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What I just heard

Anyone hear that they will not be offering packages to those whose positions will be illuminated??? Holding my breath!!!

Receiving Scheduler

The "online scheduling" the original poster was referring to is the new Receiving Scheduler app on the wire. It goes live Aug. 16th. Go to the wire and click on the full version of AMP then go to week 29 and all of the info is there.

Sam's Club OPTICAL

Something strange has been brewing with optical for months. My first clue was when my independent doctor had to purchase their own payment device and we had to stop collecting the doctor fees. I saw this as a hint that 3rd party is coming.

Electronics Going Away??

A few of my managers have been mentioning that “Electronics is not the future for this club” and have mentioned to other people that “all this” (meaning electronics) might not be here in a year or two. Anyone else hearing this?

Forced to go to overnights was not asked

I was pulled in the office and was told I would be going to overnights... like I don’t have other plans scheduled or things to do with my wife.... I was not asked and that especially pisses me off... Can they do that....

Team Leads

Anyone know anything dealing with team leads... I have an opportunity for a new job with the same pay but am deciding on if it’s worth it to leave. I’m stuck in the middle.

They Only Win

The company bullies can only win if we succumb to their threats and take our anger and frustration out on others. Seemingly; anytime we have a visit, the management teams respond with a pile of coachings and “tough conversations.” Success is not... read more

Abusive members

Just wondering, how do you deal with verbally abusive members at your club? Our manager is a firm believer in that "customer is always right" no matter what they do, so all we can do is take it, no matter how much they are in the wrong. If I quit... read more

Fear Mongering

The constant threats and intimidation tactics are doing nothing but creating a hostile and uncomfortable work environment. I refuse to threaten associates who are contributing daily. The overwhelming majority of associates do a great day and do... read more


Great we have to get 20 new plus per week. Acountability held weekly per market mgr. WOW great way to get rid of us!

Respect for the individual? Ha!!!!

I cringe anytime I hear, “respect for the individual.” There is no respect shown from market manager on up to the upper ranks. Not a visit goes by, without a threat of PTMT, coaching or termination. The level of negativity that permeates this company... read more

Online scheduling

On the wire today I seen that online scheduling will start on August 16, with the Caption Get Informed

Regional/ Market Managers meetings this week

So nobody is talking about the meetings with Reginal/ Market managers this week. Anyone have any info? Sadly from my experience the return of this meeting will be what I’ve continued to see with Sams Club “ accountability “ it’s a beat down daily... read more

Preferred hours

Does anyone know exactly how scheduling works for full time associates that have preferred hrs?

History is repeating itsself

History does repeat its self and Wal-Mart/Sams Club is the next giant that will fall. Customer Service already s---s so lets cuts more jobs and have even less employees to help the customer... read more

Is the company giving out severance by region?

Sam's has given severance to Dallas TX. region for receiving clerk, PTC, jewelry lead. Confirmed with two associates in this region who received severane this year. Is the reason for not rolling this out to all regions at once due to cost, maybe... read more


Are all clubs experiencing being slow?? Sales down ???

Why stop at wireless?

Here is an idea..why doesn't the company eliminate pharmacy jobs and have CVS or Rite Aid take over that area, or Sara Lee the bakery, Giant for grocery, Kay jewelers for jewelry, TruValue for seasonal, Lens Crafters for optical, Pep boys for tires... read more


Deleting my plus membership and going to take that money and buy a Costco’s membership. I figured hell why not shop somewhere where they appreciate you!!


So upsetting that our shrink is horrible. It seems as if this company no longer cares. do we get partners to care at club level? What makes it worse is that with all these job eliminations why wouldn't people be upset and not care. As I, and... read more

Jewelry team leads

Used to be a lot of rumors about jewelry counters becoming an unmanned counter with the installation of the new very non-functional counters... look just like Costco cases which are not manned....haven’t heard a peep about this in a long time... read more


So..all you unloaders out there. On nights when you unload are you also the ones that run all the stuff to the steel. We have one person at a time on the dock at nights. They unload and then are expected to put it all in the steel themselves. Do all... read more

Marketing Foes

I dont see how marketing has existed this long. There is no communication. HO keeps changing the way we do things from week to week. Now, we are to be in field only, not working anywhere in the Club. Online offers are much better than we can offer in... read more

My only thoughts

When the layoffs and restructuring settles the sad thing is the ones who shouldve been fired a long time ago will still be around...and people who hard working dedicated employees find there self unemployed...

Gccm gone

So rumors aside. All gccm notes in amp have been moved to member experience. Sign of things to come ?

Jobs going away

Im sure you have heard the news by now about PTC, Communications, and Demos, we here at Home Office are dedicated to take care of our family, we have installed cash machines, self checkouts and scam and go to make it easier for our members, we will... read more


Anyone else GM, market manager and asset protection market manager in a meeting today?

Walton Family

CNBC reports Walton family is riches clan in the world. Total assets $152 billion. Time to lay off more employees

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