Topics regarding layoffs at W.B. Mason

Topics regarding layoffs at W.B. Mason

Employee reviews

Has anybody gotten reviews and raise? If so how much was the %? I have not seen any company delay this before. It will be surprising to see how they'll keep up with the inflation to have people stick around.

Covid payments

Anyone hear about this $10, $20, $50 “Covid” payment mason is giving everyone for “all the hard work they’ve done over the pandemic and to help with any expenses they may have incurred”? They should have just given everyone a free box of Shazam... —  read more 

I would never come back

One thing will never be clear to me. Why would someone who was furloughed come back here? I would never do that nor advise anyone to do it, except maybe someone who has no other option, and I don't think there are many of those who can't find... —  read more 

5 star service!

Direct from the Better Business Bureau , and theres lots of these!! Who but!!! (1 star) 04/07/2021 This feedback is provided with regard to WB Mason's sales team in **, ** as well as their associated management. Specifically... —  read more 

Moving on

After over 10 years I decided to move on. I didn’t think I could do it but it goes to show that if you are determined enough you can make it happen. I don’t have anything bad to say about WB. We all know what it’s like. I’m just glad I’ll be out of... —  read more 

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