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I am a more or less a regular customer at the dollar general in N

I am a more or less a regular customer at the dollar general in N. Troy Vermont. There have been many times that I went to the store and saw the manager J. outside smoking, standing around, or talking bad about his employees mainly his assistant. I have always seen the assistant working and helping customers. The manager is often rude and I have seen him give one customer that was ahead of me in line a 50% discount on an item just because she is also a regular yet I had the same item and paid full price. I enjoy going into the store and I very happy with the fact that it came to our small town. The manager should never have been a manager. When he expects more out of his employees then he is willing to do. I have seen the assistant and and few others work for hours by themselves and yet I have never seen the manager work alone. I have also gone in at night and seen the assistant and another young man Kevin I believe and they are cleaning and making the store look good for the morning yet when I go in and the manager is closing he is ok where to be found and nothing has been cleaned. I really think that this store needs a new manager who is willing to work and treat his employees with some respect.

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