Topics regarding layoffs at Giant Eagle

Topics regarding layoffs at Giant Eagle

Can layoffs be avoided?

Or at least, could their numbers be reduced? Unfortunately, either this company doesn’t care at all about the number of people losing their jobs or it doesn’t have any acceptable solution to at least reduce the number of layoffs. Basically, the... —  read more 

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This makes me wonder

I left a year ago and I’m currently happily employed. I ran into my older manager and he asked if I or anyone I knew needed a job. I politely declined and told him most of the people I know are already employed. When I was there staffing seemed to be... —  read more 

Cutting hours

Is it normal for someone to cut the hours from 40 to 14 in one week? I thought something like this could only happen to me, but now I see that there were more people to whom it happened. I don't intend to stay here for a minute longer than I have... —  read more 

My store is a mess

I don't know what happened in the last year but my store has turned into a huge mess. Things that used to be wrapped up within an hour now take two, new hires are not even pretending to work or trying to learn anything, and most of them are gone... —  read more 

Major trust issue

I hate how my manager talks out of both sides of her mouth. She’s always talking sweet to employees to their face, but the minute they are out of ear shot all she does is complain about what a “terrible” employee so and so is, and how such and such... —  read more 

Giant Eagle Opens in India

Just saw this post from Giant Eagle. WTF? Open an office in India. I thought San Francisco was bad enough. Watch the video. I wanted to throw up. This company is losing great people and crapping on everyone else…but hey let’s open an office in... —  read more 

Point of no return

GE is a truly horrible employer. Loyalty means absolutely nothing to this cr---y company. Management finds ways to mess with their employees that eventually forces them to leave. I’ve taken over a year of being screwed around with and I finally... —  read more 

Major Giant Eagle news

Giant Iggle is making a major expansion in Northeast Ohio. All Dave's, Beuhler's and unbuilt Meijer stores are being acquired by the Big Bird. This will greatly stop the Meijer attempt at shaking up the Northeast Ohio supermarket plate. Giant Eagle... —  read more 

This needs to stop

Did anybody else notice that managers have gone from bad to worse in the past ten months? It feels like they're taking advantage of the situation since they know the economy is in the c-apper and none of us would dare leave right now, no matter how... —  read more 

Lack of training

When I first came to this company I thought I would get enough time and training to learn to do my job well. However, none of that. I barely fit into the new work environment because I didn’t have enough experience. When I think about my first few... —  read more 

Happy holidays and a safe new year

It’s been almost a year since I left Giant Eagle. I just wanted to wish my friends and former coworkers a great holiday season and an even better year to come. Don’t let the politics of the company weigh you down. Take the time in the following weeks... —  read more 

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Strike Notice!

Nobody’s going to discuss the MAJOR Teamsters 507 contract negotiations that are failing in talks as we speak?? Not even one mention about the strike notice effecting all the Ohio stores in a dramatic way just before the holidays? Oh, that’s... —  read more 

New perks s---s

The new perks program is horrible. Typical giant eagle taking money away from customers and acting like it's a good thing. Supposed to be exciting for team members???? Sure. Customers already hate it.

Half shift

Knowing we are going to be open for Thanksgiving comes as no surprise to most of us. A friend of mine is also required to work Thanksgiving with her company, but they are doing half shifts. That way everyone has to work yet still have time to spend... —  read more 

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