Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

DM, Why is morale so low?

District Manager wants to know why the morale is so low in our area. Of course the answer is to cut hours and find someone to blame it on. I'm too scared to say that my team is doing awesome but having to scold them every five minutes about ESP... —  read more 

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Pa reviews

Anyone else think its bonkers we are expected to rate 10-15% of our agents as "does not meet". In a year where everyone had busted their Butts to take care of our customers and each other is obserd.

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Is anyone else highly concerned about the number of COVID-19 cases coming out of the Staples headquarters? How do you think Staples has been handling the situation as a whole... do you think that we should have as many people back in the office as we... —  read more 


Any word yet? Keep hearing of sales needing to hit their numbers and managers limiting ot and various bad signs...does anyone have any info about any upcoming layoffs?

2021 Budget

We just received word that our 2021 budget increased by 200%!! WTF!!!!!!! As nice as my ASM is, she’s hopeless and doesn’t have a clue how to manage. Pray for us all.


I've never worked in a place where everyone gives so many excuses for why things are okay to be chaotic and disorganized. From safety to behavior there is a very apathetic sense to everything. Usually associates are more professional than... —  read more 

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Hours cut

Huge chunk of hours cut over the next couple weeks, already squeezing all part timers out of schedules. Not even under any lock down here and we just hired a new part timer that will not get any hours. All that training for nothing. Don't know how... —  read more 


Checked my year end 401k total and it looks like staples quit matching contributions this year. No notice and the recruitment website still says they match contributions. Guess I did help pay for those employee appreciation lunches this year. ... —  read more 

How long can this go on?

Everybody I work with is unhappy. Not just unsatisfied, but utterly, profoundly unhappy and hating their jobs with a passion. It was never this bad before. So I ask, how long can morale stay this low? How long before the productivity suffers so much... —  read more 

No jobs that I can see

I've been looking for a while now but I've had no luck so far. There simply aren't that many available jobs, and those that are available can pick the cream of the crop among the sea of candidates. I wasn't that worried about the possibility of being... —  read more 

SP has got nothin

SP hoped to pick the bones of a dieing Staples. They brought zero innovation or change, not because they had no ideas (they didn't) but because that wasn't there intent. Rescuing Staples was always too much work. The last best chance might have... —  read more 

Quit if you don’t like it

Go ahead, I dare you. I see people complaining about how bad Staples is, how it’s going to go down in smokes. If you hate the company so much why don’t you grow a pair and leave. No one is forcing you to stay. The company doesn’t need you. There is... —  read more 

Staples vs. Amazon

This comment is from a Tech Vendor... When we release a new product we email staples info repeatedly and badger buyers to set up product. Sometimes they do and sometimes not... Regardless it takes months of pursuit. Contrast this to... —  read more 


i have heard that staples is in the process of automating their warehouses the montgomery warehouse is already been gutted of the majority of their employees. is there any truth to this?

Wages 1993

My weekly salary for a 44 hour week was £23k per year.extra unpaid hours per week 10 hrs.again modern slavery when you took out federal taxes.state taxes.local taxes.sui.unemployment taxes came out with £323. To quite a famous... —  read more 

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Rubbish company

Delighted staples is in trouble.worked for them in 1993 for 18 months.slave wages and conditions.over the moon demos p is gone.try Macy's demos or cyprus.IReland 2020.

Nothing but rumors

So has anyone actually lost their job in October? I haven’t heard of anyone and I think all these rumors of layoffs are just that - rumors. We need to stop with the fear mongering and focus on the task at hand. Enough of the gloom and doom especially... —  read more 


It is confirmed that if you get abused by a customer HR will not back you up. They will if fact bury you and do so with a troublesome way of twisting information into a crazy, head scratching deam senerio that makes no sence. They dont have... —  read more 

Have things improved any?

I left on my own a few years ago. I was happy to find a good job with good pay and job security. Which lasted for about two years. Now we're having monthly layoffs and I'm back where I've started, it seems. I just wanted to check if things have... —  read more 

Latin Americans

Is the gender neutral term. I hope you will use this going forward Staples. No Spanish speaking country uses LatinX. That is whitewashing and is not pronounceable in their native tongue.

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