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Taking Down Numbers From Registers

Why would corporate direct management to remove the numbers that are on the poles above the registers? Oh and another direction is all associates are to zip their vests up????????????????????

Stimulus Bonus & Sams Share

Does anyone have accurate information on which payday we will get these bonuses? I was told both on August 20th?


How many clubs are losing the t-b-cco departments?

Tires in Va???

I’ve had my membership at in Va. for 27 years. Why is Sam’s Club note selling tires, honoring their warranty? I’m 68 yrs old female, having to take my tires off, pay someone and bring them into the club. I can’t get them properly takes care of. ... —  read more 

Poor merchandisers

Merchandisers will not ever get a raise just that disrespectful 2% Merchandisers are so unappreciated without pay. If you are a merchandiser you will not get a pay raise. Try to get another job! You will never grow at this position!


This company do not value merchandiser! Merchandiser have numerous of rolls and don’t get paid. Merchandiser are looked down upon in this company. Merchandiser will never get a raise NEVER!!!!


Can i use protected pto to go on vacation?

Work you into the ground

Being a team leader at Sam's is tough you have to be a babysitter to grown associates multi task 10 things at once and have thick skin because managers talk to you with little respect.

Vacation coverage

Is the manager suppose to find coverage when an associate wants and needs vacation? I was told I needed to.find my own coverage only then my vacations would be approved

Watch everything

Come to work and do your 8 hours and leave everybody is out for themselves team work is mia from the top to the bottom.

Associate Death Policy

If an associates die. Do we get held accountable for going to the funeral. A associate past away last week, an we went to the funeral. Next thing we know we got held accountable. WTH is that!!!! Sam’s needs to have a policy to where if an associate... —  read more 


What's the max pay? I know 15 is minimum but what's the max?


If I call off three days in a row and do not call Sedgwick for LOA what is the penalty??


Anyone know why we not getting any hazard pay?

I am sorry.

This message is directed only towards people it applies to. I believe a while back(last year) I saw a post on here that needs repeating. Could you please stop with the cringey over gratefullness. This company screws it's associates over all the time... —  read more 


Anyone have anything solid on when points are extended till? I don't ever call out But need 2 days to help my dad and they wouldn't give me time off

MIT politics

its sad they have you go through the MIT program and when you finish you have no club to go to so you have to go back to your home club and when you call other clubs to see if any spots are becoming available you get nothing but the run around.


How many tire shops are open

Existing CPU associates have to reapply?

I heard this was happening. Does this mean people that have been there a while get a pay cut? What about the people not selected? Do they get moved to the floor? Anyone know?

Top 10 reasons you know you're a BAD Sams Club manager

1) Your people only work hard when they know you are watching. Good managers motivate people to do what needs to be done because they have been properly trained and motivated. Good managers have people who perform well because they want to perform... —  read more 

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Make Your Own Hours.

I thought block scheduling meant that you had to follow your schedule given to you and that was that. So why is it that team leaders can come and go as they please? Make up their own hours and not be in their department. If a regular associate were... —  read more 

IF I actually waited for a check in

I'd be stealing time.. today I tested how long I'd stand waiting for a check in calling every 10 minutes. I called 15 times after 15 I went and personally spoke to someone... it then took 20 more minutes for someone to come.

Has your optical reopened?

Looking to see if anyone has gone through their optical reopening. If so, how are things going for you and are you busy? Did you keep the same hours?


Thinking of stepping down From lead position in Membership Thoughts?

Quitting after the next round of bonuses

Went to crown forklift last week and talked to a couple people and found out which companies use their forklifts. I applied at 4 different places and come to find out that the average wage of the forklift operators is 25.00 per hour. Good riddance... —  read more 

Fulfillment Merchandising

How is that the fulfillment merchandisers will receive an entry level pay for $15 an hour yet the original merchandisers has yet to see any raise what so ever? How? This is unjust. Merchandisers do so much and work hard. I hate this company.

Where are people getting jobs?

I was shocked to see two people just walk out last week. How do you quit when the job market is as bad as it has ever been? I'm going to assume they had something lined up - or at least I hope they did! But I really don't know of many places that are... —  read more 

No help at all

Why is it when a fresh manager find some out of dates in bakery they have to call the GM over and make a lead look like they don't do their job and trying to make themselves look good? 😒

The passion is gone

Its sad some of these people been with Sam's between 15 and 20 years but they work like they started 2 weeks ago their passion is mia 😢

In my new company.

I left my club during the big shut down, and have been so much happier. That was just over 2 yrs ago. This week I got my 2nd 5% raise. I am officially now making more money than I did being a fresh lead, and minus the stress. You guys don't have to... —  read more 

Serious question

For those that are on LOA for covid related emergency, how long do you have to return to work without loosing your position? I am aware it was always 90 days max but are they extending it to more days do to the epidemic ?

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