Topics regarding layoffs at Albertsons

Topics regarding layoffs at Albertsons

Private Equity Looting

Washington state AG Bob Ferguson filed a suit to stop the absurd Albertsons $4B special dividend in the Kroger merger. On... —  read more 

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Some stores will close

This is a fact. The best thing to do now is to be prepared and have a plan ready for when it happens. The good thing is that stores can't close overnight, so even if you're not a full-timer and you won't get severance, you can look forward to a... —  read more 

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Shame on this company!

It’s not that I lived a life of luxury with the money earned working as a delivery worker at Albertsons, but that job meant a lot to me and I was ruined by the news that I was no longer needed. Replacing us with gig and contract workers only shows... —  read more 

Albertsons layoffs

Well looks like Albertsons will be laying off soon. The company will transition to auto selection in the distribution centers in California. F--- these guys. Gave 20 years of my life to these a--holes. It’s all about $$$$ not the people. Don’t... —  read more 

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...I wake up, sleepily make my way to the bathroom, turn the shower on and literally spin right round to vomit in the toilet. I hurl while the shower water is warming and then I’m hit with gut crushing dry heaves as the bathroom fills with steam... —  read more 

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Huge layoff coming

Albertsons doesn't care for their former Safeway employees! It's so sad! There is a planned huge layoff coming up after or before the Holidays! That's why they hired new security guards who stand in front of the doors when you walk into the front... —  read more 

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Failed merger?

Anybody has any ideas how will the failed merger between Albertsons and Rite Aid affect everybody? I'm personally hoping for the best, as we know there would have been layoffs on both sides had the acquisition gone through, but now I'm fearing the... —  read more 

Speaking of IT at Albertsons

I wrote a phone app that communicates with Albertsons computers. That's no big deal. What is a big deal is that part of the http headers from the development servers is showing up on the regular sites http headers. What this means is that my PC can... —  read more 

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2017-Southern Division

Update A lot going on in Texas, Safeway store directors, office staff, ops continue to disappear. Turnover is worse now and we thought it couldn't get worse. Albertsons banner stores have significantly more labor than the Tom Thumb and market street... —  read more 

IT Investment?

IT investment? Are you kidding me? They are cutting budgets in the IT left and right. It's 'keep the wheels on' philosophy only, they think that cutting IT resources and laying them off brings huge savings. We'll see what happens in 5 years from now... —  read more 

The new combined company is succeeding. The two teams have integrated well, and are working thru the issues....

Good News: All the insane things Safeway had store managers due that didn't matter to customers, employees, or the business have gone away. The new company is making good decisions. Need to continue daily out of stock scans, to reduce out of stocks... —  read more 

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