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Big Lots is sinking fast

Take it from this DC worker- we have one boss per every worker. The bosses would never dream of working, they are kings and queens on golf carts, which they use to dash as fast and far from physical operations, as the carts will role. The bosses cruise in 30 seconds before the shift starts, fake the huddle meetings, then vanish. All team spirit has evaporated. The merchandise is all Chinese decor-trash, with prices that are laughable.

The average employee is held at distance, never informed about company happenings, never thanked for going the extra mile. There is so little supervision, most workers waste 50 minutes per hour. It is very sad for the dedicated few, to watch it all sink. They'd do better,to listen to advice from low level workers. We know where the money drains are at. We aren't fools. We are dressed scruffy, because we are working in a dusty warehouse. It's not an indication of our intelligence. But we are treated like trash.

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