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COVID-19 Response Giant Eagle

Well I was just notified when I came into work that someone tested positive for COVID-19 at the store I work at and all employees have to get a temperature test before working for a few weeks. Mind you, they did not close the store for sanitation and... —  read more 

Closing of Corporate Offices

Can anyone explain, why exactly, the company has just spent nearly 4m dollars developing this “world class tech annex” to draw Silicon Valley gurus to Giant Eagle yet announce the closing of multiple corporate office buildings indefinitely?... —  read more 

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Cityview Closing Permanently

Like it was previously mentioned, now that the Cityview Giant Eagle in Garfield Heights OH is “temporarily” closing for a Curbside pickup location, it will NEVER reopen! They are shipping out product that has absolutely NO expiration date... —  read more 

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Coronavirus Response

I have to say Giant Eagle's response to its "Team Members" has been horrible. They are yet to do anything for the Team Members working in the stores. If you ask about a Team Member getting sick from the virus and having to miss work they are told... —  read more 

Vice President __________

What’s next on the laundry list of newly promoted/hired Vice Presidents? We attend meetings all the time where operations keeps telling us to NOT get wrapped up in all the VP’s we keep hiring and focus on “running great stores”. How can we “run great... —  read more 

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Bloomfield + Store closings

I used to work for GE in Cleveland in a leadership role several years ago and have close contacts still. 1) Giant eagle has bought Shur Save/IGA in Bloomfield 2) 2-3 stores will be closing in Pittsburgh, while keeping the pharmacies open.

Giant Eagle Store Managers

Please give some basic people skills and anger management training to Giant Eagle Store Managers. It's needed. This employee group needs a serious intervention. I've worked for competitors and I can compare Giant Eagle Store Managers with other Store... —  read more 

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GE has gone downhill!!

I work at one of the Ohio stores and it's going downhill fast. Giant Eagle does not care about their employees at all!! They just found out a way to cut more hours by giving the cash office jobs to the coordinators and self checkout workers. They... —  read more 

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Posts disappear!

What happened to this site?? It wasn’t censored in the past and now all the sudden they are erasing posts that don’t violate anyone’s privacy! I posted only first names about public figures in the company, specifically only the CEO and GM of GetGo... —  read more 

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A bunch of Bs from the Company

G.E. in Salem Va just laid off 42 production workers The company is now asking people to work 10 hours a day 7 days a week Where did all of this work suddenly come from There has been no positive news coming from the company So someone please explain... —  read more 

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