Topics regarding layoffs at BJ's Wholesale Club Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at BJ's Wholesale Club Inc.

Inexperience shows

So much experience is gone from BJ's, employees have tasks that are difficult to perform because they don’t have the knowledge and let’s get real - there’s no one capable to show them or to even learn from. No one takes pride in the work they do... —  read more 

What changes have you seen

At my store: no front end supervisors, usually one person running self checkout who now has to also help cashiers. When I work a full front door shift, I’m told there is no one to cover my breaks. I don’t understand really, because I was “trained”... —  read more 

With all of us gone

How are things at BJ's now that so many of us are gone? I'm still mad about being laid off (and how it was done) but I'm starting to finally move on. I have a new job finally, so that helps. I'm just wondering how are things for people who stayed... —  read more 

Clubs are a disaster!

Just wondering what club conditions are like for those who are still working for this scumbag of a company.? Here is what is happening at various clubs in one region. Information provided by managers and team members in the area. Frozen freezers... —  read more 

What skills do we have?

I’m trying to get out of BJ's and retail in general but honestly, when trying to build up my resume I can’t seem to dress it up. I’ve consider hiring a resume builder but it’s a bit expensive. Do we really have skills that can be used outside of... —  read more 

Big news on BJs Connect

Brand new state of the art home office being opened in 2022! Complete with gyms and a chiropractor. You know because of all the heavy lifting they are doing sitting at their desks. Put a real strain on the lumbar region. I wish I could say I can't... —  read more 

Such a shame

I started working at bjs at 18, graduated highschool in a pandemic and needed to get to work, I got hired as a stocker and was content. I worked my a** off to prove myself to my GM. Then suddenly I was transferred to BOPICS without my consent. Then... —  read more 

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No shame

I’m surprised the media hasn’t picked up this story yet. It’s the perfect tale of American corporate greed. Work your employees to the bone during a pandemic, make record sales, brag about how much you care by temporarily bumping up hourly rates and... —  read more 


Nice to be recognized by the management team. My job was eliminated ( back door LP ). I was never told officially by anyone in management that I was laid off! They just ignored the entire situation. On my last day, not one single member of management... —  read more 

How many are there?

After the latest asinine restructure I had to do some soul searching. Do I really want to work for a company that treats their employees so horribly? Can I afford it financially to quit with nothing to fall back on? The answer to both questions was a... —  read more 

Where will you apply?

I have a Costco and Sam's Club within an hour from where I live. Neither beats the job I lost in commute but that's the best I got right now. If they're not hiring I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I refuse to apply at the local Walmart (yes, I know... —  read more 


How can these people sleep at night after what they have done to so many people? The managers at our store hung in there through the beginning of the pandemic and busted their asses and this is the thanks that they get. It is disgusting what is... —  read more 

Severence is humiliating

Have they no shame? Offering such small packages to the people who have subordinated their private lives to this company and who have been loyal for years? Terrible and humiliating. I don’t even need to ask how satisfied you are with the severance... —  read more 

Will there be more?

Are managers the only ones affected by these cuts? Or is this a start and we can expect more before the end of the week? I'm worried because there is so little info around, and the leadership is certainly not being transparent when it comes to things... —  read more 

2018 layoffs

Heard that early retirement package was offered to AVP’s , is that true for membership sales as well? Does anyone know if layoffs are imminent this year. I remember 2013/2016 lots of team members where forced out.

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