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Tell me about your Union (Whole Foods Market TM)

So creating a union or joining one has been a hot topic as of late at Whole Foods Market. I'm just curious about your starting pay, benefits, job security, growth opportunities and overall morale at work. Also, how much do you pay in union dues. Thank you in advance for sharing.

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Don't let people dissuade you from trying to organizing...

The road to getting a union at your place of employment is not an easy one. The company will intimidate you at every step...beware of "rats"..fellow workers who spy on your progress..

The company will make hollow promisses to the workers when it seems a pro union vote is immiment...higher wages,more vacation time, longer breaks etc.When all this fails.....

Then finally the company will show up with trucks with sheets of plywood saying they are going to board the place's all b.s.

Once you vote to go union you still have to negotiate a contract with the company...if they refuse a federal mediator will be called in to referee and arbitrate with both parties.

As you can see the road can be long but the benefits reaped will give you and your family a higher standard of living...Good Luck!

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Get into a Union ASAP! Better pay and health insurance is well worth the monthly dues rate. Its up to the workers collectively, to make your Union work for you! Get involved and stay involved. Do not let a Union rep. slack. It's not up to Amazon to unionize, press on!

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Teamsters union is a joke . no pension no job protection. Supervalu got our union by the balls, ive never seen em save a good worker but always manage to get the laziest bum out of trouble. You pay twice your hourly rate the first of the month for dues and they do nothing just pretend to protect you from a shady lawless company that's out to get every gw.

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Amazon nazi's will never let that happen you better move on and worry about something else

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