Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Company driven by fear

It's enough for me just to see my manager and get an anxiety attack immediately. He is certainly not paid to make the best employees (who are satisfied despite being paid little) leave the company. He is paid to keep such people, I guess. Still... —  read more 

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The infamous "bare minimum"

I tell myself every day that this time I will not invest so much effort and that I will work the bare minimum. However, at the end of the day I come home even more tired than the day before because it seems that a person needs to have a special... —  read more 

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Peace out su-kas!

Time to blow this popsicle stand. Management is awful, McDonald’s is hiring for more than most positions pay in Sam’s clubs. Newer associates are making more than those who have been around for years. They expect us to do our jobs and the jobs of... —  read more 


So what's really going on with our 401k. I'm in the process of purchasing a home so I've been checking my balance quiet often and within this month alone there been $500 pulled from my money.

Total rewards

This may be a d-mb question... When I look on total rewards at my hourly rate it says total hourly rate including differentials and premiums... I know I have no differentials.. What does it mean by premiums... ?

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The ethics of all

Our club will do anything to get plus and credit. Lying to members . Member sat up grades. They will tell the members any and everything to get them. The moral is the lowest it gas ever been. They can't keep employees. New hires quit with in 2... —  read more 

Poor scheduling

It is obviously very difficult for our management to come up with effective schedules. Do they not know how to do it or are they just too lazy to make it right? There had never been so many schedule related issues in any of the companies I've... —  read more 

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Freight Push

Kath and other execs keep saying they want to raise our revenue passed 100B towards 150B in the next few years. I feel like the freight Push is just a ploy to increase sales - every category is overskued with random items, getting trucks with 6-12 of... —  read more 

Drop List as punishment

When the crew cant get everything down that was dropped what is the logical thing to do?? Of course drop even more the next day. Managers believing that overloading you will make you be motivated to do even more . This does not motivate !! It... —  read more 

What is going on?

I have worked for Sam's for more than 15 years. It is the worst it has ever been with less coverage, managers quitting left and right, teamleads quitting and can not be replaced, behind on trucks more than ever before , no room in the steel. is this... —  read more 


When are we going to get rid of books? We keep getting in huge pallets every week, they don’t sell. The 3rd party that stocks them is horrible.. our backroom associates don’t have time to pull returns and the 3rd party guy said it isn’t his job. Our... —  read more 


Why don't home office make a CBL for Coaches to treat everyone's job in the building like they are important. Why look down on the people that practicly help you keep your cushy management job. Cart guys jobs are more important then anything.. no... —  read more 

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