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The worst company I have ever worked for

This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for (I do have quite a bit of experience). The managers treat the staff on the shop floor like PURE trash and have no idea how to manage, mentor, coach their staff, I have been informed this is the 'American way' of running a business and involves openly (hahahaha) telling staff off in front of members and shouting out across the shop floor to other members of staff. Bad, bad, bad... This looks very unclassy and amateurish - poor team members. The pay is terrible and you are constantly made to feel like you can be replaced in a snap. Victimization is common, nit picking and back stabbing are rampant. Costco managers are very fanatical about how they want shopping to be packed, we aren't performing brain surgery, but they seem to think so. A bit more praising staff would go along way, I am not talking here tons of 'good job' messages, a simple thank you would be enough. I am sure that i'm not the only one who thinks that managers at the Watford Costco who eat crisps on the shop floor does not look very professional! 'University of Costco' cracks me up too...

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