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Have always respected Tim M and all his club managers, but i expected more from them when it comes to the clerk position. Honestly they just came from YBM and had opportunity to ask questions about position so they know....Step up and tell us!!!!!!

Forget the rest, just Focus on Fresh

Let's cause a huge wall of tension between departments and associates. Let's offer fresh associates more money and invest only in them with this certification program. Only put major emphasis on those areas and forget about every single other aspect... read more

Day receiving does too much to get rid of it

Getting rid of the clerk or any other day receiving position would cause chaos in the club. People don't realize how much we do and how busy we are. We do paperwork, make copies for people, put tags on bails, unlock the bailer, build professional... read more


Why do I feel it’s not over! Is champ coordinator and lead safe

optical meeting

meeting today with managers, so what is going on?
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moving on.......

I offered to go to 3rd shift to help my club, I work in a department that never gets stocked on 3rd. All I asked was to stock my area first, then I would do what ever they wanted me to do. CM said no "He is not going to hide in his area all... read more


I understand that the focus is on fresh. I get that. But to pretty much be told that the floor is not important infuriates me. Now to find out that they are hiring even more people for fresh areas and they will have the possibility to earn 40 - 60%... read more

Displaced Managers

How long do the displaced Managers have to find a position ? What happens when there aren't any openings ......

pay rate level A B C

is there someone here who can post each position for each pay level in the A B C pay rate/ level? or which category on the wire can I find it? thanks.

March 16th... What a relief...

For those clubs that closed their doors in January, today is the last day to be employed at another Sam's or Walmart or take severance. I was lucky enough to find another job right away, and wow life outside is beautiful!! I have yet to talk to... read more

Job Levels

Apparently I am further behind the times thanI had imagined. I was aware that job levels were referred to by numbers 1 through 7. But. I see here people referring to job levels by a letter designation. ie A B or C . Is that now how job levels are... read more


Team, Here is what you really need to do to Save the Company, and because as I write this on behalf of many, I will give you the benefit of assuming however occasionally misguided , you are not intending the wreck the Company. However, let me share... read more

Manager Dress Code

Managers cannot have any visible tattoos anymore. But you can wear jeans. 🤣😂🤣😂

Conference call

Are all clubs having a conference call today? Our store manager is on one right now?

Sam's Club Demo Department Being Bid Out

Sam’s Club is currently taking bids from companies to run the Demo Departments. Sam’s has been unhappy with the current companies that run the demos throughout the country and is looking for companies that will lower the cost and deliver better... read more

Keep Sam's off resume?

I was told to keep Sam's Club off my resume if I want to apply for a job at Costco? Anybody knows if this is true? I can't figure out why this should be the case. Having worked a similar position should be seen as an asset in my opinion, but now I'm... read more

YBM videos

Watched the video about backroom and if there's an clerk out there that thinks your job is safe you're crazy. they are going to use us to set up the new system and help get kinks out of scheduling and we will be gone. they are just being sneaky about... read more

This is not working

This whole situation is seriously messed up. We are so understaffed now that I get sent out to other departments constantly - which then leaves my department understaffed! Not to mention that we are all overworked when we have to run back and forth... read more


Anyone know what the big changes for optical will be? I’ve been told we have to work certain days in April for a “project”

Market 15

What happened to the Market 15 post blasting the market manager?! It was taken down in a heartbeat.


Does anyone have any further information on this? I just signed my job title over from Deli Processor to Freezer/Cooler/Deli and my club literally has no idea what's about to happen with it and it having a team lead. Not to mention 3rd deals with... read more


Anyone hear about cim going away ?


Does anyone have a date as to when the Year Beginnig Meeting is.


What hours do deli associates work and how many deli associates do other clubs have?


Did anyone else see the post about some associates trying to form a union. Don't believe it will happen but I'm all for it. Company says we don't need anyone speaking for us that we can do that ourselves. I see how far that got us. Where do I sign.


So what exactly came out of the YBM? Anything?
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