Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Topics regarding layoffs at Sam's Club

Making this a career

I’m curious to see how many long time employees (15+ years) are trying to make this a career and retire from the company. I’ve been with Sam’s for 10+ years and it dawned on me that I could make a career out of this. However, is it unheard of or very... —  read more 

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They can't even keep the new hires

It could be considered success if Sam’s manages to keep the new hires during the holiday season. Holidays are getting closer, there is more work than ever, and people who have recently arrived are already leaving. Just when they have gained a little ... —  read more 

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Recycling employees

So we have a new produce team lead he was a meat team lead and got coached so many times he was bust down to freezer cooler guy now they promoted him to produce team lead because he was the only one who applied for it smhhhh Sam's never learn.

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Is anyone else having issues with the new Zebra printers? So frustrating when scanning the new cr---y ASN to have no slot tag print and then trying to go back to find the correct ASN number and try to reprint only to find out it takes sometimes 5... —  read more 

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Not my problem anymore

I am absolutely tired of being called for everything! Since I am one of the employees with the most experience in retail, all those in my office who do not know how to solve a problem call me. I think we should always help our colleagues, but this is... —  read more 

Associate of the month!!

Well, it took me 35 months, but I'm officially, the Associate of the month!!! They finally stopped giving it to new hires that quit within a month and finally bestowed the honor on a part time worker that absolutely deserves it!! Thanks Sam's!! I... —  read more 

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Warehouse jobs

I left Sam's for a warehouse job. It was the best decision I could have made. It's not an easy job but I'm paid what I'm worth, I know what my job is and I'm not expected to pick up after other people, and most importantly, there is no drama that... —  read more 

Romance In The Club

I have seen many fellow associates over the years, begin to date and even get married. The one thing I never saw any of these couples showing public affection for each other while at work. But times have certainly changed. We have a very young... —  read more 

if you want to feel bad

If you want to feel bad about yourself come work at Sam's club. I can not get over how grown adults bully associates, managers allow it to happen. To make it worse, it's the manager doing it also. Does this go on at your club too? You never know... —  read more 


I really need help with this . Everytime I ask for pto or even protected pto I am told due to business needs it will be an issue . It is to the point even the days my child’s school is closed I’m being to what will I do . I guess I’m going to start... —  read more 

Time off requests!

Management is telling associates they can not take any time off in Sam’s Club unless they PTO or PPTO. Is this company directive or one Club manager trying to disapprove time off ? We can not find anything on the wire about this new Company... —  read more 

2nd shift so much?

What are the responsibilities of 2nd shift? Most paper and water are delivered during the day so our receivers end up stocking the water and merchandisers stock paper. Our back room associates unload at least one DC, meat and produce, water, paper... —  read more 


So how much are leads actually getting paid now, ive seen a tma lead post he getting 21, but our tma lead only got 19, and who decides who gets what, store manager are corporate....starting to seen unfair

A club just outside Chicago

I’ve been with sams club for a number of years, I’ve been through a few stores, and I’ve been with several managers. For the most part sams I can say I’ve been content with my time at sams, obviously some clubs and some managers were better than... —  read more 

Over worked associates

In our club, mgrs work 5 8hr shifts while people in fresh areas are working 50+ because they’re so short handed. Just doesn’t seem right. Yes they get OT but why aren’t mgrs stepping up and helping!


How insane are your managers about recovery?.. We have gone from it needs to be decent to if it is not absolutely perfect your life is in danger in just a weeks time. It is insane to believe recovery can be perfect when people have been shopping the... —  read more 


Is it standard practice to just up and say Availability doesn’t hold any weight ? ?? Same schedule for 5 years also part time? ?? Just wondering if Corporate has taken availability off of the job application? I don’t call out or just miss work!! —  read more 

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I havnt heard anything yet to comfirm the pay raises, have anyone heard anything ...who gets what, are all lead getting the same raises is anyone else getting a raise besides new hires

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