Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Store conditions

I left HyVee a 18 months ago and hasn’t be inside one since. Last weekend I was at a HyVee store in Omaha. The store was totally trashed. There was trash all over the the floor throughout the store. The merchandise was terrible. I see that basin must... —  read more 

Career advice.

Does anyone think it’s a good idea to make HyVee a career? Ive met a lot of great and smart employees wasting their time at HyVee. A lot of employees have degrees. I’ve seen people work their butts off to make it to director over the last 15 years... —  read more 

Sinking ship

It's sad how this company is sinking. Maybe there is no way to stop it, but I believe there are still ways that leadership could at least slow down that sinking?

Is this true?

By the way HyVee’s warehouse charges to much. It’s a sad thing when it cheaper for the stores to buy product from an outside vendor than it’s own warehouse. Can anyone tell me why? ??? It's hard to believe something like this is true. If this is... —  read more 

HyVee jobs

HyVee used to be a place where people wanted to work. Department managers were respected and knew the industry. They cared. Not so much anymore. Department managers now are young people that really don't care if their department makes a profit... —  read more 

HyVee has lost its identity

HyVee has failed the last ten years! You ask why? Because HyVee has spent the last decade trying not to be a grocery store. They spent all of their efforts on bad ideas that never really had a return on investments. That’s why HyVee is in such bad... —  read more 

Too big to fail?

I find it curious to constantly hear people say that Hy vee is too big to fail. Is it really so, or is it just people trying to find an excuse for not putting enough effort into looking for something new? Too big to fail is the lamest argument... —  read more 

Leadership is still lost

Well great news is HyVee employee discount is back! I’m glad to see that HyVees new ceo and staff still doesn’t know how to lead a company. I was so excited for Jeremy Gosch to take over for randy but it has turned out that Jeremy Gosch is a mini... —  read more 

The problem with HyVee.

The problem with HyVee is the corporate Vice Presidents and above is feel like HyVee is too big to fail. They act like they don’t have to answer to anyone. They act like they are invincible and nothing can hurt them. The truth is that kind of mind... —  read more 

Husqvarna power washer

HyVee is a grocery store why are they trying to sell power washers. They have truly lost their minds. Who was the di----t that thought this was a good idea. Let me guess it was some GM Vice President. Somebody needs to check the GM management team... —  read more 

Lost trust

If I ever trusted the company's leadership to begin with, I definitely don't trust them anymore. I think that most will agree that they don't know what they are doing!?

Why lie?

Georgia, why lie? You said that you monitor the discount transactions and can point out fraud when it happens? Why punish the honest, hardworking employees? I have zero respect for this company. Jeremy didn't even have the b@ll$ to show up on... —  read more 

Closing of stores.

Just curious why they don't close underperforming stores. With every big chain I world would think they have stores losing money or barely making anything. Wouldn't it make sense to get rid of them and tighten their belts on the others?


Would anyone be interested in unionizing here in Des Moines? I’m going to reach out to UFCW and plan on starting a discord group if there is a lot of interest. Reply to this post if you are interested so I can get a feel for the... —  read more 

Employee Discount Hack

Former executive staff member here, wanted to let you all know that Walmart gives out an “employee discount” to Hy-Vee employees to the tune of 20-30% and you don’t even have to do anything 😂

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