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When they reactivate the point system

Its going to be a lot of p-ss-d off people when that point system comes back because this coming in 2 hours late or work 2 days and call out 2 days even the new hires coming in 1 hour late on smhhh

We lost sight on what customer service means

A member needed help in click and pull and the associate went on lunch and they had one call out so the COS said screw that wait to the associate comes back from lunch to help the member and the COS was just standing in the front doing nothing so I... —  read more 

Stop hiring losers

So today I was training a new hire in the produce department he went to the restroom and never came back only lasted for 1:45 minutes from 6am to 7:45am smhhhhhhhhhhhh

Everyone should get pay $15 an hr

All associates should get $15 an hr. I don’t understand why not everyone are not getting the $15. As you see cashiers, greeters, has station attendant maintenance and cart guys are also dealing with all of this pandemic, everyone’s job is important... —  read more 

Positive feed back

When your gm calls you in the office your like oh c-ap what did I do and he sit you down and say thank you for all you and your team are doing I see the difference and the department looks better and better every day he have no idea how much I... —  read more 

Store closing at 6pm

Thank you Sam’s Club for doing the right thing and closing our store early to protect our associates and members

Associate appreciation week

I just want to say thank you to all the associates for taking care of our members through rain,sleet,snow,and pandemic yall are so awesome 👌

Covid and fresh

Why is there no social distancing protection for bakery associates? I can’t speak for every club but mine doesn’t have an automated cake kiosk. We are still taking orders directly from the members and deli orders have been added on top of that. Every... —  read more 

Coachings for masks

I'm a merch lead. Currently I have a team of people working overnights for the podless reset. My team has been wearing masks the whole shift, but this morning a manager noticed one of my associates' nose slipped out of the top of his mask so she... —  read more 


Our trash compactor, which was full at the time, was broken into. There was trash everywhere. It was wet and rancid absolutely gross. Myself and another coworker were made to clean it up. I complained that this isn't sanitary and was told it's my... —  read more 

Opening Cart Attendant task nitpicking.

Okay as an opening Cart Attendant one of my tasks is making sure that cart bay is clean as well as parking lot and around the building. When it comes to verifying this task it is basically nitpicked. Today I made sure the parking lot was as clean... —  read more 

Asset Protection

Anybody out there an asset protection associate for sams? Very curious as to who that associate reports to and what they do if they’re the only AP associate...


I'm a merchandising lead and got coached today for an audit being wrong I'm the only one going 18 plus audits a month the other three team leads have been told they don't have to do audits and they threatened to fire me over.

Always behind the 8 ball

Every time they get a virtual tour they spend a c-ap load of over time to get club 100% and after the tour it goes right back down hill they will never learn in other news at least we got the max sams share this week.

Sams Club managers play favorites .

Until our management team holds everyone accountable and not just pick and choose we will never get to our full potential I see so many associates getting away things left to right. Yes going on for 2 years they carry out their duty cleaning the all... —  read more 

Happy Memorial day

Just wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work taking care of members everyday Happy Memorial Day.

Hiring through Workday

Apparently Workday is fast tracking new hires for our club. When I asked what that meant I was told that Workday is hiring the people, sight unseen. This is so wrong in my opinion. How can you hire someone without even interviewing them? Workday... —  read more 

A backbone

Why does management not have a backbone? The management at our club let's employees and some of our leads do whatever they want whenever they want and does or says nothing! THEN if something is wrong they turn on the leads that actually show up and... —  read more 

Covid 19 LOA

Does anyone know if there’s a deadline for when you can take that 2 weeks leave if you feel uncomfortable working during this time? I know the point system came back on the 22nd but wasn’t sure if the LOA also had a expired date too.

Need the tools to do your job

How can you do your job correctly when everytime you come to work all the scanners and T70 are mia and you keep telling your management team we need working scanners not the ones that are so cracked you can't even read the screen.

Parking Lot Vagrant issue.

Here at the Sam's Club I work at as a Member service assistant in the parking lot there is an issue. The issue is a aggressive female vagrant that walks the parking lot of our club daily harassing members for money. When members refuse to give her... —  read more 

Next check

The May 28 check are we getting extra money in that check. Not getting any answers when pay out is for same share or a total from management.

Quarantine fraud

So one of my fresh managers went on pto out of state now their self quarantined for 2 weeks and guess what thats more work for the other manager fighting everyday to make sure the members are taking care of.

Ship from Club

Has anyone heard how this program works and who is responsible for it. Here it is starting in our area sometime in June.

Membership Representative Position

There is a New Position that’s out. Membership Leads did you apply for it. If not go for it. I heard the starting pay is $25 an hour. Let’s talk is this true????

Was denied a Lunch Break.

Okay I will try to be succinct. I work as a cart attendant and had a COS(Co-Supervisor) deny me lunch. There was two cart pushers working(me being one of the two).It was a hot day outside,we were busy,the cart mule was broke and we pushed carts... —  read more 

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