Topics regarding layoffs at UNFI (United Natural Foods Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at UNFI (United Natural Foods Inc.)

UNFI shifts

Michael Stigers (CEO, UNFI Retail) announcing his departure just a day after Erin Horvath has been appointed to COO position and Louis Martin named President of... —  read more 

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Latest on layoffs?

Do we know if any more layoffs are coming to UNFI any time soon? Considering that it looks more and more like they are preparing the company to be acquired, I wouldn't be surprised if this was just the beginning. It would be nice to know at least... —  read more 

Is this even legal?

Can United Natural Foods really lay off so many people without severance? Talk about kicking long-term employees when they're down - not only do they want to take away our livelihood, but also any safety net that could mean a world of difference to... —  read more 


They spent all this money acquiring SuperValu in October only to start laying people off in November with no prior warning in an effort to cut costs.

What to Expect?

Supervalu associate here, what’s to be expected with the new “merger”? How is your standard/cases per hour? Do you have multiple areas of selection (break pack or full case items)? How many hours do you work per week and is it the ‘norm’? Do you have... —  read more 

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Do you hire

I graduated in 2014 and wanted to know if UNF is hiring new folks, I have a degree in business administration and would do anything where Untied Natural Foods finds me useful. I hope that you do not lay off people.

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hey, this is a hot trend, right

hey, this is a hot trend, right. natural foods? but, let's say one does not have money to buy any food, what options do i have? i'd expect united natural foods to be annihilated during this great recession. who needs that fraud...

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