Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Debt load

Anyone know HyVee's debt load? That's how you'll be able to tell if they are moving South. Gotta think it's pretty high, considering they have to pay their share holders a 15% annual return.

“Hy-Vee Perks” Launch

Nobody cares that it’s Free and easy… It’s honestly a hassle for everyone, why couldn’t corporate come out with a better plan to switch people over instead of throwing every store and employee under the bus like they always do, I tell you what, us... —  read more 

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Time for a union

UAW is making major gains with the big 3 automakers. UPS workers won an amazing contract. Maybe it is time we unionize and start demanding a real share of the profits, not just the scraps they give us in bonus checks after the the executive suite... —  read more 

Congratulations Hyvee

We have gone a whole year without having to layoff employees. Looks like thing are turning around. Profit are at an all time high as well as employee morale! We keep this moment going and 2024 will be our best year ever. I’m so blessed to be part... —  read more 

July numbers

I wonder how corporate will react if the July numbers are terrible especially with the indy car race coming up this weekend. At the store I work at there slashing labor faster than a ship sinking in the ocean.

2 new stores

Does anyone know how the 2 new huge stores are doing, Green Bay and Gretna? I'd be interested to know how the staffing is going. I know that good help is hard to find and HyVee is not known to pay for good help.

Store conditions

I left HyVee a 18 months ago and hasn’t be inside one since. Last weekend I was at a HyVee store in Omaha. The store was totally trashed. There was trash all over the the floor throughout the store. The merchandise was terrible. I see that basin must... —  read more 

Career advice.

Does anyone think it’s a good idea to make HyVee a career? Ive met a lot of great and smart employees wasting their time at HyVee. A lot of employees have degrees. I’ve seen people work their butts off to make it to director over the last 15 years... —  read more 

Is this true?

By the way HyVee’s warehouse charges to much. It’s a sad thing when it cheaper for the stores to buy product from an outside vendor than it’s own warehouse. Can anyone tell me why? ??? It's hard to believe something like this is true. If this is... —  read more 

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