Topics regarding layoffs at Rent-A-Center Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Rent-A-Center Inc.

It’s coming soon!

Every year, coming soon, layoffs right before they have to pay out stock options. Sl--e company, vp’s and director’s, take vacation now… before you are gone. Fish stinks at the head, operations people are complete mo--ns and only think with their... — read more 

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No need for layoffs

This place is so toxic that people are walking out on their own. I hear about somebody quitting on a daily basis. And I can't blame any of them. The moment I get a good opportunity, I'll be gone as well. At least those who want to stay don't have to... — read more 


Wow, you really have to dig to find financial info about rent a center. Collections are spelling doom and gloom for the "mothership", not only financially but more importantly coworker morale. Can you put a $$$$ amount on low morale? Sounds like... — read more 

Ready for the sling-fest

Why go to rac when you can buy at 65" tv at walley world for 260 bucks? The only sales they will get this week will be a bunch of skips. How many will be real, how many DMs and RDs will be cheating.

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It's time for a change

Time to franchise all the stores and get rid of the horrible upper mgmnt Rent-A-Center needs a major overhaul and this is a great place to start. What did this leadership do for this company other than destroying it completely? I can't think of one... — read more 

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People leaving very quickly

I've been here too long. I'm literally stuck here. I hope that I will receive a new offer soon. On the other hand, newbies are staying shorter and shorter. Have you noticed that too? Recently, one person left after only couple of weeks here. This... — read more 

Will rcii revise earnings?

The question is will rcii tell the truth about the state of their business or hide it from investors. Look for a spin, excuse or vague statements from the ceo. I read a post from an investor that was surprised by the stock drop for rcii and was... — read more 

Memorial day

RAC coworkers need to prep for credit to go sky high, higher than it is now! The consumer will be looking to have fun and not pay bills. Your on the no pay list!

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Wow rac is on the ropes

All those investors on the msg boards are asking how did this happen? The answers are on this site, read the posts. Rac is done, acima won't save them. Do your research before you invest in rac and i dont mean read the earnings reports and that... — read more 

Delinquency Numbers are FALSE

Take a look into any store, Check their extensions. All stores are told to use extensions to show a 3.5 for Friday and their 6.9 for Saturday. Some stores and districts are running 10% or more in extensions. Why do you think the percent collected is... — read more 

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