Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Dress code

When did this company stop having a dress code? We have female team leads in our club wearing leggings every day managers wearing shirts that you can see their mid drift. Managers with jeans with holes in them and T-shirts on. The list goes on and on... —  read more 

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Walmart corporate put out a press release stating that Walmart is going to promote and hire more full-time associates and have 8-12 teams working together with a team leader set days off and set hours. I'm confused bc when it comes to our club we... —  read more 

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Is backroom going to get a raise since they claim we're on the same level as team leads but start off at 15 like everyone else ?

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Managing multiple bosses

I know, it’s not something that can be changed unless I find a job in a small grocery store, but lately I’ve been really exhausted having to think about how my work performance will be viewed by the many supervisors I have. There are a lot of them... —  read more 

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Too many years here?

I don't even know how I managed to work here for so many years. I didn’t plan to stay that long, but time passed quickly. This is not a company where an ordinary employee needs to spend so many years. I watch young people come, don’t stay around for... —  read more 

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Member Specialsts

So what going on with this new member specialist? At our club some are working the desk 5 days a week. Most are doing other thing but not the job they were hired. They still make $16 but the poor person that is doing their job still makes their same... —  read more 

No more suffering!

Been a week since I walked out! As a fresh lead, I can confidently say that $22 was not worth me losing time with my kids and going on anxiety meds. FAM’s at my club had no clue how to run the place and ran us all til we couldn’t run anymore. No more... —  read more 

Positive vibes

Its nice when your market manager tour your club and says thank you for yall hardwork your department looks good from backroom, sanitation, and sales floor I love that positive feedbacks.

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Sams Club I'm done

I'm a fresh manager and we just had club inventory and Easter I'm working like a red head step child. So when my GM refuse my vacation all I said to myself was I'm done I turned in my resignation and the look on her face it felt sooooooo good.

Back stabbing

Anyone ever had to deal with another coworker whom befriends to move ahead ? You hear them talk negative about them and then when in front of that person complete opposite. I’ve seen this happen in my club and unfortunately I’m not in a position to... —  read more 

Covid leave

Anyone else have the same associates going out for covid leave and getting paid or just my store?! Can you even imagine if some of the good associates just started doing what everyone else was doing? Amazing some of us still feel guilty when clearly... —  read more 


When did Sam's Club decide it was ok to work with restrictions? I thought if you didn't hurt yourself at work and a dr put you on restrictions, then you couldn't work until the restriction was lifted. We have someone who has health issues and... —  read more 

Are there any good clubs?

What I mean is, are there clubs with good managers who try to make work as pleasant as possible and foster good and cooperative work environment? When I worked at Home Depot years ago, I remember the store atmosphere varied drastically and it always... —  read more 

Store manager

Anyone else have a store manager that is scared of an assistant manager? Ours won't do anything against what fresh manager says. She retaliates against people and he backs her up.

How long has it been?

It’s been close to 9 months since I’ve seen appropriate staffing at my club. We’ve been understaffed for long enough that it’s starting to feel as if the added workload from being shorthanded is the new norm. And considering that all of us are... —  read more 

Manager won't help

I'm newish here and there's one thing that's been driving me crazy. I didn't receive proper training, so there are thing I have to ask my manager about. When I do, he never gives me a straight answer. He's only looking to get rid of me as soon as... —  read more 


How come the GMs received 120k hazard pay, plus their bonus on top of it, when we were there being exposed to 5k people a day while they sat in their office? Explain please!!!

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