Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Nobody is happy here

I deal with HyVee's on a weekly basis and I can tell you this, out of the 24 stores I call on, there is not 1 happy employee. Not one and this is no exaggeration. People are quitting left and right and they have no one to fill their shoes. It's... —  read more 

Hear is what I am hearing

Randy is stepping away from CEO He will still be chairman, until he appoints the new chairman. He’s going to be working in Nashville and Indy and only in Des Moines office one week out of the month. Aaron Wiese taking over as CEO in October Jeremy... —  read more 

Hyvee layoffs

I will not shop at this store anymore one of my best friends was let go after 25 years of service . Where is that companies loyalty for employees like that. Why is Greed such a part of human society anymore. Shame on you Hy -Vee I always thought... —  read more 

Big news coming?

First off I am not we’ll connected by any means. With that said I am hearing that they are dropping some big news in the next several weeks. I am not sure what, if anything at all. Has anyone else heard anything like this?

New a-s-clown

We have a new a-s-clown that recently laid off all of contractors is working on bringing in off-shore resources to replace the contactors and fill all the empty positions. It blows my mind, hyvee doesn't have great benefits or pay, I can't imagine... —  read more 

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Work health Randy!

Why aren't cashier's allowed to sit? The German competition Aldi's allows them to sit. If a cashier or customers service employee leans on a counter, a Manager "Of" yells at them. Working in a standing position on a regular basis can cause sore... —  read more 

I Urge You to Read This

Please read to see what outside professional s think about Hy-Vee's recent corporate behavior.

Deli Meats

Why is HyVee doing away with all the sliced deli meats now? Why are they getting rid of things that actually sell? Makes zero sense but then again Randy is in charge.

Complaining is in vain

Venting is OK, but it makes no sense to spend too much energy on complaining. HyVee doesn’t care about our complaints at all nor do they care what we think. How much effort do you put into looking for another job? The company will eventually... —  read more 

We Need a Wage Increase

A 3 percent increase is not enough when inflation is 8 percent. Do the math. We are hurting as employees. Most of us are paycheck to paycheck. We can't even afford to shop our own stores. Aldi and Walmart are getting my grocery dollars. I wish we... —  read more 

Ways some stores can survive

I think there must be some way for the stores that are still operating to survive and not experience a closure. A true leader would fight for it. Perhaps someone has an idea how stores in poor condition could survive in the future?

My store is awful

I think it can hardly be any worse. I guess according to the rules of this site it is forbidden to give out any identifiable information, but I am really interested in how many hyvee stores are actually doing well. Without revealing the... —  read more 

Indy Car Results

Explain to me how anyone at Hy-Vee thinks this is actually a good sponsorship for the company. RLL racing is not a good organization. The 45 car hasn’t finished in the top 3rd of race results with Harvey. The Indy market isn’t getting a Hy-Vee for... —  read more 

What is the end result?

Hy-Vee really preparing for the future? Being bought out? Going out of business? When will they squash the rumors? Or will they? Curious on the end result of when and what happens to all the employees… Best ideas?

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