Topics regarding layoffs at Rent-A-Center Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Rent-A-Center Inc.

Have things changed?

This is my first time posting since I quit almost a year ago. I’m curious to see if anything has changed (at least for the better) or if things are basically the same with management not appreciating the work that was done, the long grueling hours... —  read more 

Is this a good company?

I want to apply to a few companies - this being one of them. I accidentally discovered this website when I tried to see how often RAC does layoffs. I am surprised because I have heard nothing in the news and this board doesn't seem too busy. Is it... —  read more 


They haven't opened up the FSC for all coworkers to return, and someone already infected other coworkers at the FSC. Such a smart idea to say they are opening up the FSC again Please be advised that today we became aware that a few people in the... —  read more 

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Mitch are you listening?

Why is it that all the RDs and Dms got to stay home where its safe but we are essential and need to stay in our stores? Here is a better one, why are "balancing " your business by renting and collecting and it is not good enough? Stay tuned! I am... —  read more 

Covid 19

I don’t understand why the company continues to say they are essential during this time as of April 3 it was announced that all home furnishing stores and furniture stores to close and yet they keep saying they will still be open and still have face... —  read more 


I have been with the company for little over 8 years and have had ups and downs but they have always treated me fairly and supported me during my surgery’s so I couldn’t have asked for a better company... And I will work till I can’t anymore to... —  read more 

A time to be concerned

I can say it is never a good time to panic, no matter how bad the circumstances are, but if there was ever a time to be greatly concerned about the situation at rac, that time is now. Let’s face it, the people that form the majority of our customer... —  read more 

Hard times ahead

People do not have money nowadays. My sister and her husband were laid off last week. He's an assistant manager (or he was) at a small hotel and she was working scheduling for a large restaurant chain. Many families strugle like this. They have two... —  read more 

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A 5 year delivery driver for the company here! Let me tell you something no regard for are health and safety from this deadly virus! Until just 2 days ago we finally closed are doors and stopped deliveries which I have continued to do! But... —  read more 

RAC lol

This place has been a joke for a long time. They do not care for their employees at all! Everyone is treated as a number. They could care less about your tenure with the company. I wasted 17 years of my life for a company that could care less about... —  read more 

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I’m a Collections AM

This company is doing some shady sh– to stay open finding loopholes identifying as a “financial institution” to stay open. They don’t care about us frankly if they did close they’d go bankrupt before we’d be allowed to open again the company has... —  read more 

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bad timing

Some real bad timing for rac on the stock market. What will customers do with the tax return $$$, pif or keep renting? My money is on return and save the money while reducing their debt. Rac is in for a bad 2nd qtr. Dont forget about high... —  read more 

Huge 2020 numbers

Expecting revenue of $2.755B-2.875B vs Wall Street $2.733B with Acceptance Now doing $860-910M and Core US $1.755-1.825B (this assumes low-single digit same store sales which may be tough?)

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