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St. Jude Medical Layoffs 2018

I left a few years back right now - but still have good friend over there working, happily - now I am hearing that you may have job cuts in St. Paul.
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St. Jude Medical Layoffs 2017

If you think about things in a rational way (not many people can do that - look at the latest election results), all business problems may lead to job cuts and reductions in St. Paul.

Laid off and loving it!

Best thing that could have happened to me. Laid off by SJM 2 months after they acquired us. My boss and his boss got laid off the same day I did. If that isn't slash and burn I don't know what is. Great severance, I went 5 months without having to... read more
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Another Round of Upcoming Layoffs...

Rumor has it that SJM will, once again, be laying off more people at their implantable medical device facilities including, but not limited to, Sylmar, Sunnyvale, Plano, and even Atlanta (CardioMEMS). I am guessing, as in past layoffs, there will be... read more


There were about 70 employes, VP, Directors, Managers, and operators. Mostly were old-timers. Seniority does not exit in St. Jude, it is only who you know. Most young people leave on their own. It is very sad to be here. Many people wish to be on the... read more

Way to top heavy--a lot of dead weight!!

Is there more layoffs in 2015/2016 ? Seems like there are still a lot of people that don't actually work, haven't contributed, and abuse there freedoms a SJM...from supervisors, eng. techs, engineers, managers, planners and so on... Way to top... read more

Trying to keep a good attitude

The whole situation is unfortunate. the medical device industry is very unique. I am just lucky to be here. It’s a challenge every day. The responsibility on us can be overwhelming. We have to ask ourselves if we would allow this new technology to be... read more

13+ Years and counting

13+ Years and counting I would like to add to “Need to Vent” from Thu 12/10/15 I help design the current Unity Platform some 13 years ago. We were done and then they had a layoff. If you want to look for a signs of a layoff read the QT Conference... read more


About 40 people from Westford was impacted yesterday. Mostly long term employees, managers, engineers and R&D. Does anyone know if there will be more layoffs on this site in 2016 and whether they plan on closing the site down?

Used to be like family.

Have to keep those shareholders happy. Seems like anyone with 15-20 years with the company is getting the axe. The days of the gold watch are long gone. This place has lost its soul and will grind you under its heel if you allow it. The Sylmar... read more


Pickens is a joke. They can't even produce the simplest of products without difficulty. They are plagued by the inability to hire qualified local talent and couple that with a completely inept manufacturing force and you have a recipe for disaster... read more

Need to Vent - 10 Years with SJM

Need to vent a bit so hear me out if you'd like... 10 years with the company... St. Jude Medical is hard to describe it’s certainly a changing landscape... Let me start with Compensation: We went from 5 percent profit sharing, to those stupid $25... read more

STJ Layoffs happening now

350+ people are affected. Thoratec, CardioMems, and NanoStim acquisitions are causing a huge R&D layoff in Plano and other sites.

ST JUDE CUTS in next year (2016)

I am not sure what's gonna happen, I have no magic ball but I know a little bit about whats happening with MediGuide and Nanostim and I'd be careful and I'd have my resume ready - you never know what's gonna hit you when you talk about big... read more

Cardiac Division - Sales Position

The carnage is in process - jobs are being lost and executives keep receiving ever increasing bonuses - Shame on you St. Jude - this used to be a great place to work, people cared about each other, there was a sense of team spirit and common goal -... read more

Sylmar Layoff Numbers

274 people will be let go in the latest round of STJ layoffs. Their last day will be 07/28/14. Good luck to all of those who have lost their positions. I hope that you can find employment elsewhere.
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