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32 Kmarts (MASTER LIST) Have Made It Into 2021

Here's the ONE and ONLY CORRECT KMART MASTER LIST. All other sad, mistake-ridden lists are wannabes.

The ONLY list you need to the 32 remaining Kmarts that have made it into 2021 without announcing that they're closing, culled from the Official Kmart Master List which is held over on the Kmart Reddit.

Costa Mesa California 4047 2200 O
Freedom California 3725 1702 O
Grass Valley California 9746 111 O
Long Beach California 9328 2900 O
South Lake Tahoe California 9153 1056 O
Key Largo Florida 9614 101499 O
Key West Florida 4725 2928 O
Marathon Florida 9224 5561 O
Miami Florida 3074 14091 O
Tamuning Guam 7705 404 LC
Silver Spring Maryland 4399 14014 O
Hyannis Massachusetts 3040 768 O
Marshall Michigan 3841 15861 LC
Hamilton Montana 9808 1235 O
Avenel New Jersey 3438 1550 O
Belleville New Jersey 7177 371411 O
Kearny New Jersey 3499 200 O
Westwood New Jersey 3202 700 O
New York New York 7777 770 O
Bridgehampton New York 9423 2044 O
Brooklyn New York 4731 2307 O
Bronx New York 9420 1998 O
Bronx New York 7654 300 LC
White Plains New York 9416 399 LC
Kingston Pennsylvania 3266 18 O
Willow Street Pennsylvania 3810 2600 O
Hato Rey Puerto Rico 7783 525 O
Rio Piedra Puerto Rico 4844 9410 O
St. Croix Virgin Islands 3972 Sunny Isles O
St. Croix Virgin Islands 7413 Fredericksted O
St. Thomas Virgin Islands 7793 10th St O
St. Thomas Virgin Islands 3829 Tutu Park Mall O

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Brooklyn is an official Kmart.

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Brooklyn is just a Sears. Not Kmart.

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Long Beach and (5) other Kmarts were announced last week.... with (14) more Sears also.....

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There are 32 Kmarts remaining, since the Kmart in Brooklyn is an actual Kmart. It has it's own store number, and you can't use the upstairs Sears cash registers to purchase any items from the Kmart store.... you MUST check out at the Kmart registers, so It's a Kmart. Anyone that tries to say otherwise is a mo–n!

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Whatever meds OP is taking they're not working.

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@8eqc+18H9Hxda Nope, you are! And Brooklyn is a Sears that sells ketchup in their basement. The whole building has only ONE store manager, and everyone uses the same breakrooms, etc.. It is only a Sears. There are 31 Kmarts.
As for the website, it lists closed stores, but there is no OPEN store that is missing from that website.

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This list s—s. 31 is the correct number. Brooklyn does not have a kMart. It has a sears with a kMart department. If you go to the official kMart website, there is no Brooklyn store.

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This isn't the master anything. The guy over on the Sears page, has been maintaining the list since 2019. He had the original format with statistics at the end. This isn't it. Not even close. Nobody puts street numbers on lists like this, and putting "O"'s or "LC's" is beyond silly, and has no meaning. The other list, which has 31, and which was so meticulously maintained since 2 Years ago, is the only official one I use. And this is wrong, anyway, as WESTWOOD has a Little Caesar restaurant. This is just a silly copy of the original.

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Technically the Big Bear Lake Kmart made it into 2021 also...

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