Topics regarding layoffs at Rent-A-Center Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Rent-A-Center Inc.

Is this a good company?

I want to apply to a few companies - this being one of them. I accidentally discovered this website when I tried to see how often RAC does layoffs. I am surprised because I have heard nothing in the news and this board doesn't seem too busy. Is it... —  read more 


They haven't opened up the FSC for all coworkers to return, and someone already infected other coworkers at the FSC. Such a smart idea to say they are opening up the FSC again Please be advised that today we became aware that a few people in the... —  read more 

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Covid 19

I don’t understand why the company continues to say they are essential during this time as of April 3 it was announced that all home furnishing stores and furniture stores to close and yet they keep saying they will still be open and still have face... —  read more 


I have been with the company for little over 8 years and have had ups and downs but they have always treated me fairly and supported me during my surgery’s so I couldn’t have asked for a better company... And I will work till I can’t anymore to... —  read more 

A time to be concerned

I can say it is never a good time to panic, no matter how bad the circumstances are, but if there was ever a time to be greatly concerned about the situation at rac, that time is now. Let’s face it, the people that form the majority of our customer... —  read more 

Hard times ahead

People do not have money nowadays. My sister and her husband were laid off last week. He's an assistant manager (or he was) at a small hotel and she was working scheduling for a large restaurant chain. Many families strugle like this. They have two... —  read more 

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A 5 year delivery driver for the company here! Let me tell you something no regard for are health and safety from this deadly virus! Until just 2 days ago we finally closed are doors and stopped deliveries which I have continued to do! But... —  read more 

RAC lol

This place has been a joke for a long time. They do not care for their employees at all! Everyone is treated as a number. They could care less about your tenure with the company. I wasted 17 years of my life for a company that could care less about... —  read more 

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I’m a Collections AM

This company is doing some shady sh– to stay open finding loopholes identifying as a “financial institution” to stay open. They don’t care about us frankly if they did close they’d go bankrupt before we’d be allowed to open again the company has... —  read more 

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bad timing

Some real bad timing for rac on the stock market. What will customers do with the tax return $$$, pif or keep renting? My money is on return and save the money while reducing their debt. Rac is in for a bad 2nd qtr. Dont forget about high... —  read more 

Huge 2020 numbers

Expecting revenue of $2.755B-2.875B vs Wall Street $2.733B with Acceptance Now doing $860-910M and Core US $1.755-1.825B (this assumes low-single digit same store sales which may be tough?)

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part time?

After we went to six months same as cash, we got a bump but now things are slowing down. Do you think corporate would go back to using part-time? Some of us are worried how things (hours, etc.) could change if this keeps going.

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