective on the selling of brick and mortar.

Shareholders: Be informed
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See you Later Staples!

I just turned in my keys today! Been a long time (DAILY) reader of this website for a few years now but have never made a post in fear of retaliation some how. I feel bad that I left my GM while still being on the schedule for the next two weeks, but... read more

No One Left To Blame?

Once retail is gone, which will happen, it will be stripped down to a few choice locations, who will be to blame? As long as the same clowns who killed this company are running any part of it, failure will be the outcome. And there won't be the... read more

New SEC Filing.... See ya Retail...

At closing of the Merger, Staples expects to separate its United States retail business (“U.S. Retail”) and its Canadian retail business, including the business (“Canadian Retail”, and together with U.S. Retail referred to as “Retail”)... read more

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