Topics regarding layoffs at Groupon

Topics regarding layoffs at Groupon

Will Groupon rehire us?

I haven't really had much luck in finding a new job in the past month, which was to be expected but is still making me very nervous. Now I'm wondering if there's a chance we'll be able to apply for our jobs once again when the situation returns... —  read more 

Temperature readings

Since getting my temp taken the last week or so, it always reads way under the norm. 95.7, 97.8 Thought normal was 98.6? Not calibrated? On purpose? Hmmm...

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Gropon layoffs

they are not advertising it but they are having layoffs. my gf was let go last week. they are hurting right now as the economy is not doing good - so good luck all.


Can anyone recommend a lawyer? There's another round of lay offs around the corner. This company does not derserve it's employees. They only care about their bottom line. Wish someone will start some kind of class action against these arrogant SOBs.

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Optimizing operations

What kind of language is - OMG you just laid off 130 people and you are calling it optimizing operations. What a bunch of snobby a--holes run this place, they do not care about anyone except their bank accounts

G Cans 200

Yep, around 200 people laid off from editorial and deal factory yesterday. I left late last year. Awful place to work. Super low pay, and they waste all their money on stupidly themed office spaces.

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