Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Member Service Associate

I would like to know if associates who took the "MSS" positions are happy in their role. I have been asked to move to the front end into one of these spots. I am apprehensive to accept because the front end is in chaos on a daily basis. The people... —  read more 


A.E.S (Associate Engagement Survey) is now available on the Wire. Regardless of how you feel about the survey, take it. It’s the only way home office will know what’s going on in your building. And yes, most people will say it doesn’t matter and... —  read more 

Grand Prairie

Why send all these boneheads over here. Get rid of all our lame managers, leads. They don't do anything anyway. Half of them said they would be leaving in November anyway.

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Good Luck

I left months ago after 20 years. I come here to see if anything has changed. Nothing has. Nothing will. Run while you can folks. There is better out there. To those still there, I wish you all luck.

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Should it be stated somewhere in Orientation that all associates are required to bathe regularly, wear some form of deodorant and wash their clothes regularly. We have a certain associate thar absolutely REEKS of horrible Body Odor but yet is... —  read more 

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Last pay check

Can anyone tell me how to access your last pay stubs once you have been removed from the system? Forced to quit because my availability changed to only 1 day. They terminated me in the system on Thursday and said my pto and ppto would be on this... —  read more 

I did it

Yesterday was my last day at Sams Club. 32 years. Going on an adventure. The adventure of changing my life. If you are a Christian pray for me . If you are not then send me some good vibes ! I can not presume to tell any one here what is right for... —  read more 


Why the cbl about managers? You know the weird one. The reading comprehension cbl, where there is no audio. Has it got something to do with the big changes coming in October?

Paid to wonder

We have a meat guy who clocks in and then wanders around the club looking at various items. Wanders for about half an hour. Later on you will see him making yet another lap.


Congrats to the Clubs that are getting Sam's share bonuses Sept club is and saw my first one on wire today and quite nice for only qualifying 9 out of 14 weeks. Next one will be full and at my FT status ( my status changed in middle of... —  read more 


I came into work yesterday in cafe... I was walking, talked to my lead asking where my other trainee closer was, called out 2nd day, so got info to close early... Walk in getting hair net on and got royally yelled at loudly cause I was 6 mins late... —  read more 

Remember when

Remember when they used to do something as simple as send flowers when you had surgery or had a baby or death in your family. They have seriously gone that far from caring about their associates. Oh the better times


Does anyone else believe that when they lowered the pay structure for Backroom and increased for the forklift merchandisers, it was to have the forklift drivers run all the freight and unload trucks? It just doesn’t make sense. I’m currently the only... —  read more 

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