Topics regarding layoffs at Rent-A-Center Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Rent-A-Center Inc.

It's time for a change

Time to franchise all the stores and get rid of the horrible upper mgmnt Rent-A-Center needs a major overhaul and this is a great place to start. What did this leadership do for this company other than destroying it completely? I can't think of one... —  read more 

Memorial day

RAC coworkers need to prep for credit to go sky high, higher than it is now! The consumer will be looking to have fun and not pay bills. Your on the no pay list!

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Wow rac is on the ropes

All those investors on the msg boards are asking how did this happen? The answers are on this site, read the posts. Rac is done, acima won't save them. Do your research before you invest in rac and i dont mean read the earnings reports and that... —  read more 

Have things changed?

This is my first time posting since I quit almost a year ago. I’m curious to see if anything has changed (at least for the better) or if things are basically the same with management not appreciating the work that was done, the long grueling hours... —  read more 

Is this a good company?

I want to apply to a few companies - this being one of them. I accidentally discovered this website when I tried to see how often RAC does layoffs. I am surprised because I have heard nothing in the news and this board doesn't seem too busy. Is it... —  read more 


They haven't opened up the FSC for all coworkers to return, and someone already infected other coworkers at the FSC. Such a smart idea to say they are opening up the FSC again Please be advised that today we became aware that a few people in the... —  read more 

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Mitch are you listening?

Why is it that all the RDs and Dms got to stay home where its safe but we are essential and need to stay in our stores? Here is a better one, why are "balancing " your business by renting and collecting and it is not good enough? Stay tuned! I am... —  read more 

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