Topics regarding layoffs at The Container Store

Topics regarding layoffs at The Container Store


Letting people go left and right but they need to get rid of upper management instead. The “essentials “ didn’t cause the mess. Literally let go an employee who moved family across the country for this company and then let him go. Classless!!!

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The next round of layoffs have happened. It’s being kept hush hush. The tenure of laid off employees ranged from a few months to 20+ years. There was no notice given. No one knows what is happening they are claiming restructuring with no information... — read more 

Oops They Did It Again

The CEO just dropped a bomb on the Area Directors and some GM's. a flash in order to save the upper echelons pay. They will not stop the layoffs! Run, don't walk away from TCS. You're all expendable in their eyes.

Something had to be done

I hate this as much as anybody else, but something had to give. The entire economy is suffering and if we expect to have a job once things get back to normal then some sacrifices are necessary right now. I'd rather have a company to return to than... — read more 

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It's not over

Look around and see what's going on. Read other boards on this site. Since 2009 it's been one big bubble and now it's over. Management sees the writing on the wall, doesn't care about how good staff are, just an expense cause companies aren't making... — read more 

Who got laid off at TCS?

Mostly the front line employees? Did the company offer voluntary leaves in order to save jobs? Could they have eliminated 1 or 2 so-called "director" positions to save the jobs of single parents? DFW is crying crocodile tears but the bottom line is... — read more 

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Note to execs

A company-wide wage freeze to protect everyone's livelihood did not worked for us at CTS. It was a good try, but did not work. We are just like everyone in the industry now, chasing the bottom line and do not care about employees. Don't lose your... — read more 

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