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Got a letter in the mail to join the class action lawsuit. Anyone out there going to sign the letter?

I heard with Staples that those people who joined their lawsuit were the ones targeted to be laid off when they "restructured". It looks like it could be a nice bonus by joining, but not sure I want to risk my job.

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I had a huge issue with Staples. When I was hired as a part time employee I was promised 25 hours a week.

When a new manager came on board he started giving me 9 hours a week or even 7. When I made a verbal complaint to the new manager, it seems like he started treating me weird. He would tell me to clean the restrooms and he would make jokes at how I work hard and laugh about it when I sweated. I requested to be transferred and I got the transfer but I don't want this issue with my former manager to just be let alone. I need some advice? Please email me at advice....

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As someone who got a settlement from Staples from the Assistant Manager class action lawsuit, I can shed some light on what you will expect from the OMAX lawsuit. If you join the lawsuit, your name will be on the lawsuit. Anyone who is associated with the lawsuit will know your name, you will be suing OMAX. When it happened for Staples, there were two different settlements, those people who joined the lawsuit, and those who did not join the lawsuit, but still got some money in exchange for not suing Staples further. I was part of the second group. I did not join the lawsuit, but I did get some money from them in exchange for agreeing not to sue Staples further over this. When Staples settled their AM lawsuit, Staples HR got all those affected on a conference call and they urged us to take the settlement money. Staples is extremely scared of being sued and they will do anything to minimize a lawsuit. (When I say anything, I mean anything… but that’s a different post!). The whole reason that Staples settled was the way they defined the AM role. AMs were doing more hourly employee tasks (cashier, setting planograms, and putting away freight) than management tasks. They lost because Staples defined the AM role as more management and less hourly tasks. Staples is not the only company who has made this change. There are many employers who have their AMs hourly because they simply are doing 80% of their work as a regular employee and 20% of their time managing. This is why the store manager is still salary. The store manager is in charge of the whole store. However, if... the store manager was doing more hourly tasks, then they may have a case. I was discriminated by Staples, but not because of the lawsuit. Like I stated, Staples urged us to take the settlement money, to prevent further lawsuits. Those who joined the class action, I believe were not with Staples when they joined. If you do join, there is no guarantee that you will win. Staples restructured to save payroll, those AMs who were laid off had nothing to do with the AM lawsuit. Staples does still have AMs, but they are only in higher volume stores making more than $4 or $5 million a year. Any store making less than that has only a General Manager and hourly Team Supervisors, if the store hasn’t been closed. I know the money is enticing, but I would warn, even though discrimination is against the law, it is extremely difficult to prove. If you go to HR, they will ALWAYS side with the company. HR is NOT your friend. HR is there to protect the company. Could you be discriminated against if you join? Yes, you could. Your name will be listed on the lawsuit. If you like your job at OMAX and do not want to be discriminated, then I recommend not to join. Wait it out and see if OMAX agrees to a settlement that you can be a part of. If you are not with OMAX anymore, join!

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