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Costco lays off employees in Southern Utah.

The sales numbers for the St. George UT. Costco location are down by a large margin! In fact their sales numbers are so far down, that they have laid-off their entire seasonal workforce . Costco management said " we're not sure why we are doing so bad, maybe members are worried about what is going to happen to the economy after the first of the year." The world's second largest retailer laid of 65 plus seasonal employees (just from the one location) for a two week period ending on December 14th, when they will bring people back if sales support the staffing. There have also been warnings extended from management to full time employees regarding the possible need to cut their hours. Currently full time regular employees have been performing menial tasks, such as cleaning and pushing carts around the store replacing returns to the shelves, in an effort to get their hours in. Costco has many safety measure in place to fight the Covid epidemic, but with employees testing positive in various departments, and sales in the toity... Costco seems to be listing and a bit adrift.

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