Topics regarding layoffs at Giant Eagle

Topics regarding layoffs at Giant Eagle

Terribly understaffed

I don’t know what's worse, working while terribly understaffed, or the humiliation caused by the fact that Giant Eagle doesn’t even recognize that we’re understaffed all while relentlessly squeezing us to exhaustion!? They want us to work more... —  read more 

Just leave

You have no reason to still be working at Giant Eagle. Once I decided to leave, it took me all of two weeks to find a new and better job! It's good out there right now. It's really good. I know many may be scared to leave but you have no reason! At... —  read more 

Any word on layoffs?

Since it is very clear to me that employees are the ones who suffer because of bad decisions and bad management, I wonder how far we are from significant cuts? Does anyone have any info?

So stressful

The holiday season has always been stressful here. I am getting older so I have less and less patience for this company, I am less and less motivated, but I would still say that this holiday season is more stressful than ever. What do you think?

Christmas Parties!?

I was talking to a friend who had the pleasure (sarcasm) of working a venue that hosted the Giant Eagle & San Francisco team for a Christmas Party. No big deal except that 1) they flew them all across the country to attend when company travel is... —  read more 


Not layoff related, but the VOG survey is the biggest piece of sh-t in the history of this company. We can’t get certain products in, but yet they still include the metric of “Availability of Products” as a component of the Retail Index. Really? ... —  read more 

What do you do?

At my location many employees keep making the same mistakes all the time but management doesn’t seem to care. We’ve all given feedback but what do you do when that feedback always gets ignored? I personally have even reached out to a coworker about... —  read more 

There’s a limit

Management gets upset with me all the time because I’m not ki----g myself to get as much work done as they want me too. I’ve been there and done that. Went out of my way on a daily basis and for what? No thanks were given other than “I need you to... —  read more 

Vaccine Post Deleted!?

WHY was my vaccine post deleted? I had a legitimate question about some employees being required to fill out a vaccine attestation form. What is Giant Eagle hiding/planning? You want to get vaccinated, by all means do it. Don't you dare try to... —  read more 

In spite of everything

I still enjoy my job and we have some loyal customers that I know by name. They tend to make my shift go by quicker and my coworkers and I get along great. The biggest thing I hate is the way management treats us. I know it’s not the best company to... —  read more 

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