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If a tier three club has seven managers and the O/N Mgr. works 2 to 12 or 11:30pm, it does not take a lot of calculation to figure that there is either going to be a lot of doubling up on managers in the building or another manager layoff. Especially... read more

What is going on?

Maybe my club is the only club this is happening in but I'm curious to see if anyone else feels this way. I know alot of postions were cut...but the shortage of staff here in my club is absolutely insane. Ive always been told members first, yet... read more

Applying for a manager position

I’ve applied for one of the lower management positions at Sam’s Club. The job sounded good to me and I was satisfied with what was offered, but now that I see the posts on this board I see that people who work those positions speak with a strong... read more


Anyone already running with morning and evening stock... what kind of schedule is your previous overnight manager now working? The 4-2? What days?


All this speculation, I can't believe that there is no one out there that worked overnight and whose club has gone to days that can tell us if they received a severance package. ANYONE, facts please

Is Severance offered?

Is severance being offered to those being effected by the 3rd shift elimination? The managers in our club have yet to really give us any information about the change. I have to work 3rd shift because of my home life and I have heard rumors of there... read more

Block Scheduling

For those of you that have already started block scheduling can you please tell me how many associates they schedule to open for the member service group such as cashiers, door, membership desk, club pick up, mss?

Qrtly Sam’s Share

I know that we have to work 300 hrs to qualify to get Sam’s Share quarterly, and that everyone’s amount is based on the number of hours they work, but since 300 hours is the minimum, what is the maximum hours that we have to work to get the max pay... read more

Leaving early results.

As we all know, if we leave early now, we get points on our record. So with that being said, I’m an overnight associate and I have noticed many times where associates, managers, and team leads are all just hanging out at the patio set while that 9... read more

Results of new attendance policy

Just an observation of tonight's closing shift.... can't punch out until 9 minutes before your scheduled time, so cashiers are sitting in the patio furniture, hanging out in the breakroom, wandering around the sales floor...

Turn it Down 3D!!! in select theaters 2020

Coming 2020: from the studio that brought you classic catchphrases like "happy to help" and this year's blockbuster hit "Turn it Up!" Comes the sequel that will melt your heart: "Turn it down! 3D". Watch as Sam's Club goes an exciting new direction... read more

Dooms Day look out Sams Club

April 19th there will be several Walmart Closings, and Sams Club will follow. The closing stores include one Walmart Supercenter in Lafayette, Louisiana, and seven Walmart Neighborhood Market stores in Arizona, California, Kansas, South Carolina... read more

Attendance policy

This attendance policy is f---ed up. We have more people calling I. With this so called protected sh-- than ever before. How do you run a club with this and be proficient.

Technology TL, Marketing TL

Is it True that They Are getting rid of Technology and Marketing TLs? And if they Do when and How Soon? Can Domeone Respond Kindly Please?


Where did all the clowns go that kept telling us that half of fresh including a FAM was gonna be eliminated? Guess not?

Last week for PTCs

I still can’t believe this is happening. My 25 year career will be over as I chose not to stay. Good luck to anyone who stays. Things just aren’t the same anymore. I’m sure going to miss helping the associates as it won’t be the same for them.

Regarding PTO, bonuses, etc

If you are a long term associate who dropped to part time because of job elimination and are later offered a full time position again do you go back to earning your PTO the old way? Having never left the company you would still be FT and 20+ years... read more


So we all know that is employed at Sam's club that once a week we must check our cbl's. So with the new attendance policy there is a CBL that we are supposed to watch that they are not telling you about because you are supposed to check for your Cbls... read more

Full time vs Part time

Is part time going down to 4 hours a day? That’s what I heard. With all the new full time jobs being offered and third shift coming to days, there won’t be a need for part time. Can it be?

Full Time Maintenance

How many do you have in you're club we have 3 and been told one of us has to step down to part time

Employee Apps

I don’t understand why a company this large chose to launch as well the MANY new 5&10 apps that we were “ encouraged to install on our PERSONAL phones before they had worked out the bugs! NOT ONE APP has worked properly or even... read more

Overreacting people

People here see the worst in everything. 4 weeks ago half of fresh was gonna be gone. Didn’t happen. This week, everyone will be fired for attendance and scheduling is gonna fail. Fact is, not one FAM has lost their job and the schedules will be... read more


I worked at Sam's for many years. I have seen all the benefits of working for Walmart slowly go away year after year. It used to be 4 associates of the month now gone. You could hold department meetings and club use $25 of goodies. Safety bbqs every... read more

Sam's will never learn... And it starts at the top

It's funny how Costco holds a higher standard, and sticks to it and has the better reputation. Sam's is all about not caring about the rules or associates. It's about money money money. Get rid of this position and don't hire as many people. No more... read more
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What if the block scheduling doesn’t work?

Do we go back to former scheduling practices or will they come up with another “brilliant” idea? Seems to me that there is a big chance that block scheduling does not prove to be effective like many other innovations that went down the drain before.

Is this true?

The protected PTO is so much better than the old attendance policy. You can use it for whatever reason you could be late 100 times this year and still not get one point in the new attendance policy because of the protected PTO. You need to read all... read more

Plus Membership Mandatory

Members will soon have their options of having a regular membership or upgrading to Plus reduced to a Plus Membership only. You will no longer be able to use another members card, cards are no transferable and after a courtesy warning that will be... read more

Vacation time limits set.

Associates can only take 5 vacation days in succession during any given month. Must have assistant manager approval along with general manager approval.


Saw my job title changed the other day to Produce JM and my FAM1 title changed to PM. SInce when do they just change job titles without letting you know? Any information on what it means?

Leaving the building if you are closing shift

I was told that it is company policy that everyone had to leave the building at the same time if you were closing. If my shift ends before others i basically have to be stuck in the building until everyone leaves. Anyone know about this? Managers... read more

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