Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

When will it be enough?

How many more of these announcements do we have to look forward to before the leadership decides it's enough? Living and working surrounded by uncertainty is not healthy! We're in this mess because of the decisions made by those on top and we're the... —  read more 

More layoffs announced

Hy-Vee announces another round of layoffs The Iowa grocer announced Friday that another 57 positions have been eliminated. The most recent layoffs came from the IT, engineering, equipment, real estate, and construction departments. There have... —  read more 

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Novel idea

Here's a novel idea for HyVee...hire an outside company to do an employee survey. It would shed some light on what's really going on in their business. I know this would never happen as Randy has too big of an ego to do this. Plus, they would hate... —  read more 

Current management

I don’t know if there is anyone who hasn’t lost faith in our current management. The difference between current management and the one prior to current CEO is really huge and I mean that in a negative sense. I think everyone agrees?


I’m an outsider that works with Hy-Vee, always enjoyed them and hate to see this happen. Things now seem to be getting worse. How bad are the store financials? Are sales down? Foot traffic down? I’m not surprised at the random spending stuff that is... —  read more 


DVP's are being demoted to District Store Directors...DSD's are being demoted to store managers...its like Black Wednesday all over again. Randy's latest message was there are 1000 jobs open at retail. They are holding a job fair at the corporate... —  read more 


Here comes round 2 of the recent layoffs, yet we have store managers, and other salary people who sit in the office ALL DAY LONG and look at cameras, glad we are paying store managers 100+K to SIT DOWN and watch us like hawks…

More Layoffs

I heard something about a career fair for retail, all corporate employees being highly encouraged to attend, and 500 more positions being cut at corporate starting today. Anyone on here impacted?

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