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Too much work for too little pay

This is becoming ridiculous. The pay at Family Dollar is ridiculously low for the amount of work we are expected to do, considering that we are always understaffed. Well, let me rephrase that, some of us are expected to do. You have the management favorites who do nothing all day but know there will be no repercussions because somebody hire up has got their back.

You can't run a store like this on as few hours as we get assigned each week. Add to that the constant fear of new store closing announcements, and it makes for a truly stressful work environment. I understand that all retail is currently in crises, but how about we try and address the problem, instead of just cutting hours and pay?

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Unfortunately that's most of retail though. Most of these companies don't care and feel that the store level employee is easily replaceable so no need to do anything to keep them.

The manager's favorite thing is the worst. No one wants to work while someone else is sitting, doing nothing & making the same or more pay.

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addressing the real problem would require using their brains. not something they're used to.

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