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Giant Eagle Store Managers

Please give some basic people skills and anger management training to Giant Eagle Store Managers. It's needed. This employee group needs a serious intervention. I've worked for competitors and I can compare Giant Eagle Store Managers with other Store... read more

Unethical behavior by managers

Every year, we have to watch the Ethics video narrated by our CEO. Unfortunately, some members of management don't abide by these rules. Once you get in the "good old boys club" you have it made. Some of the perks you get consist of "free" PTO to go... read more

GE has gone downhill!!

I work at one of the Ohio stores and it's going downhill fast. Giant Eagle does not care about their employees at all!! They just found out a way to cut more hours by giving the cash office jobs to the coordinators and self checkout workers. They... read more

Cityview Garfield Heights Closing

Anyone know exactly when the store is closing? I heard the ELT discussing its closing but they need to find a relocation property prior to making the announcement.

Posts disappear!

What happened to this site?? It wasn’t censored in the past and now all the sudden they are erasing posts that don’t violate anyone’s privacy! I posted only first names about public figures in the company, specifically only the CEO and GM of GetGo... read more

Nothing personal

Missing a great roast. I suppose this site does not allow any personal insults. Oh well.
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Isn’t anyone gonna talk about the new “labor model” coming soon called “the soup”??? Aaaaaaand go!

A bunch of Bs from the Company

G.E. in Salem Va just laid off 42 production workers The company is now asking people to work 10 hours a day 7 days a week Where did all of this work suddenly come from There has been no positive news coming from the company So someone please explain... read more

Values only the chosen few employees

For the most part I actually enjoy working at Giant Eagle. We have decent benefits, flexibility, and most people I work with are some of the best folks I've met in my life. But the management's treatment of employees ruins most of that any day. There... read more

really low morale...

not sure if this is only my store, but morale has hit an all time low... it's not surprising considering giant eagle only cares about higher ups and not its people... they'd pay us at least a little better if they did... and maybe gave us better... read more

More work, same pay

I'm getting really tired of being given more and more work and responsibilities for the same pay. We are sometimes doing the work of three or four people, not sure how long we can last like this! I'm not surprised people are quitting or simply not... read more

something to look into...

GE has been doing some shady things when it comes to their financials. They will claim and post hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of credits ( money that other businesses owe them) but never receive the money. But it still goes on their balance... read more

How bad are things in Columbus?

It's got the most competition so I figure it's not good. I thought it was pretty ominous when I saw that they redid their referral program and now you get $100 if someone stays on the job for 6 months, but in Columbus you get $500. They must be... read more
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Town Hall Meeting

What an awe inspiring and energizing Town Hall Meeting last week. Can you feel the synergy?
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FuelPerks Plus in Columbus

They just launched FuelPerks Plus in Columbus and it'll be rolled out in other markets soon, so expect a big turnaround soon. Come on, we all know the deal. Everyone who currently works for Giant Eagle should be actively looking for new employment... read more

When will enough be enough?

They have been cutting hours at my store too and were one of the busier stores.They used to post daily managers meeting notes now they only post notes when sales are down and they want to justify cutting hours and running bare bones crews Same here... read more

Giant Eagle no longer posts sales results

One thing I noticed too is that around 2012/2013, they stopped posting how much money in sales each store was making in the district too. They had revenue figures from each store on it, plus where they ranked in sales. They're probably too... read more

Micromanaging is a warning sign

They're also micromanaging everything too to a tee. That's bad when they even freak out about the amount of bags being used by the cashiers acting like the bags alone will bankrupt the store. The shoplifting is worth more than the box of bags they... read more

It might be going under!

I would give this company another 3-5 years before it goes belly up at least in the Northeast Ohio area. Day by day, the stores begin to look like how Tops looked like towards the end when they went bust and bankrupt. Something is wrong when you go... read more

Have some dignity

This company no longer cares about their employees. They don't pay enough for what they expect out of you and job stability is not there. Employees are constantly being let go because of positions being eliminated. Absolutely no communication with... read more

Loyalty only goes so far

Hey look, I work at giant eagle corporate. I shop mostly at Aldi's and wal-mart. I won't apologize for it either. Loyalty only goes so far. You can't beat the prices. It is what it is. Giant Eagle is way too expensive. I guess the Shapiro's and their... read more

"Debbie Downers" this post is for YOU!

The following "Rant" and guidance is intended to insult the "Please Come Buy Giant Eagle" party goers , and is NOT intended to insult those who are smart enough to know how asinine this theory really is! To begin, I'll be the first to admit... read more
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Sharks are circling GE really lowering prices? GE follow and drop eggs 21%?
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Suing our own. What is next?

Now the company is suing their own over part/full time status. Guess the thinking might be that any free publicity is always good publicity.
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Do we think the senior management team will ever get their act together on tackling how much product walks out of our doors? I see someone from LP once in a blue moon it seems, but the store's shrink is sky high. I had heard they hit them with... read more

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