Topics regarding layoffs at W.B. Mason

Topics regarding layoffs at W.B. Mason

Mason is stuck in the 90s

I've been at a few companies since Mason and all were miles ahead in regards to sales strategies and technology. Using zoom phone and conducting virtual presentations with zoom, using slack, salesforce, and gong. mason's stuck in the 90's - maybe... —  read more 

DQ vs WB

verdict in. Mason still allowed to use the brand “blizzard “. i was hoping for a major loss here but the judge has spoken . for the record, mason still saaaaawks .

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Old commissions

I heard WB Mason is sending out past commissions again this week. Ex sales reps are getting checks for thousands of dollars for 2019 and 2020. This is wrong so wrong. Why didn't sales get payed in full back in 2019 and 2020? TIME FOR LAWYERING UP... —  read more 

Are you loyal to WBM?

If yes, why? I think the company does not deserve our loyalty, but that's the case with all major American corporations. The trust between the company and the worker is gone. Now it's all about $$$ and nobody is investing long term any more.

leo interview

so the head blowhard has a podcast interview scheduled for thursday , with the stonehill crew. would pay top dollar to have them ask “ what about the 2500 furloughed people?” fwb!

WB. must read!

wb just bid on a huge contract that required disclosures. total sales: rounded for ease of presentation 2019: 1.96 billion 2020: 1.77 billion 2021: 1.49 billion shows a loss of @ 500 million over 2 years? also those numbers don’t appear to... —  read more 

Do they care at all?

I often think that we, the employees, care more about this company than those at the top. Colleagues comment on the situation in the company, talk about what should be changed, however, those who really need to think about it, are just thinking... —  read more 

more of the same!!

get this , citizens of masonville ! American University in Wash DC, has just been accused of distributing counterfeit 3M masks to the student population. Anyone want to take a guess on who the vendor of the masks was? anyone ? buehler? who but... —  read more 

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