Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Dirty stores

The stores in our area, including the one that I work at are so dirty, unsanitary, and understaffed. Being a manager at the store, I spend maybe 5 percent of the time actually managing and 95 percent of the time checking or home shopping. I refuse to... —  read more 

Des Moines area

Did anyone see the article about the downtown store? 3rd remodel, I love how they spin stuff, Healthmarket, everyone hates the idea in the comments, I think the Des monies area is starting to figure out why everyone is hating hy-vee!

You get what you pay for

Funny thing happened to me today. I was called into the office to have a 1 on 1 and asked if there was anything going on in my personal life that I wanted to talk about. Being a bit confused I asked him to elaborate. Apparently the level of my... —  read more 

Wage Reviews?

You are supposedly getting wage reviews in August. This company struggles to find new help and finally realizes they are behind thier competitors in paying wages. In other words we've been screwing you, the employees, for years because we're greedy... —  read more 

A good manager:

Will hire quality people while trying to build a cohesive team. A good manager should be able to give positive reinforcement while pinpointing weaknesses and provide ways of improvement. A good manager is able to follow through on assignments given... —  read more 

Store managers

Store managers will treat their employees like garbage, work you until you die young. There are no raises for salary or hourly employees. Go work elsewhere. One store hired someone with no Hy-Vee experience and gave them a super higher up position... —  read more 

So damn glad I’m gone

I left at the beginning of the year and here’s what I can tell you about my experience there towards the end of my employment. It felt like I was married to an abusive spouse who kept telling me I’d never have it as good with someone else. No matter... —  read more 

Early retirement question

My biggest wish is to be able to retire earlier because the situation has become unbearable, especially for older people like me. I hear that many have managed to retire earlier, but I wonder how much more reduced benefits will I receive? Are the... —  read more 

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Treat PT Like c--p

I know PT employees who work more than FT and are treated like c––p. They can't give PT FT status due to hours need cut but they can hire 37 new PT in one week.

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Starting Pay.

Our CEO says it's important to compete with Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart. He wants to be the best place to work in America. The above mentioned companies starting pay is 15 dollars an hour. How about paying us like them if you want to compete with... —  read more 

Underline tone is toxic

Most stores ive been at the tone of the store has been toxic. They say one thing but act totally different towards employees, there's no training with any of the management systems or RPM , The new rollout for new systems are frustrating and there's... —  read more 

Its been a year now

Its been a year now. After getting laid off from hy-vee. After 23 years of service. I ended up finding a better job as a store manager. Have to say wish i would have left 5 years ago. Its feels good go to work without getting threatened to get... —  read more 

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How bad is attrition?

I work for another grocery chain and have been thinking of leaving. The attrition rate we have is astronomical due to toxic work environment, sparse pay, employee engagement and other things. Does this company also have high attrition? Can anyone... —  read more 

So much hate

I see so much hate for the company here and it saddens me. Hy-Vee is not perfect, but it's not as bad as some people make it seem to be. I enjoy what I do and I like (most of) the team I work with. Customers are a pain but that’s the price of being... —  read more 

Christmas Bonus Thank You

Thank You to HY-Vee for the Christmas Bonus this year. The 1 week of free Dental, Vision, Long term and short term disability insurance that totaled about $7 will come in handy this year. Also congrats on a record breaking year in sales.

What would you do?

I am at a complete loss here. I had to deal with an abusive customer and when things didn’t get resolved I had to get my manager involved. It totally threw me off because he threw me under the bus. It didn’t matter to him that the customer was... —  read more 

Thank You

Since many aren't able to attend the service awards dinner due to covid19 Just wanted to say ...Thank you for the gift card ! I will be making a wonderful dinner. My prize is also picked. 👍

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This is bad

It’s pretty bad when Wal-Mart just finished a restructure and pay protected everyone for a year to give them time to find a new position. Never thought they would treat employees better than Hy-Vee, but here we are. In fact from what I’ve heard from... —  read more 

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This is what gets me...

I’ve been with this company for almost 15 years and it has very seldom disappointed me. However, this last year has completely changed that. I’ve seen good, hardworking coworkers being laid off, and extra work loads assigned during the aftermath... —  read more 

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