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Unionizing our club

8169 in Lafayette Indiana will be unionizing this club in the upcoming weeks! Lookout home office!

So who thinks Sams is in trouble

So who thinks Sams is in trouble? Think again. Do you not see all the dumb--ses on the front page of the wire who actually thinks this company cares about them. People like this is what keeps this company going. When they wise up and finally realize... read more

More store closings?

Has anyone heard of any stores closing this year? I have noticed the steel is low, we’re only receiving one dc truck a day, and our seasonal area is lower than ever.Over half of the holiday items we haven’t got on the hardliners side. Any info... read more

Market Changes

We are hearing rumors of MM changes and or getting restructured. Best thing could happen would be to eliminate them all! Waste of Payroll and Company resources. Does anyone else have info on this or is it local? Just trying find out if this is rumor?... read more

Fresh Departments

So what happened to the program where you could earn more money? Just another lie so this company can look good in the media? What a joke ...just been swept under the rug...

Personnel elimination

In the club's I've worked, personnel have been the first contact of the open door; a liaison between management and hourly associates. With their job ending, I am honestly looking at the benefits of a union for the first time. Not a 100% yet, just... read more

Succesfull year destroying familys

Well we made it folks, 2019 is upon us but we are not done, watch the fresh department go back to one manager in the future. PTC already trained future team leads how to access your ss #, address and all your personal information. 3 reg operators, 7... read more

Ethics hotline

Just curious if anyone has any experience calling the Ethics hotline? How they handle concerns? Timeframe on how long it took them to investigate? Ect...

People modernization

Ok just gonna throw this out there many associates are gonna have their identity stolen from so many more people having access to our personal info now. I rather just have one person and the managers be able to see mine

CM meetings?

What are the club manager’s out of the building in meetings about this week?

Changing Schedule

Does anyone know if a manger is suppose to give notice about changing your schedule.. my schedule has been changed 3 times without given me notices.

Health and wellness

Just got word that health and wellness is going third party anyone know anything about this????

Teamlead assessment test

Does anyone have any advice on passing the teamlead test? I thought about doing it, but heard that the answers shouldn't be what you think is right. Basically I should think as a corporate drone. Thoughts?

Television shortage

Any other club running out of televisions? We have holes all over the place. I know I read something awhile back that said they might do away with us, a heads up would be appreciated.

What is this?

Ran into this trying to find some info online, and I'm trying to figure out what it is. Did somebody buy all this and is auctioning it off now or is the company doing this? It's not really important, I'm just curious... read more


Are there any other associates being forced to take an extra day off this week?

More layoffs?

Heard today that some roles might be eliminated soon, but no details were given. Anybody knows if this is true?

Why are the Clubs having such Rough Visits??

Before anyone on here bashes me, calls me names or accuses me of being a HO Troll, let me be clear. I am an Ex Associate and Manager. I do read these posts of late , and I do not communicate with former colleagues. I have a request and it is just... read more


Starting at 11per hour At a 2% raise per year, it will take over 30years to reach the max pay for a level A liltlle over 19 per hour, and if your lucky enough to start as a lead at 14 per it will still take you almost just as long to reach the max of... read more

Live unload

No longer a Sam’s employee I left the company a little over a month ago, I was a long time receiving associate now hearing about this live unload and am interested as to what it is because I still care about my former co employees and still care... read more

Associates and Managers Need Strong Leaders

We deserve Strong Capable Leaders at Club and Market level. We who serve our Members and the Company under many difficult situations Must demand it! What is going on here is simply tragic! Horrible visits, poor Morale, the Answer is Experienced... read more

Let’s Talk Straight!!!

We need a quick U turn and all of us know that. There is a need for experienced tough Managers who were demanding but Fair!! Taught disciplines and the Whys behind the hows ? You respected them and they delivered results and established order!! Clubs... read more

Nothing will Change !!

Team Despite all the noise , nothing much will change. I’ve worked here in 15 for years. Man is who he is.. not going to change. Deal with it, accept it or just move on.
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Business Blitz

@vupluxc the Business blitz moving up to 3 weeks in Oct is BS...they aren't making extra money or raises. My theory is they are using us marketing associates to get company names and info for them that way when they do away with our jobs they have... read more

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