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2 weeks notice

Its shocking when you find another job and put in your 2 weeks notice here comes management whats going on I thought you was happy here are you freakin kidding me yall don't appreciate anything yall just use us up with no positive feedback at all.

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Lead pay raises?

Rumors going around my club all team leads will go to $23 in January. Wouldn’t usually believe but heard it from someone that usually is correct about these kinds of things. Any word at any other clubs

Bucket Hrs

Does anyone know what is going on with the old sick & personal hrs that were put in a bucket ( that we could not touch ) 😂 ? In the last paycheck they took 17 of those bucket hours and added them to our Reg PTO

No time to relax

There is no reason why everyone can't have two days off in a row. Sam's used to put your family first...TILL THE GREED TOOK OVER and became more important than anyone's family but their own! No more family camping trips, visits to family members, a... —  read more 


Do part-time people earn regular PTO hours? When I look on the wire it doesn't show anything for PTO hours only shows protected Pto hours.

Hiring floor partners

Here's one for you. When applicants who have applied for floor partners jobs find out that they make 13.25 hr vs 15.00 that cashiers and door greeters get, they turn down the floor partner job and ask if they can work one of the higher paying jobs... —  read more 

So tired of this

Why is it that it's always the same people who do all the work and always the same people who smile and chat their way through their shift without even lifting their finger, and it's the later ones who always get ahead? How is that possible and how... —  read more 

Here's a math riddle

If a PUMA costs 60k and is supposed to be operated by 2 people to cut production time in half, and the average cutter gets paid 19 an hour, but that cutter has to operate the PUMA by him/herself, how much money could have been saved by just hiring... —  read more 

Beating the system again!

An associate that took advantage of the no points system has already figured out how to get her weekend off ! Sit in the car with a hot hand warmer pressed to your forehead, then come in and get scanned for fever and presto! 99.5 fever, enough to... —  read more 


I had a 192 hours in sick time and 32 hours in personal time, that I lost. I retired 5 1/2 months ago, and I was told that I lose those hours, and there was nothing that I could do about it. So, the company just stole $4000.00 from me. That is the... —  read more 


Many people in my club have asked why specialist is getting paid $16, more than any other associate really just for doing exit door and self checkout. Is there someone out there can answer this question ...

What Is The 60 40 Rule

I was told at the club I'm working at that there is a 60 40 rule. In which as long as you work 60% of your time in your job code they can use you wherever they need you. Is this true or is it to prevent management from hiring more maintenance... —  read more 

Merch leads.

How do you go about discussing hourly rate with your associates. With our front end/carts getting $15 along with our click n pull associates my team has become super salty. I honestly don't blame them! My associates stock the club, work all hot... —  read more 

Old sick time

Anyone else notice their old sick time that was built up, they are taking time away from us......thought had to use ALL protected PTO & PTO first. Then we couldn’t use for us, had to be for a family member?????


what is the company policy on how many pto days you can take in a row Not club policy But company policy I want a 2 week vacation

What’s going on?

3 of my coworkers (1 merchandising , 2 associates) quit today, just out of the blue. I’m not sure what’s happening. I was asked to reschedule my shifts accordingly due to this. I don’t have a problem with it, hell, it means more pay for me. I'm... —  read more 


Is Cafe associates getting a raise as well? I know alot of other Departments have but didn't know if we were also.

Let them enjoy it

I don’t understand how some people can be very vindictive towards others who have gotten a pay increase. Granted some may not deserve it in YOUR opinion - but it’s obvious to the company that it is deserved. I haven’t gotten a pay increase myself... —  read more 

Glad I’m Gone!

Today would have made 15 years at this insane place. I’m so glad I got out a year and a half ago when I did. I’ve never been happier! Moral of the story is there is light at the end of the hell hole of a tunnel known as Wal-Mart Inc!

Can't make up their minds.

Last year, it was written in stone at the center of the universe, "Thou shall have a runner." If you didn't you were to call merchandising and get some. Now, it's "Thou shall not have a runner." And you must send any extra cashiers out to zone. ... —  read more 

PM Merchandising

How many clubs out there actually are getting out at 11:30 with all trucks offloaded, ran, and the floor dropped for AM? What are you guys doing differently to get out at 11:30? How does the sales floor look?

Loyalty to my paycheck

Sam’s isn’t the best place to work - but it isn’t the worst either. Regardless on whether I’m working a shift that is short staffed or my schedule is suddenly changed, I’ll s— it up because my paycheck is important to me. If my supervisor thinks... —  read more 

Sam Share

I don't know if its been asked before but how often do we get the Sam Share? I know we just had one in August so when will be the next one?

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