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Close club to sanitize!!!

My club have 7 confirm cases of COV-19, not once did a manager nor club manager held a meeting to discuss further action of safety with the public still entering the club. All 7 associates I dialogue with and stated their well being. EOC was... —  read more 

Frontline banter

Tbc tech in a lock down state. Member- I need my tires rotated Me - no Member- but but but I NEED to get my tires rotated. Me- do you work in the medical or retail field? Member- no Me- then this is a not an emergency service... —  read more 

Conversations on the frontline edition 1

Soda machines were down for over 6 months. After being replaced/repaired all coke products were removed. Member: I see the soda machines are working, but what happened to the coke products? Manager: We have coke products in the Cafe cooler... —  read more 

Manager Pay

When the pay changes in April, will all incoming managers start at 57 or does it depend on title? I’ll be merch/compliance and was just curious because I haven’t been told an exact salary amount yet. Thanks

Paid membership = nonessential business

No matter how you say it or explain it. Sam's Costco and Bjs are all niche stores that do not cater to the public directly. Meaning these stores are not a lifeline for ALL LIFE. Shut the clubs down now!

Walmart inc. Does not care about their employees!!!

I just watched a VP of Walmart say how disappointed he was because an employee felt like they had no choice but go into work or loose there paycheck and job. Well since you work from home most days that is easy to say. My District manager at Sam's... —  read more 

Close The Clubs

I for one would prefer not to be at work right now. Sam's Club is a bulk store not like Walmart, Target. They should shut down for a couple weeks for their employees safety as well as the members safety. And no I have not been given the option of... —  read more 

Masks at Sam's club NOT allowed

I was just told by my GM that I could Not wear a mask to work during the virus spread. Because it's not part of the dress code. Anyone else have this problem?

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Gas @ $1

Sam's Club - 4101 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

What sells nowadays

Walmart EVP of corporate affairs Dan Bartlett tells YahooFinance that amid #coronavirus: “We are seeing increased sales in tops, but not bottoms”... This is because many people are doing video conferences from home and not going to work. If you are... —  read more 

Cant believe some of you buy into this propaganda

How cow, some of you are truly special aren't you? They always seem to get the dumb ones with the "hero" card or the "serving community" card. What a load of garbage. Sam's is a non essential store no matter what any of you say. Sam's is not a public... —  read more 

Hazard pay



why are people who are choosing to quarantine themselves receiving the same bonus as I am (I am continuing to work due to my husband being laid off). Employees who are working should be receiving a pay increase like many other companies are offering... —  read more 

Good News

Walmart, which is America's largest grocer, is adding the sneeze guards at its 4,700 US stores and at its 600 Sam's Club locations within the next three weeks. It's also adding floor decals at the checkout lines reminding people of the six-foot... —  read more 


Does anyone know what the new manager pay is supposed to be when it changes in April? I know MIT is changing to 25 an hour but what is the salary once you get done with training? Thanks

Sick time in "Bucket "

We should be able to use our sick time we earned. If we need to be off because of this virus either because of our age makes us susceptible or we have been in contact with it. If this happens to anyone call the news post on social media. Do what... —  read more 

Personnel associates

Bring back personnel associates. They were essentially the mediators between managers & associates. As well as an actual person to go to with questions about benefits, PTO, and other areas of concern that leads and managers quick answer to is “I’m... —  read more 

Best Buy giving xtra pay

Speaking of our employees, everyone working right now is doing so on a voluntary basis, and all hourly employees who volunteer are receiving a temporary pay increase. Additionally, anyone feeling sick is told to stay home, and they will be paid for... —  read more 

Things that should be done now

Reduce the number of members in the building at one time. Close down returns, who knows where that product has been. Have elderly shopping hours an hour before we open to the general public. Close down click n pull. We don't have half the... —  read more 

Covid-19 they have to tell us if an associate in our club is quarantined????? Should be shut down for it to be scrubbed & cleaned but who knows! This is Sams Club!!


100+ people a day lined up at the door every day and we let them all in at once and get slammed! Got in trouble because my metrics are low for the last month and I’m short handed because people don’t wanna come I and risk getting sick! Im about to... —  read more 

Tuesday March 24/ Take action

It is clear that the company does not value our safety. We are operating under unsafe conditions, without proper cleaning supplies or crowd control within the store. The company is trying to buy us off with $150-300 instead of protecting us. I know... —  read more 

Upgrades and credit

My GM wanted more upgrades and credit yesterday. I could not believe my ears.We come to work each day risking our lifes.Upgrades and credit should be the least of our worries.

Limit members allowed at one time

I think the company needs to limit the amount of members in the building at one time. It is a mob scene at the registers 30-60 minutes after we open. It is the opposite of social distancing. The break rooms need to be cleaned 100% every half hour... —  read more 

6 foot distance

Club pick up only. This isn't safe. Members won't stay away from us. They're is no way to stay six feet away. Don't tell us to stay home if we're uncomfortable. The whole world is uncomfortable. Right now, we can't practice social... —  read more 


They need to supply employees with masks. It’s the least they can do.

No points for calling out.

The associates at my club that call out already have now started to take full advantage of the no points policy. I think the bonus should be deducted from their paychecks for making it harder on us again.

If we all belonged to the UFCW

They would never tolerate the company subjecting us to the dangerous levels of exposure to COVID-19 the company is allowing to occur every single day. My life is certainly worth the few bucks that they would charge for our protection in the form of... —  read more 


They will never have to pay out the two weeks quarantine pay to anyone because we are part of "essential services". Genius. Boost to the image at no expense.

Just a question.

So all I have is sick hours like 120 of it. They won’t let us use that if we want to call off because we don’t feel safe. It’s clear they are not closing, I can’t afford to just not show up, so my question is if something were to happen where I get... —  read more 


I am thankful to still have a job right now. I'm proud to be part of "essential services" that are so important to the community right now. I have seen zero social distancing in the process. ZERO. It's actually part of the problem all at the same... —  read more 

No returns!

We should not be accepting returns under any circumstances until this is over. We don't know where the merchandise has been or who handled it. At the very least merchandise should not go back on shelves. Would stop hoarders from overbuying... —  read more 

Agree or disagree

These are possibly the 5 best sentences Home Office needs to read. You cannot legislate the mediocre workers into prosperity by legislating the great workers out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person... —  read more 

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