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Who here can tell me a80bout marketing I am so done with the guessing games, yes we stay r ni we go!!! Servance pay yes r no sales pro not updated I'm spinning my wheels just be done

Would something like this be useful - newsite?

I work in the corporate IT and would like to see if you think that we should have a website that will be a discussion space for Sam’s and Walmart employees. I can go and build that, it can be similar to what we have here on – Anyhow, if... —  read more 

Sam's Club Lot Attendants question.

I have a question for Sam's Club Lot Attendants as well as other associates who might know the answer. My question is are lot attendants responsible for doing loadouts for Club Pick-up? I know that we are responsible for doing the loadouts for the... —  read more 

go to 12$hr

John Furner the FRAUD

So anyone that is interested in how much John Furner thinks he did for this company and all of us employees while he was here.Please google John Furner and Forbes magazine and share your thoughts after you read the article! This man has convinced... —  read more 

Restructuring Management

Does anybody know what the restriction will be for managers. It’s almost the end of the fiscal year.

New customer service

The new customer service desk is a mess. Members are constantly confused and very upset for the long wait. One register is not working out especially when we are busy with returns and payments. The way they put the new desk they should have just put... —  read more 


When are the decision makers in home office going to realize that claims needs to be an area that has a person just working in that area and not working in receiving as well ( they could still help out when needed) the last week was pure hell and... —  read more 

I got ripped off !!!

THey lies on my taxes I never received a check so I’m missing money supposedly it’s on my taxes however I received no direct deposit and no check for the amount I have no paystub nothing I no longer work for the company who can I call for them to... —  read more 

Concern Membership Team Lead!!!

It’s not the end of this coming year. I brought in 734 new savings, 126 new businesses, 450 Renewals, 235 credits yet still no Raise.!!!! It’s time for me to leave!!! It was good for 4 years, but sometimes you have to go where you’re appreciated.

Walmartiest story of the day....

Club manager comes in overnight to check up on progress of store reset and misplaces his keys. Member finds them and turns them in the next day. Entire building has to be re-keyed so locksmith is called out, does job, and leaves new keys with closing... —  read more 

Show of Hands

Show of hands, how many Managers, Asst. Managers, or any manager for that matter. How many of us are reading these posts sh***ing our pants every single day waiting for the bottom to fall out. Wondering if it is my turn to be displaced. Wondering... —  read more 


Tomorrow? The 31st? February? Restructure is looking...

Restructuring everyone

Just announced today several restructure and position cuts. New digital team will have grocery pickup. Club pickup is now split between hard goods and groceries/fresh. Deli is owned by meat department the the associates in the job now will displaced... —  read more 

Robots are here !!!

A robotic floor scrubber just arrived at our club today. 6407..Sitting on the dock waiting to be pressed into service. Managers in charge of programming it and maintaining it. ...

More today?

Will there be any more cuts today? I doubt they'd announce another position gone so soon after yesterday, but I wouldn't be surprised at more overall layoffs...

Vine Techs

Vine tech positions being eliminated this afternoon?

Bye bye managers

Heard some managers will be let go this month. Anyone else hear the same? Hopefully it will be those that do nothing but play games on their phones all day!


Anyone else having a problem logging in to get your W2? Mine is just spinning around.

Show of hands

How many of you actively hope to see this company fail? Vote up if you do and want them to beat Sears to the grave. Vote down if you don't and want to see them succeed. Home office monitors and management clones are welcome to vote as this is... —  read more 

Unnecessary Roughness

The company could be upfront about their intentions to actively decrease the cost of their workforce by any means possible. They could be honest about their policy of decreasing hours when they increased hourly wage. They could be honest to the... —  read more 


So the rumor stopped about the raise for everyone to go to 15 dollars. Hmmm guess that means we are just getting the 2 percent. Ig anyone know anything different please do tell. I am still trying to figure out how home office thinks it's ok for some... —  read more 

Some management

You got to wonder how the hell did they get put in that position! Their hours s— is the only reason I never went into management the GM cannot see everything I get it but watch your team because you have some sitting around playing Candy crush... —  read more 

Attendance question

In the portal where you request time off, there is an attendance tab... is that where you see how many " points " you have... I'm sure people will comment negative stuff, but just want to see if that's where I check to see if my only point fell off... —  read more 

Old Personal Time.

Does anyone have any info on why those of us with personal time in our bucket, just got it doubled??


Just heard today they have a plan in place to eliminate 1/4th of all associates within the next 2 years. All registers are going away and will be ran on scan and go and self checkout. Store hours are changing to 10am instead of 7 am and will be open... —  read more 

MIT Postings

I have noticed MIT positions already being posted. Does anyone know the difference between Manager in Training-4 and Manager in Training-2? Also how does the process work? If they are posted now, when will they likely be chosen and start the... —  read more 

Sam's Share

Any idea when we will get the 4th quarter 2019 share?

Ye Old Crystal Ball

Looking at the crystal ball I see few major changes coming at the beginning of the year. In the past most major changes always have manifested here several months before actual implementation. Now we have seen a few rumors here in the last couple... —  read more 


For the test clubs How is the new salaried marketing person doing? What hours and days do you work?


Anyone elses club starting attendance over? Does ppto stop accumulating after Max 48?

What's next?

So which Managers are gone? Based on job title or performance? Can't wait! The suspense is k–ling me!

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