Topics regarding layoffs at Giant Eagle

Topics regarding layoffs at Giant Eagle

I tried...

I finally got my opportunity of a lifetime, moving up from part-time employee to full-time employee assistant manager. I was so excited, I had a really good interview however when I got the offer back I was disappointed. It would only be a raise of... —  read more 

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HR is a mess!

While it's great that the new CEO is someone who has worked for the company his entire life, why won't he change the toxic leadership in HR? And he knows how bad they are because multiple people have gone to him to tell him. I realize that the... —  read more 

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Why do they even make this comment?

Why do higher ups, Getgo district leaders etc visit stores during the Christmas holidays and they always say “I hope you get some time off during the holiday”. Are they that stupid not to realize I’ll be working Christmas Eve. I’ll be doing a shift... —  read more 

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Rumors of more cuts

I've been hearing too many rumors of more cuts coming our way for it to be ignored. Be smart and prepare as best as you can (spruce up your resume, start networking, minimize your spending...) I truly hope I'm wrong about this, but it's still better... —  read more 

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Alpha II As-Is

Looks like Laura Carrot's hubby is not going to make as much money on Alpha II as he used to.

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HR is a mess

Did I read in another comment that CPO JL is about to leave? Can't be soon enough. What she and her bestie from Canada (or is it Australia?) has done is disgusting. Working in HR is not the same anymore and it's sad. Just hoping I can wait it out... —  read more 

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New Office Location?

How did everyone feel about the comment in the meeting today about the return to office / hybrid plan to a new corporate office that doesn't exist yet?

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Bully in L&D strikes again

Another person left the L&D team, no I mean they left the bully in L&D. ANOTHER PERSON left...the same L&D VP. According to my count, that's at least 6 people who directly reported to that person who left. Will anything ever be... —  read more 

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Will Price Lock Save Giant Eagle?

Heck no. It is nothing more then a smoke screen. Even with the “So Called” price drops the prices are still higher at Giant Eagle. If you haven’t tried a competitor I recommend you do. You will be amazed at the price difference.

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What's Going on w/Your Prices?

I see someone posted about this below, but as someone who does NOT work for the company (rather another Pgh based company on this site) thought I'd jump over here to ask what's up with your prices? I always knew Giant Eagle wasn't cheap but I can't... —  read more 

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Offensively Expensive Prices

Who is responsible for pricing at Giant Eagle? I understand costs have gone up but GE is over priced on everything! I can't defend the pricing when customers comment & I will not longer be shopping here. The levels that they are price gouging is... —  read more 

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We have no shortage of VPs

Or at least, so far I haven't heard any rational explanation why this place needs such an excessive number of VPs. Can anyone give such an explanation?

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Morale at an all-time low

Reports from inside corporate state that morale is at its lowest point ever. The rise of Indian staffing, the random firing of long term local employees, completely misguided technology direction, delusions of grandeur in the executive team. Leave... —  read more 

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Take the buyout

My friends, I voluntarily left GE in 2019 after 22 years of service. I’m in my early 40’s and I honestly have to tell you it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m so much happier, my stress is so much lower, my paycheck so much higher, etc. I truly... —  read more 

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CRAZY!! New Salary Leaders Are Being Hired Off The Street And Getting Paid More Then Current Salary Leaders

What a shame. Giant Eagle/Getgo is so desperate to fill salary leader positions they are paying new hire more money then what current and long time salary employees are being paid. How horrible that is. The company once again treats the current and... —  read more 

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It's interesting that the CPO who heads up HR is someone who clearly has favorites when that's the dept and the leader who should be the one to model fair practices. I guess that doesn't apply to the CPO. Maybe that's because the CPO won't be here... —  read more 

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Cheaper workforce

I understand why they want a cheaper workforce. What is not quite clear is how they think that a cheaper workforce will fix the problems that this company has? I wouldn't want to disparage anyone or sound rude, but I think that such decisions can... —  read more 

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Leadership does not think long term

If this leadership had any long term plans, the atmosphere here would be very different. Maybe I'm wrong, but they seem to have absolutely no vision for this company? Sometimes I think that we, the employees, care more about the future of the... —  read more 

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