Topics regarding layoffs at BJ's Wholesale Club Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at BJ's Wholesale Club Inc.

Will there be more?

Are managers the only ones affected by these cuts? Or is this a start and we can expect more before the end of the week? I'm worried because there is so little info around, and the leadership is certainly not being transparent when it comes to things... —  read more 

2018 layoffs

Heard that early retirement package was offered to AVP’s , is that true for membership sales as well? Does anyone know if layoffs are imminent this year. I remember 2013/2016 lots of team members where forced out.

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Obamacare kills BJ Workers

What a fine mess Obamacare created. Mr President just laid off every food and demo worker in here at BJ's Wholesale Club. Way to go Mr. Presidente. The reason for cutting us is the cost of covering health insurance under Obamacare.

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BJ's layoffs

I was just told by a demo worker in BJ's that all the food and product demo workers are being laid off, effective in 2 weeks. They are bringing in an outside company to do it, mostly to avoid having to pay benefits for them under Obamacare.

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2013 cuts

A lot of people that worked there when I worked at BJ'S were laid off in January and February of 2013. Just check linked former boss, a regional marketing manager (great person) is gone after 20+ years as well as a lot of other people who... —  read more 

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