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Congrats Glenn T

Congratulations Glen Tullman! A champion of business. He earned more in executing the Livongo buyout than MDRX has cumulative/net since he was forced out? In any event, congratulations if you were still here we'd be in a better place! Cheers!

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7/30 is here!

Have done everything to shore up the stock price to $7.40 to hedge against a sharp decline... good job so far... now have to either announce spinoff of a unit for a healthy amount or spin some message to survive.

July/August Layoffs

Quarterly earnings date is coming, along with the layoffs. In order to compensate the lose income to COVID 19, Allscripts will have to cut at least 20 to 30% headcount to lower the payroll cost.

No one is safe

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been employed, what you’ve done, how many hours you work, what business unit, what location, etc. When your number is up, it’s up at this company. No one is safe from getting RIF’d. I see they’re starting to bring... —  read more 

The McKessoning?

Just wondering if part of the layoff strategy for the past two years has included disproportionate RIFs against the non-EIS part of the company? This question was inspired by the "Paragon" thread posted earlier today. From what I've seen over the... —  read more 

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Just saw the meeting invites LK sent. Who will put their title ion their name? You can see how shallow she is. She cannot hold a minute to show off her EVP title. So sad these type of person became leaders in Allscripts. We should all change our name... —  read more 


I just got furloughed from ÀS/CHMB. I have my medical and benefits but will have to pay back my portion if I am taken back or not. I am not too sure what to do next.

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