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Night Crew not getting severance offer?

Was told possibly night crew wouldn't get severance offer because it's same job just change in hours. Anyone know if this is true? The clubs that changed already, did they get severance? If so shouldn't they have to offer it to everyone? Our vendors... read more

Changes this week - GM meeting on Wednesday

Day stocking and block scheduling rolling out in three weeks. No more overnights. Receive fresh from 4am-8am. Stock and run freight from receiving 4am-7am. Rest of the day work one pallet at a time from receiving to floor. 9pm-1130pm stock, receive... read more

Store Closings 2019

I work overnight in receiving and a vendor told me last week 2 stores in my state are closing. I don’t know how true this is but it’s possible. I’m also not holding my breath on there still being an overnight crew for much longer. I give it a month... read more

Third Party Optical

I was told that Optical is going to a third part on February 1st from a member of upper management...but they couldn’t tell me which company. Does anyone know who it will be for certain?

Some Changes Taking Place This Week.

Clubs will have a strict number of associates for each area. Example: Hardlines is 1 full time associate, Center Section is 1 full time and 3 part time associates. Clubs will have a total number of associates they cannot exceed. If your club is over... read more


Has anyone heard we might be getting quarterly bonus instead of one a year?


Anyone heard anything from the CM or MM on changes yet?


What date is the Year Beginning Meeting?

New registers being installed

My club is installing new registers... They just had the old ones put in like 2 years ago. Seems like a waste. Any other clubs get new registers?

Walmart store # 8

This is there new concept, look on Walmart layoff site .... more info there . We will be replaced by this .

All we know for certain...

Guys despite all the rumors and speculations heres all we really know for certain, change within the company is going to happen, and we wont all know for certain until about the next two weeks... retail is a constantly evolving beast centered soully... read more

DC's had meeting today

No closings were announced, PT time is now split into two "pots", PT and PP. One is for sick time other is vacation, time off, etc. In order to accrue time we have to work ten hours rather than the eight we work now to earn one hour PT or PP time. No... read more

Night crew

Have any clubs switched over to the new schedule yet? Curious to see how it's working out

No February Demos?

Found out that at my club, there are no demos scheduled for February at all. Anyone else experiencing this? Club in Northeast

That’s messed up

I’m laughing because we were all at the edge of our seats waiting on news today. This company will announce changes soon. But sure they are trying to keep their reputation in mind. They couldn’t allow associates to pull up to a closed store 2 years... read more

Any stores closing.

We had two Big Dog’s visitors the last two day. My GM didn’t even care how our marketing teams did for blitz yesterday. All this seem very odd to me. Anyone have a clue yet?


While we in here leaning on each other shoulder some butt kissing slacking employees dont even know this site exsist and when still have there job even after we gone regardless of how dedicated we were and with that being said i have begun searching... read more

Team lead

I think all team leads should get salary pay so they can stay long as needed to make there department succeed..and free hot dog combos any time you work over 8 hours...are a chicken if you work over 10 hours...


Hopefully someone keeps us updated on this meeting


Any updates on the new ideas such as overnight going away, team lead restructure, TL salary, no fm1 and movement on mangers.


Does any other Club allow dogs into their club. We have members bringing their animals into the club. Some of these are not service dogs!

The End of The Quarter

This is the day!!! Where all their money dreams come true, Huge Announcement this Friday, its about 7am, I just walked into work, sat in my cubicle and those meetings must have been a success, I heard a lot of laughing in the big chairs. Im going to... read more

Job uncertainty- a reality for retail workers

Announced store closings, massive waves of layoffs, restructuring, the introduction of new technology, automation, store shrinking, replacing more expensive workers with cheaper ones, and even when none of that is happening you still have smaller... read more

Club Pickup

Anyone hear rumors about changes to club pickup? Will we go same as walmart that all orders have to be prepaid?

Can you believe it....

Can you believe it, over a year ago now the company announced the closure of over 60 clubs AND in a matter of a few day, let some of the most talented Club Managers go. I obviously cannot speak for everybody, but most of the people that lost jobs... read more


Whos deleting all the 100% true statements, anyone else notice this.

Market mgrs flew out today!!

Market mgrs are gone to meetings today. They will return Thursday. Friday is the last day of the pay period so all announcements will be made Friday morning. Wishing you all the best.

Empty Steel

does any other clubs notice how low inventory levels are almost to the point of running out of Never out Items?

The concept of smaller stores

Honestly, I find this talk about new technologies and retail companies becoming tech companies a little annoying. While I get that ultimately technology will reshape and change retail, I can also say that that time is not even near and that retailers... read more

Lifetime Memberships

For those long term associates who left, have you received your long term accosiate membership yet? I tried shopping and my card was no longer activated. I completed a form on the wire before I left. Im not sure if I need to make a phone call or if... read more

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