Topics regarding layoffs at Meijer

Topics regarding layoffs at Meijer

Still feeling betrayed

It's been over two months since I've been laid off by Meijer and I'm still feeling betrayed by the company. Nearly fifteen years of service and spotless record meant nothing. To add salt to injury, my former coworkers told me they promoted somebody... —  read more 

so many issues with scheduling

we have so few people scheduled that nobody is available when a customer needs a price check on the item. that does not make for a happy and satisfied customer. it's also completely irregular and unpredictable. often times you'll end up getting hours... —  read more 

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Overloaded with work

I really wish the director and line leads would stop overloading us with work that can't be possible finished in our allotted time. Not sure if they don't know or don't care how the work is actually done. They just set up impossible tasks. Even if... —  read more 

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Shame on our Leadership

IBM offer to people , that is just for fooling anyone ..IBM doesn’t need so many people for cloud is just for media ... Meijer has become a Joke company to work for . Capgemini and Indian companies are laughing at Meijer corporate . Top level... —  read more 

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Can we finally relax?

We've had consistent layoffs for two weeks now. Do we know if Meijer is finally done? It'd be nice if we were able to finally relax a little bit, and not have to continuously worry about our jobs being in danger. Sometimes I think it'd be better if... —  read more 

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Meijer Layoffs

Meijer has not been a family company for years. Back in 2001 & 2003, hundreds of workers from the corporate office, including many ITS, were let go. The Walmart Supercenter onslaught never happened and outside contracting for some functions didn't... —  read more 

IT Layoffs at Meijer

I am not sure why nobody references IT layoffs at Meijer when all other companies have thriving boards on this site. The layoffs are happening and it's not a secret, yet people are afraid about future and even if you think your team is safe you... —  read more 

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