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Layoffs @ Family Dollar

Announced today - there will be 400 stores closing. Dollar Tree is calling the shots and will shutter 400 stores for Family Dollar. 200 will be rebranded to DT. Now, let the survival games begin, not sure who will be offered to transfer and who will... —  read more 

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Corrupt assistant manager

Just a couple of questions for those that know... but do your till amounts that are calculated at the end of the night and their averages over time have anything to do with whether you are promoted? The reason I ask is because of the corrupt... —  read more 

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2014 Layoffs - Corporate Chesapeake

I wanted to see if you knew anything about possible layoffs at Dollar Tree Corporate office Chesapeake, Virginia - I think we have over 5000 stores right now in all states, we might be closing some stores. Do you have a list of stores closing in 2014... —  read more 

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