Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Earnings Call Tonight

Can't wait to hear the boys spin how great things are when they have had 1 new Sunset deal in the past 10 quarters. They will talk about the progress they are making moving customers to Azure, but that is more spin because those are mostly existing... —  read more 

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TouchWorks in Trouble

Apparently the woman who ran Touchworks development and services is no longer around. Allscripts was supposed to release a true HTML version of TW back in 2018 which would make it much easier for customers to deploy and lower costs but here we are in... —  read more 

MDRX Theme Song

Is it true that MDRX is adopting the song "Sunrise, Sunset" from "Fidler on the Roof" as its theme song? It would make a lot of sense given they have appeared to have announced only one net new Sunrise account in the 2 1/2 years other than those... —  read more 


Apparently, Allscripts will not be having a booth at HIMSS this year, only private meeting rooms. Attendance is projected to be way down this year but Epic and Cerner are having booths. Either they just don't want to spend the $$ on a booth or they... —  read more 

From Beast to Bust

In its hay-day Sunrise had probably 150+ customers with high profile names such as Boston Medical Center, NY Presby, UH Cleveland, Yale, U Michigan, Johns Hopkins, Houston Methodist, Barnes Jewish, UC Irvine, U Kentucky, Robert Wood Johnson, Orlando... —  read more 

More Insider Selling

Paul sold $2.1M in mid-June and Lisa sold $877k in mid-June. Poulton sold $1.2M. If it weren't for the sales of Careport and EPSI the stock would still be at $8 and those sales would be at half the value. WHAT A SHAME !!!!

PB Losing It ??

Apparently the esteemed leader has been beating the cr-p out of his sales leaders as to why they aren’t selling more. They have had 1 net new Surnrise customer in the last 2.5 years and meanwhile Orlando Regional, University of Kentucky, NYPH are all... —  read more 

Public KLAS Report

Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and Meditech are four of the largest EHR vendors in the industry, making up a combined 77 percent of the overall market share. Here is a breakout of each vendor's standing in 2021 EHR market share, according to the KLAS... —  read more 

Outside observations

This board is just as negative and depressing as it was 3+ years ago. Just like McKesson’s board. Both companies have the distinction of being on’s most active boards. Not a good sign. Unhappy employees don’t make a good... —  read more 

Clients are leaving?

Does anyone have a feeling that customers are leaving in huge numbers? This might be subjective but I have a feeling that everyone is going to competitors. I am no longer particularly interested in the future of this company, because I as an... —  read more 

Townhall Questions

Someone send this post’s link to Paul Black, Rick Poulton and Erikka Buracchio (HR SVP): Question 1: If there are no merit increases in 2021, aside for the March 2020 merit which was deferred to Jan 1, 2021, then how do we motivate employees to... —  read more 

Insider Stock Sales

Between October and now PB and LK have sold $3,865,000 in stock options. Nice that they have laid off probably 1000 people this year but the execs continue to prosper. And all that without selling a new Sunrise deal in TWO YEARS !!!!!

A Moment For Cheer

After months upon months of posts related to potential or in-progress layoffs, it seems appropriate to take a moment and step away from all the negativity (particularly the kind we've been subjected to since 1996) and embrace a sense of positivity... —  read more 

Glad I got notified

I was LITERALLY about to turn in my notice and take a month or two off before beginning my career as a new business owner. Instead, I received notification that my position was eliminated. My first thought was “like I give a rats a–” then I realized... —  read more 

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