Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club


Ok Sam's Club where are all of these vaccines for your associates who have put their health on the line everyday for our members???. Why do other pharmacies and grocery stores have them already. Let's take care of our hard working associates.


So it seems the company purchased jackets for all the employees. Nice gesture, however the sizes for women are not true to size, they run very small, and I mean very small. Too bad so many people will not be able to wear them. If you are going to... —  read more 

backroom truck schedule

Any other clubs fed up with the way WE are catering to truck scheduling? We have 2 water trucks and a paper truck scheduled back to back starting every hour beginning at 5 plus our fresh trucks that can put a wrench in it all because they show up... —  read more 

Don't ask questions!

Did anyone else have problems because they asked questions or expressed too many opinions? the company does not want knowledge, experience, problem solvers, or anyone that can think on their own. they want people that can read an email & follow... —  read more 


How many associates have to test positive for COVID 19 before they close the club and deep clean? We are having a surge and it moving from department to department. Every week someone is out.


Anything new for fulfillment because right now some of the ways they want us to do things are just stupid. It may not be for stores that have been redone properly for fulfillment but for stores that haven't been remodeled to accommodate fulfillment... —  read more 


No more Market Managers. Itll be divided into smaller regions and some Market Managers will be displaced. Clubs going down one fresh manager, but any assistant or club manager with higher than a DA1 Yellow coaching will be cut, (to create room for... —  read more 

MIT opening?

There's a MIT opening at a near by club in my city. What's the MIT process like? How long is training? How's the interview process like? BTW i have all the qualifications for this position.


Anyone know why we can be “coached “ with no prior knowledge??? Thought we were supposed to be talked to before?? Blindsided??

High Shrink Clubs

High shrink clubs will be targeted to have all assistants and cm’s cut this year. “If they’re not good for our business, let them be good for someone elses” - Kath McLay

Regional CC

Leaked from a regional assistant; allegedly there is a conference call this afternoon for all regional managers to discuss new and exciting changes/structure to the business

Merchandisers pay raise

I read on this site that merchandisers are being raised to $15 an hour effective 1/2/21 Question: when will that raise be applied? I looked at my information on the wire and it does not indicate my hourly is $15, however it does indicate indicate I... —  read more 

AZ/Las Vegas Market is the start

Market manager terminated; club managers and assistants with higher than a DA1 Yellow disciplinary action are next to be cut to make room for CO’s and MITs. Its chopping block season! Regional and higher ups are sharpening their knives!

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