Topics regarding layoffs at Giant Eagle

Topics regarding layoffs at Giant Eagle

Bully in L&D strikes again

Another person left the L&D team, no I mean they left the bully in L&D. ANOTHER PERSON left...the same L&D VP. According to my count, that's at least 6 people who directly reported to that person who left. Will anything ever be... —  read more 

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Morale at an all-time low

Reports from inside corporate state that morale is at its lowest point ever. The rise of Indian staffing, the random firing of long term local employees, completely misguided technology direction, delusions of grandeur in the executive team. Leave... —  read more 

Take the buyout

My friends, I voluntarily left GE in 2019 after 22 years of service. I’m in my early 40’s and I honestly have to tell you it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m so much happier, my stress is so much lower, my paycheck so much higher, etc. I truly... —  read more 


It's interesting that the CPO who heads up HR is someone who clearly has favorites when that's the dept and the leader who should be the one to model fair practices. I guess that doesn't apply to the CPO. Maybe that's because the CPO won't be here... —  read more 

Cheaper workforce

I understand why they want a cheaper workforce. What is not quite clear is how they think that a cheaper workforce will fix the problems that this company has? I wouldn't want to disparage anyone or sound rude, but I think that such decisions can... —  read more 

Does Anyone Know………

Does anyone know if Giant Eagle corporate employees are currently back working in the office or are they still working from home? I currently work in a retail location as a salary leader and the price of gas is ki----g me. If corporate employees are... —  read more 

Terribly understaffed

I don’t know what's worse, working while terribly understaffed, or the humiliation caused by the fact that Giant Eagle doesn’t even recognize that we’re understaffed all while relentlessly squeezing us to exhaustion!? They want us to work more... —  read more 

Just leave

You have no reason to still be working at Giant Eagle. Once I decided to leave, it took me all of two weeks to find a new and better job! It's good out there right now. It's really good. I know many may be scared to leave but you have no reason! At... —  read more 

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