Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Insider Stock Sales

Between October and now PB and LK have sold $3,865,000 in stock options. Nice that they have laid off probably 1000 people this year but the execs continue to prosper. And all that without selling a new Sunrise deal in TWO YEARS !!!!!

A Moment For Cheer

After months upon months of posts related to potential or in-progress layoffs, it seems appropriate to take a moment and step away from all the negativity (particularly the kind we've been subjected to since 1996) and embrace a sense of positivity... —  read more 

Glad I got notified

I was LITERALLY about to turn in my notice and take a month or two off before beginning my career as a new business owner. Instead, I received notification that my position was eliminated. My first thought was “like I give a rats a–” then I realized... —  read more 

What I miss

Laid off in April. The only thing I miss are my co workers and the Shrimp n Grits in the Raleigh cafe. My new gig is great. Allscripts loss is my new employers gain.

Heading to 0 fer 8

Unless the new superstar finds some misguided hospital to buy Sunrise this quarter, it will signal 8 straight quarters with no new business deals (for those of you that stink at math, that is 2 years). I can't imagine that any EMR company has that... —  read more 

Club Covid

Word is at least 1 person that attended Presidents Club last week in Mexico caught Covid. How could this wreckless leadership team think they could take 100 plus people to Mexico and not have anyone get Covid. Why not just go to the Wuhan and hang... —  read more 

Recent Promotion

There have been recent references to a recent promotion of a sales vp to also function as VP of Professional Services and she has no experience in this area which is completely non-sensical. Does anyone have additional information on how this... —  read more 

Oh, well!!!!!

The company have been lay-offing people since December of 2018. I am glad, i have made the right decision when I resigned and accepted a better career opportunity at Rady Children Hospital of SD.

I Expect The Whining To Continue - It Wouldn't Be The Allscripts Layoff Forum Without It ;)

With the announcement that people who had pay reduced temporarily will be receiving back pay out in the open, I fully expect the usual crew of doomsayers and nitpickers who clearly hate their jobs but seem to not want to leave to continue the... —  read more 

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Give up on back pay

We were told in the last town hall that we would not be getting the back pay. Like it or not, I believe it is clear that we will NOT be getting any of that “missed salary”. We have also been told that we will not be getting any raises for performance... —  read more 

Enjoy the Time

Reading through most of these posts can be seriously depressing and adversely impact our ability to enjoy life. Don't get stuck there because it gets in the way of enjoying your family and friends, and what you've contributed to our customers. Enjoy... —  read more 

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