Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club


I work in a small department and I have been with the company over 10 plus years and I have just asked for a minor change in some days of working and I was told no . After many years of hard work no points no call outs not one issue I realized it’s... —  read more 

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lost years

my two sons are fireman and work for a union..the benefits are far greater than sams club..i been with sams 30 yeays and i have nothing.. we need a union..

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what's going to happen to the backroom associates when 3rd shift starts again? If backroom starts at 4 and 3rd shift is still working then we won't have lifts to unload our trucks. Are they downsizing the dayshift backroom position?

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Need new buyers

We need some new blood when it comes to our buyers ! Last year we had this dud of a bed set, ended up not selling any and had to liquidate all 10 we got in. To my surprise, guess what we got back in ?? Did they learn nothing from the previous year... —  read more 

Changing Price Signs

So how long would you say it would take to change 100 price signs? Including getting them from the printer and separating all of them. Making sure that they had the right color of sign holder. Reprinting certain ones for proper sizing. Entering the... —  read more 

Work Environment

Is anyone feeling pressured, abused or being intimidated by their Managers? Have you noticed the change in attitudes where your opinions, ideas are stepped on? Do they call you dummys or tell you we can replace you at anytime? Comment Please let us... —  read more 


Anyone else happy we’re getting rid of Acosta?? Maybe now books will get worked and returns done. FINALLY the company is doing something!


We had a meeting on the new changes that are happening soon 3% raise not bad if your making 20.00 or more, but for some it's not alot for what we do. But hey it's a job.... that gets no respect or support. After the meeting I walked up to the GM and... —  read more 


I took my air pods out when I was on lunch break (I only wear them when I'm on the clock) and I overheard the maintenance lady and several associates talk about the big changes coming. I cannot believe it!! words cannot express how excited I was to... —  read more 

Protected pto

What am I missing? Put a request in for PROTECTED pto for 2 days next week and I see my manager has rejected it. I'm positive it is at the club managers direction. Protected pto is being treated the same as regular pto at my club.


Isn't it great 3% raise, more money and bonus for lazy managers....dedicated capped out employees get zero and more work while managers try to push them out the door because the dedicated know more then them. My last day is next week to give them... —  read more 

Store manager

So my club has had several store managers and they all was cool and liked but didn't last long, so finally the company has sent a store manager that does what they expect out of a store manager, this guy is arrogant and un approachable and when you... —  read more 


OK, we are heading to the "Meeting" today is the day where a ton of changes will happen, it won't benefit anyone but the corporate greed. Sams Club will be closing several clubs around the United States. Walmart already had their Meeting. Any club... —  read more 

Legacy time

Has anyone actually used their legacy sick time and if so how did you go about getting it. I’m months away from retirement and have 60+ pto and only 15 hrs ppto so I want to be able to use my 184hrs legacy. I’ve been screwed over enough by this... —  read more 

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