Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Staples Inc.

401K Legal Matter

Folks, I got targeted with an ad from the law firm below. The ad asks if I contributed to a 401K and suggest it may have been mismanaged. Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C.

Have the layoffs started?

Someone told me unverified information yesterday that several people had been laid off, which is weird to me because I thought we were safe until June. Does anyone have verified information on whether the layoffs have started or are these just... —  read more 

Should I stay?

I was really scared when I heard the rumors that layoffs would follow very soon and I started looking for another job. Now I have the opportunity to move to another company for a job that is less paid and I'm debating whether to leave or miss the... —  read more 

Forget Layoffs

I Quit. Companies like Staples are why people like me have such a poor opinion of capitalism. I enjoy making money, but I will not be treated like a sub human or treat other people like something I am supposed to take advantage of. I took... —  read more 

SM needs a vacation

At my location we can usually tell if it’s going to be a horrible day a few minutes after our manager walks in. Unfortunately it’s been like this for months. He is rude to his employees often making comments to make them feel small. Some have even... —  read more 


Left Staples 3 months ago for a better opportunity, love my new career path. Though it literally took about 2 months to get over the effects of the micromanagement endured during my 2 years working at Staples doing sales. My new coworkers had to... —  read more 

Staples Head Office Canada

I was at Staples Canada head office in Richmond Hill, Ontario for close to 15 years. For the most part, it was a pretty nice place to work...they actually seemed to care about their employees. They had their issues, but figured I'd stay there until... —  read more 

The good old days...

I remember back when Tom Stemberg was still in charge, it was great back then in the '90s and early 2000s, then when Ron took over and CE was purchased that is when the spiral started. 0001110110111 0000111111001 0110110000011 Who knows maybe... —  read more 

Looking for a job at Amazon?

I have a premonition that I will be laid off, and honestly, and I’m more than scared, but I comfort myself that it won’t be a big pity. That’s why I’m in the process of job hunting and I’m interested in whether someone from Staples moved to Amazon? I... —  read more 

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Manager is cruel

Anyone have a manager who makes fun of you but in a cruel way? My manager mocks my speech, I have told him constantly that I want him to stop but he says he’s just playing with me. It’s even escalated to where he does it in front of coworkers and I’m... —  read more 

Staples Canada and SBA?

Any news on what is happening over at Staples Canada, specifically around SBA? Marketing and Merchandising have been merged together (no news on layoffs yet) - but what is happening to the rest of SBA, especially sales? Do we think they could fold in... —  read more 

Leaving Staples

After promoting myself to customer and getting a job in a similar but different industry I can say I don't miss Staples. When I left my boss was even wanting to leave all he does is worry and cover shifts for people who can't make it in that... —  read more 

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I must be unlucky

I read posts on this forum and came across the confession of an author who boasted that shortly after his dismissal he moved to a new company where, as he says, he encountered a super positive atmosphere and people full of optimism. My experience... —  read more 

Sycamore Bankrupts Belk

Saw this on the news today. Ready the resumes. —  read more 

Meetings - a waste of time?

Staples is “dated” as well as the management and their ways. I’ve never seen sales people have so many meetings and training sessions? No wonder why your sales teams have poor numbers. THEY CAN’T WORK A FULL DAY SELLING! You can “rebrand” all you... —  read more 

This is our new reality

This place is done. Maybe there are ways to turn it around but with this management everybody knows that's not happening. No, we are stuck. We are stuck in a company that will be hemorrhaging employees in hopes of staying afloat for the foreseeable... —  read more 

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