Topics regarding layoffs at Beaulieu of America Group

Topics regarding layoffs at Beaulieu of America Group

Layoffs are frequent here

Beaulieu works you 60 hours a week for 5 weeks straight then they lay you off for a week and this seems to be the norm! I am talked down to every day I begin my shift by the leads and I will be taking this layoff time to find another job! I would... —  read more 

Bankruptcy Requires Layoffs

I think it will happen soon, we do not know who will be affected by the layoffs but Beaulieu will have to cut payroll very quickly - we'll see what happens. I remember much better days at Beaulieu when we had enough money and when we were growing... —  read more 

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No Layoffs at Beaulieu

I started here at Beaulieu about 20 years ago. I have seen many ups and downs, some struggles, many wins. We are working very hard to improve our company culture and appreciate our team members for the individuals they are and how they help make us a... —  read more 

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