Topics regarding layoffs at OfficeMax Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at OfficeMax Inc.

Any other store closures?

I know of only 1 store that will be closing permanently by the end of May. Are there any other store closures slated for the future that anyone has heard of or are the rest of us safe? Once a store closes what happens to the employees that work out... — read more 

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OD lays off AMs

Class action lawsuit against OfficeMax for misuse of exempt labor for non-exempt tasks prompts Office Depot to layoff assistant managers in most stores. Stores in employment at will states given no reason for the layoff.

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Whats next

What is the fallout from the Staples merger. I was let go in December as part of the Max to Depot consolidation, and I am hearing that the Staples takeover will be even worse.

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go hourly

Like Staples, OMax has to go hourly to avoid future lawsuits. Staples allowed Assistant Managers to make the same salary when they went hourly, just had to continue to work 45 hours a week. Where Staples assistants would work 45 hours a week and stay... — read more 

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June 2014 Reorg, Layoffs

I think that June is going to be very crazy for the company, and we will know the org structure then and the process of selection and any layoffs and corresponding severance package. We may have to have to reapply for your jobs. If the company keeps... — read more 

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Downsizing at OfficeMax

OfficeMax is about to melt down - we just filed a WARN notice here in Illinois, hundreds will be let go. We are targeting April, this is mostly driven by the corporate office relocation - back in December 2013 we said we'll move to Boca Raton as we... — read more 

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Just check out what's going on with Staples and you'll figure out that we are doomed. RIF and WFR will become a common acronyms here.

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