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Don't wait around for severance

Taxes will eat almost half of it. There are other things out there. Amazing how you can apply yourself when you really really have to. Yes I have a family and kids to feed. Yes I had a lot invested in Sams. You don't know what you can do until you... read more
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Will nights move to days in 2019? If so will they lay off some of night shift or will ever one keep their job
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What is going on with the changes in Produce
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The flawed practices in dealing with employees

People make the mistake of believing they as an individual are important to Sam's. The management is trained to steer you toward believing in Sam's as if it were a worthy cause like saving whales. When a person wakes up , like Neo Waking up in his... read more


Is anyone else feeling shunned because youre not wanting another position in the club. My managers dont speak to me they talk over me instead of to me. December 7 will be a great day. I wish them good luck.

Club Hours Changing

I keep hearing club hours will be changing after the holidays. Clubs will start opening at 10 like we use to. Any truth to this ?

Cross training

Sam's Club received direction from HO to cross train associates in different areas. This leads me to believe there are big changes on the horizon. They are up to something

Membership Cards

I still cant figure out why we are handing out membership cards with no name and no pictures on them. We take their pic but once you scan their card at the register it does not show who they are. What is this all about any ideas?


MarketWatch CAPITOL REPORT Bernie Sanders rolls out ‘Stop WALMART Act’ that would block stock buybacks until retailer raises pay By Victor Reklaitis Published: Nov 15, 2018 4:21 pm ET Legislation aims to prohibit big employers from repurchasing... read more

TMA Eliminated February 2019

TMA will be eliminated as of February 2019, that will free up 4-5 assotiates that way when cross training happens, the MGT can focus more on the sales floor, TMA has been eliminated in several clubs already.

Still here

Not sure if that is good or bad. I am personnel thought I was goner Monday

Checked out

I wish they would come on with the Severance. I would be a fool to leave without my money and the opportunity to apply for unemployment. Call me what you want I’m taking a break. Stop wasting my time in the office Sam’s Club. Poor associates you all... read more

Any Clubs with no night crew

Are there any associates on here who's club does not have a night crew and if so how in the world do they even get close to meeting company standards.

It’s just business

Just because sales are up doesn’t necessarily mean that profits are up. Profit is what you pay everything with. From utilities to yes wages. The physical stores now require less customer service With improvements with technology it’s only a matter of... read more

No one is safe

I have been with Sam’s for 34 years, they never promised us forever. With that being said, I really thought if you worked hard and did not call in you would be safe. NO ONE is safe, they will always be looking to cut back. As much as I think I’m... read more

Cross training.

We barely have enough associates left in the building, now they are requiring associates to cross train in other area. 4 cashiers as the lines get long, members don’t jnderwhy we won’t open another register, but will empty the members carts. Example... read more

Club Manager Schedule

Club managers used to be required to close 1or 2 nights a week. Normally worked 7-5. Mine NEVER closes and comes in at 6. Is this new? Or does my Club Manager think he is better then everyone else and follows his own rules and makes his own schedule?... read more

Byod for hourly.

Even if they pay for my plan I will not use it. Will they replace if dropped and it breaks while doing my job? It is a big way to save them money. If people use there phones Sam's doesn't need to buy as many Tc70's.

Where are they?

Does anyone know what happened to the PTCs in test markets where they eliminated their positions?

Nobody is ready for cuts

I have been with Sam’s for 34 years, they never promised us forever. With that being said, I really thought if you worked hard and did not call in you would be safe. NO ONE is safe, they will always be looking to cut back. As much as I think I’m... read more

Double standards

And they won’t address or hold anyone accountable for any of the thousands and thousands of issues with on an event day yet they’ll walk into clubs and threaten jobs over it not being zoned perfectly on a day like today. A missing sign... read more

Cash Office

Any word on the remaining cash office associates? The WalMart side completely eliminated cash office associates and now managers/CSM do it.


Any information concerning In Field marketing associates? Last year was thought to be the last year for these associates but it never happened. No new equipment has been seen as promised either. We all know these positions are on the chopping block... read more

Can’t even organize event correctly

Stupid event , the online event was a scam , the whole thing is a scam , every item worth a sh-- was out of stock , that is when the web site finally worked , scams club

One Day Event

They want to compete with online business but can’t handle the traffic. You can’t even get on their site right now. Pitiful!


Has anyone heard how the test markets are doing without a PTC?

Recieving claims new schedule template

2 FT staffing: FT1 mon-fri 5-130, FT2 thurs-mon 5-130 2.5 Staffing: FT1 & FT2 mon-fri 5-130, PT1 fri 10-6 sat 6-2 & sun 10-2 3FT Staffing: FT1 & FT2 mon-fri 5-130, FT2 wed-sun 10-6 except sat 6-2

Maybe it’s time to start the job hunt now

Don't say there are no job opportunities. If you have a Sam's nearby then your area is big enough and has other places to work. You are making up excuses. So you would rather have to job hunt once your store closes, and all you other associates are... read more


Do you still qualify for the associate discount for the Bahamas Cruise if you get severance?


Anyone heard anything about terminations of market managers, fresh market managers, and regional fresh managers recently?

Orange belt program

I'm testing for my orange belt for that monstrous $0.50 raise tomorrow. Has anyone done this yet? If so, what's to he expected on the test?

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