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Loyd King had built and family and customer friendly stores when Kroger took over they put so much pressure on the employees that they could no long help each other they created dog eat dog environment. They waste money on new programs and remodeling the stores which just piss off the guest when they move items all around so they have to relearn there favorite store also the people they hired to remodel their stores waste money and do a terrible job ex: they painted walls with office furniture in the way so they painted around it and now that the job is done the furniture has been moved so the wall shows where they missed the phone system is a joke outdated and is broken half the time ,and why should you work your way up the ladder Just so they can fire you to hirer cheeped labor. Your job performance is not important just if you make a wage that is hirer then someone off the street. You are laid off or fired so they can move a employee who had put in the hard word you pull the rug out from under you and give your job away to a new employee they can pay less to.

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