Topics regarding layoffs at W.B. Mason

Topics regarding layoffs at W.B. Mason

5 star service!

Direct from the Better Business Bureau , and theres lots of these!! Who but!!! (1 star) 04/07/2021 This feedback is provided with regard to WB Mason's sales team in **, ** as well as their associated management. Specifically... —  read more 

Moving on

After over 10 years I decided to move on. I didn’t think I could do it but it goes to show that if you are determined enough you can make it happen. I don’t have anything bad to say about WB. We all know what it’s like. I’m just glad I’ll be out of... —  read more 


Nobody cares. Move on. I’ve never seen so much hate from past employees. Let it go. Lawsuits, lawsuits and more! - Again, no one cares. Move on. Love checking this page to read all the b–thurt old employees. I get my popcorn ready and... —  read more 

Suit and Checks Question

I just heard from a former coworker, who just got a massive 3 figure check. They wanted to know if they cash it, would that take them out of the class action suit should it be expanded from NJ to nationwide?

PPE - 2020

Everyone, Feb-May, sold more PPE then they ever did in their lifetimes . Little filled by the time 90% of sales force were furloughed...... Sooo product finally fills in April and May... The end of May arrives and active reps are anticipating... —  read more 

Lies?! Who but WB !!

Examine this list : “ the furlough is only temporary “ “You’ll keep your accts” “ of course those are real 3m masks “ “ we certainly will not raise your pricing “ ” Guaranteed overnight local delivery “ “ of course we would... —  read more 

Intel on WB loans

May be in error on this one. There is published record on some of these loans etc . I don’t see WB on this list . Still doesn’t change the court of public opinion on “ companies who allegedly rip people off during pandemics “

WB lawsuits now!!!

sweet sister!!!! WB is now involved in a class action suit for selling fake 3M masks, and for price gouging on these fake masks!!! Google " WB Mason news" !!! I'm sure the customers would LOOOOOOOVE to read about this! So its not... —  read more 

Looking for a new job

I was trying to get a job at Amazon. That seemed like a good option to me, but I was out of luck. I’ve been trying to jump off of this sinking ship for three months now, but it’s not as simple as some say. What are your experiences like? How long... —  read more 

This company is a joke

As someone who was “lucky” enough to not be furloughed, I feel like the lucky ones were everyone who was furloughed. I’m watching everything that was built over the last 30 years come crumbling down. Management is more worried about what former... —  read more 

is this still true?

W.B. Mason has 70 distribution centers and 3,800 employees, including 1,000 sales representatives. It leases 1,100 delivery trucks from Ryder, and services more than 300,000 businesses across the United States.[4][5]

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