Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

So tired of covid

We had to deal with covid for the last 17 months now we have to deal with this new Variant I'm so tired and now associates get sent home so they can be tested and now the tests are taking 3 to 5 days for the results to come back.

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I'm currently in a MIT role in Colorado. I have noticed my position (meat lead) is open for other to apply. Is this legal? what happens if I can't find a manager position, shouldn't I fall back to my old position?

Bunch of unhappy people

Who's happy at Sam's? Who can be satisfied? Not even my store manager is happy. I am horrified to hear that people here should be grateful and satisfied that we have a job at all. On the contrary, I think that Sam's does not exist because of us... —  read more 

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More associates quitting

We lost two more people this past week. One person hasn't worked long enough to get his first paycheck. The turnover is ridiculous. It is not cost effective to keep hiring people just to see them leave in the first couple of weeks. What is the... —  read more 

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It’s Official!

Membership Lead & Coordinator Gone! You’re entitled to a severance package or take another position in the Club! After 10 years I’m taking my package!

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Sams shoes

Has anyone heard about the Sams club shoes associates are getting? Who gets them and when and are we required to wear them????

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Covid Vaccination

Associates are being pushed to get the covid vaccine but at our club all the managers including the club manager has not been vaccinated. Most of our fresh associates are not vaccinated as well. What are you guys thoughts? Our meat lead and his... —  read more 

Door greeter

In our club the door greeter asked a member to see their card. The member got upset and got in the door greeters face yelling and swearing. The door greeter stood there all shook up and shaking. The club managers said they couldn't revoke their... —  read more 

Personal Relationships

What is the policy regarding associates who are in a romantic relationship? We have a couple who are all over each other in the break room, which makes some of us quite uncomfortable. While we understand "young love", we certainly do not think... —  read more 

Call outs

Unbelievable how many people are not showing up for work and yet we are still told no overtime, company completely going in the wrong direction, 💩💩

Click & pull associates

I work in freezer cooler on the morning shift and I'm working hard to get items filled back up and then comes the personal shopper associates grabbing 10 gallons of milk and 15 boxes of my yellow eggs and they don't care how they leave it smhhhhhhh. —  read more 

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Why do most new people leave?

Obviously some leave because they don't like the job or are lazy. But I believe that is not most. I personally believe that most leave because of the absolute chaos now going on in the clubs.

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Member Shoppers Schedule

I work in a Texas club and our managers are not following the schedule template for our area. Only 2 associates work at 4am. The next associate is scheduled at 6am, next 8am and the next at 9:30am. We struggle every day to get our orders done by the... —  read more 

Why Do We Need Managers?

Someone make sense of why we even need managers. Out head manager hides out i his office all day with a sign on the door which says Webinar In Progress, Do Not Disturb. He also hides out in receiving and he leaves for the day out the trucker's... —  read more 

Clean restroom?

Why is it the restrooms are never cleaned? I can't for the life of me understand why the managers don't seem to care. With the covid, you would think that would be a major concern, but not here. I understand they are sent everywhere else in the club... —  read more 

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This is getting ridiculous

Its sad 1 person have to take care of 5 sections in club and when people get tired and find something better and put their 2 week notice in first thing management says is omg what's wrong your not happy here come on are you freakin serious.

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Shop and ship

Anyone in a test club for the shop and ship? Does home office really expect backroom associates to have time to ship all this extra stuff out when we barely have time to unload all the trucks and everything else we do? We don’t have time for claims... —  read more 

To Home Office

Dear Home Office, You turn the lights off in the café at eight fifteen. Could you please leave the lights on until nine. That's when I'm scheduled to leave. It's hard to clean in the dark. Especially hard to clean parts of the oven without... —  read more 

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