Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Turn over rate

Well another full time opening associate quit on me today and I'm off manager said he ask him to work on a few things said he went to restroom clock out and left 2 hours into his shift retail is tough.

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Personnel Coordinator

I know it’s been along time since Personnel Coordinator position was eliminated but I have a question. Does anyone know a ptc that stayed with the company? If they stayed and moved to another position did their pay stay the same or did it go down? —  read more 

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3 months ago I put in for a vacation, only to have 4 of my 5 days approved . Sm--k in the middle of my vacation my manager didn’t approve one day stating there isn’t coverage that day. I’m not the only one this has happened to. We have had 2... —  read more 


I'm currently a team leader who's been with the company over 10 years. I've worked multiple positions and been a team leader for 5 years in two different areas. Now Sams is a great company to work for I have to say that but the only thing I dislike... —  read more 

Stop the drama.

I'm a team leader that wants to address a few bad team leads and 1 manager. As a team lead you work next to managers team leads and associates. So far as the associates I really do not have any issues. Too much some associates need more guidance... —  read more 

T shirts

What the he-l?? Selling Sam’s Wholesale Club retro tshirts??? Yeah because THAT’S what people want to buy! Good grief! Who are the d-mbasses that thought that was a good idea 🙄👎

Merch Team

Do Merchandise managers no longer open or close anymore? Ours work mid shifts every day and The lead is the only one here for 2 to 4 hours minimum daily.

Can't do our jobs!

How are specialists suppose to do there jobs when we don't have handheld? What does everyone think about the new radio system with the handheld 🤔? Smh! Nothing ever works!! People are tired of us asking them for Credit! Plus! Scan&go! Every single... —  read more 


My club is having inventory tomorrow and the hardline side is jacked up locations, are not correct and we are missing so many items in electronics its ridiculous who ever was doing the audits in electronics was just padding the numbers tomorrow is... —  read more 

Here it comes

Today is my 20th anniversary with the company. When the certificates and plaques come in, they are thrown out in the hallway in a pouch attached to the wall to be picked up in passing. Why in the world would I think its a big deal, when management... —  read more 


What I don't understand is, why are gms and managers allowed to act like a bunch of jackasses. They are the worst and not held accountable for anything.

Updating scanners

This company makes billions of dollars every year and yet we have these dollar store scanners to work with half the time they don't charge or they won't scan the items your trying to make signs for.

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Club inventory

So we had our yearly club inventory and the electronics department was crazy short 😳 😐 I mean 60 thousand short so now the club manager is mad af and he's chewing everybody out.

HR in the building

So on Monday opening manager talked to the merchandising team lead so bad and cursing at him from left to right in front of all his associates because club wasn't 100% at 8am the guy left the keys on register and walked out and now HR is here with... —  read more 

Forklift problems

So a forklift driver hit the meat case this morning and it has some serious damage and when manager tried to address the situation with the driver he started to throw everybody under the bus and I mean everybody smhhh.


Do all other clubs have a arms length of steel protocols, such as: Nothing can be placed on bag items such as rice, dog food, charcoal...etc Mattresses and boxsprings only allow on sidewall All non stackable pallets must have red do not stack signs... —  read more 

COS Team Lead

I don't know about anybody else but feel like team leads need to make at the least $25 an hour, what we have to do is too much for the pay. They say we are right under management. Never a truer statement. Because we have to figure out lunch's... —  read more 

No closer

So I'm off today and my manager texted me you have no closer he called in today so department going to look really bad this guy got 6 points this attendance system is so broken.

Can returns

Any Iowa clubs not taking back cans and bottles? We are constantly getting empty cans/bottles that are disgusting and most of the empties are from products we don’t carry! What are any other clubs doing?


It is rediculous that my gm tells us we are the only ones failing. I get on this site and everyone has the same issues. Guess what? We were the ONLY ONES that couldn’t get the club ready to open by 7 AM, when that was the expectation. So, the entire... —  read more 


Everything in this company is half-a$$ed. Every. Thing. The signs you are seeing is Failure By Design. I saw it at the last place I worked. If you need this job any longer than five more years, start looking now.

Dog and pony show

So since Sunday I have had 3 vine representative in my club touching up every item they can just in case corporate shows up at our club you got to love this dog & pony show smh.

complimentary card

It's so frustrating when clubs do not follow policy. The free complimentary card is for a person who lives in the same household as the primary. They must show an ID with the same address as the primary. But some clubs give the complimentary card to... —  read more 

F/C Staffing

Does anybody else have major issues with freezer/cooler staffing? I'm trying to figure out if it's just my club or a company issue. Finding people to work in the freezers is horrendous. I have 1 guy and I cover his days off. It's really getting old... —  read more 

Out of dates

I just started working in the perishable department like produce, and deli I literally found 3 basket of deli cheeses 2 months out of date in meat backroom its like they was keeping them to make the audit look good and manager walk back here like... —  read more 

Partiality by leads

We have a lead who is dating one of her fellow associates, one who is directly under her. Favoritism is obvious, yet she denies it. And don't dare mention it to a manager, they get ballistic. Isn't it against company policy for this? She continues... —  read more 

Privacy and Integrity

Since EVERYONE has access to EVERY DOOR there is no privacy here. They need to re-key this building because everyone just barges in while your having a private conversation. These new young managers need to be retrained and keep the people safe... —  read more 

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