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Look at the front of the Wire

First let me say I agree with most everything posted on this site but if you look at the front page of the wire we are very few compared to all of the people on the wire. People throw shout outs for stupid sh--. A shout out for test scanning WTF.

Fellow fresh leads stand together its working

Can't get into super specifics because I dont want to be identified but I know for a fact a lot of fresh leads are stepping down in my market and other leads In the other departments too gm said market manager is talking to Regional

Back room now merchandisers

Since back room folks are now merchandisers does it seem right that a few year ex backroom associate should get better days off than a many year ex night crew associate? After all they are both now in the same group.

How do you get out?

I promoted with the company not too long ago, relocated with CapRelo, the whole nine yards. If I quit or am terminated I owe relocation back, does this also translate to stepping down? Does anyone here know how long you have to pay back relocation?... read more

Morale is in free fall

I’m a 10+ year associate and in all my time at the company I haven't seen morale this low. The people don’t see these changes working out for anyone, except maybe the company leaders, all of us are in some sort of a mode where we wait to see what... read more

Make Your Point

I can’t believe that NOBODY has said this yet but if EVERYONE that has been effected by all this c-ap would take a POINT and not show up on 6/22 and make your point be seen then you all are just letting them win! just sayin

Home Office

Please work on your cim for club pick up . It takes a lot of time to skip and go to the list. It should keep all fresh and cooler items together. Freezer items together . It would help a lot


give me a F give me a U give me a C give me a K, who's lost their mind? THIS PLACE. now get to work.
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Everyone should wear Black. Show them how we feel.
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Does anyone really care?

So many stressed associates. Member Service is suffering. I see it every day. No floor coverage. No frontend coverage with 10 plus deep members in line with one register open. Have to have runners at all registers that are open which leaves you with... read more

Gas station

My question is what are gas station associates in charge of after the new block scheduling takes place? I know what the floor associates are in charge of the marketing team.

More Fresh Lead changes coming

Was told they are talking about all fresh leads closing on all weekends except when there rotation comes around. They are thinking leads should be there during the busiest part of the day and when they added the belt program this would be part of the... read more

Truckload Associate

Do any clubs still have a Truckload Associate? Our club still has one but she does everything but truckload work. The GM seems to be protecting her from getting laid off. Gives her busy work to do. She gets in everybody’s way. Nobody knows why she is... read more

True or false

Our manage says that we, the part timers, must sign the new paper work agreeing to open availability or else we won't have a job. Is this a company wide policy or just him?

MSSs/Member Service Leads

So right now my club has 4 full time MSS’s and 1 part time. The part timer was going to go full time at least for the summer before she goes back to school but is now just thinking of staying part time and going back to being a cashier or desk. And... read more


" ensure the team lead position is a more desirable one for our associates" I can't make this stuff up. How thoroughly embarrassing.


Is Costco doing this? everything they do we copy, put a spin on it, and do it worse than they ever thought they could get away with.

Floor Leads

Is anybody else getting frustrated with all of the extra responsibility and jobs being forced on us? It would be a different story if money was given.

Days off

Are the days off options the same for all clubs or does it depend on which tier your club is in. In other words are some clubs allowed to give weekends off to seniority but other clubs not. Also how can we as hourlies be sure we are not being lied to... read more

not doing it

I am a meat lead and I told my FM no I'm not going to do it i would rather step down This new Schedule is bs they don't pay enough to be a cutter let alone put up with all the new bs every ware els pays far better for cutters


I've posted this in another thread that got removed - do not feed trolls, do not engage them, etc. Posting in such thread risks you'll be blocked as well. Just downvote and move on. PLEASE DOWNVOTE TROLLING: If you see a troll just hit it with an... read more

Block schedule

So were all told that we have to be put on a block schedule. But has anyone seen this in black and white? Were signing for this schedule shouldn't we get a terms and conditions. Were being told we cant have a life outside of work basically. What... read more

Tbc leads

I am just letting you know that our schedule will be the same Wednesday and Friday off. 7-3:30 everyday except Sunday 10-630 but all other team lead will have a rotated schedule and have 3 day weekend Friday-sunday once a month.

Sam's Club is not an equal opportunity employer

okay so they say Sam's Club and Walmart hire people with disabilities but with all these changes people with learning disorders and there's still work for the company for many many years it was all these new changes can't keep up with them are going... read more

Fresh Schedule

I don’t know about you guys but i think meat lead and bakery lead should be here in the mornings. If they have 2 days closing plus their 2 days off how are they supposed to stay on top of the ordering and production throughout the week. I mean i... read more

How is hiring going

We have lost people and they keep leaving. So my question is how will this new scheduling work if we don't have enough people for each shift? I'm pretty sure the 4 to 12:30 is well staffed but who in their right mind will want to work 3 to 11:30 and... read more

Tire Sales Associates

Has anyone at the desk of tires been told they had to be a tire tech since the desk position has been eliminated!?

Stepping down

How many long term associates have been made to feel that they had to stop down or their job was in jeperdy or have been pushed out by mgnt to get there friends in. Even someone in at a lesser rate of pay. This happened to a friend of mine he's been... read more

This Just In..How we got Block Scheduling

I have a cubicle next to the guy with a cubical and heard that the following has been verified to be going on. When the big leaders of the company get together to come up with diabolic plans like actually rewarding folks with seniority some level of... read more

Front end Lead

No COS deserves the random job promotion and pay raise for absolutely nothing. Huge slap in the face to the current front end lead.

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