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It's not over

Look around and see what's going on. Read other boards on this site. Since 2009 it's been one big bubble and now it's over. Management sees the writing on the wall, doesn't care about how good staff are, just an expense cause companies aren't making... read more

end of "Yummy" + " employee first" culture

My store lost 5 senior staff - people who are the deep bench of talent, 18yrs, 20 yrs. Yes these star performers and amazing store sales floor/closet experts were given no notice - showed up to work and within 30minutes out the door, terminated... read more

Who got laid off at TCS?

Mostly the front line employees? Did the company offer voluntary leaves in order to save jobs? Could they have eliminated 1 or 2 so-called "director" positions to save the jobs of single parents? DFW is crying crocodile tears but the bottom line is... read more

Note to execs

A company-wide wage freeze to protect everyone's livelihood did not worked for us at CTS. It was a good try, but did not work. We are just like everyone in the industry now, chasing the bottom line and do not care about employees. Don't lose your... read more

Employees laid off were not notified

Signaling the end. Company downsizing not over. Bombarding Glassdoor with shill reviews. Surviving employees myself included told not to discuss publicly. Signs of Radio Shack and Sports Authority.

Laid of 100 people

Laid off 100 employees across the board but still hiring new people in different positions.

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