Topics regarding layoffs at Fry's Food

Topics regarding layoffs at Fry's Food

Shame on Kroger/Fry’s

The impact that this move by Kroger/Frys is absolutely disgusting and disturbing, affecting the livelihood of so many. Kroger/Frys is clearly more concerned with satisfying the needs of major shareholders rather than supporting their very own. Being... —  read more 

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Severance Plan

Hi all, I just received the bad news today. Unfortunately, I was one of the many people who got laid off at Fry’s Food after 14 years of service. Who else received a severance plan? Does this kick in at the end of the month for us?

Cuts / Arizona

Cuts started yesterday here In Arizona. My Fry’s manager called to meeting with other managers and terminated. My grocery manager and HR guy have to go to meeting today.

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Tuesday the 8th Layoffs

Lay offs will be done Tuesday the 8th through Thursday the 10th. Managers were given a list on the time they are suppose to be at there 15 minute meeting to find out their fate.. sad how the company went about this. *If the layoffs really... —  read more 

Most Co managers s---

Out of the 3 co managers in each store, 2 of them are id–ts and a waste of salary. Get rid of the dumb dumbs who can’t effectively help the store. Coordinators? What do they even do anymore, they average 500-1000 dollars each month, and are... —  read more 

Who is going to go

So who is suppose to be getting phone calls.. I have dealt with Fry's a lot and the story seems to repeat itself. The Directors seem to stay up in their offices..except for daily store walks with their forms and their 9:30 team huddles.. While the... —  read more 

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