Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Big Loss in Sales

An announcement went out a couple of weeks ago that the VP of Sales in the East is leaving. He has been a mainstay with those customers for years. Will be a big challenge for the guy taking on that territory. New York City is not like dealing with... —  read more 

The last ones standing…..

I’ve spent way more time than necessary reading all these posts about the new misery that is Altera. Post after post of complaints. If you dont like it. Leave. Many stay in unhealthy relationships because they feel no self worth. too lazy to... —  read more 

Leadership/PM Call.......

So.......after the new leadership has met with us, they have scheduled a call ONLY with PMs. More wasted time. The project, middle & upper management teams have been the issue for quite some time. Implementation has jumped everytime they have... —  read more 

Lipstick On A Pig

Allscripts announced they are officially changing their name to 'Veradigm". They must be hoping that the broader HIT community is stupid enough to think the company will be different. NEW FLASH - There will be no difference !!!!


No mention of PRO or TW - whether the name is Allscripts or Altera !!! A KLAS report on practice management systems for mid-sized and large practices finds Athenahealth and Epic topping the list for large practices — although Meditech Expanse was... —  read more 

Raleigh Office

Hi! Are workers back in the office in Raleigh? I drove by Midtown late one night this weekend and noticed most floors had the lights on but I don't remember seeing the lights on months ago when I was in the area. Thanks!

New Partnerships (Beckers)

Epic, Cerner and Meditech new partnerships listed below. They forgot to mention Altera's new partnership with Costco to sell Sunrise Licenses cheaply. They will be placed in the toilet paper section. New partnerships for Epic, Oracle Cerner... —  read more 

T minus 5 Months

Early may will be 1 year since Harris got scammed by PB and RP. It is likely spot if senior people got retention bonus with a one year earn back. Once that money a lot of these people will bail out. Word is that everyone in the new organization is... —  read more 

New Article in Beckers

Again, Altera Sunrise is a NO SHOW Epic has 32.9 percent of the U.S. hospital business, but Oracle Cerner isn't far behind at 24.4 percent, with Meditech sitting at 16.7 percent and several smaller players in the single digits, according to the... —  read more 

Another One Bites the Dust

Pennsylvania hospital switching EHRs from Allscripts to Epic Lewisburg, Pa.-based Evangelical Community Hospital is changing its EHR to Epic and will go live with the new system Dec. 4. The hospital had previously used disparate systems with... —  read more 

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Can't Win Squat

Hey New Bus VP - were you and your band of sales superstars in on this one ? 81 bed CPSI site moving to Cerner Elkin, N.C.-based Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital has selected Oracle Cerner for its EHR system, The Elkin Tribune reported Nov. 9. The... —  read more 

Cerner News

'Oracle will close the former Cerner world headquarters and its Realization Campus in Kansas City, MO, consolidating employees from those locations to its Innovations campus as it reduces its footprint as the city’s largest private employer." Word... —  read more 


Cancer Treatment Centers of America is transitioning its EHR from Allscripts to Epic following its acquisition in February by Duarte, Calif.-based City of Hope. City of Hope is moving Cancer Treatment Centers' EHR, scheduling and revenue cycle... —  read more 

Fall of Sunrise

In its heyday prior to Allscripts buying Eclipsys and destroying it, Sunrise was licensed to about 150 health systems and hospitals w big names like NYU, NYPH, Yale, Hopkins, Michigan, CHOP, BMC, Baylor, RWJ, Kentucky, Orlando, etc. Now, they have... —  read more 

More from Beckers

It appears they again forgot to mention all the new things Altera/Harris are doing to enhance SUNSET!!! Electronic health record vendors Epic, Oracle Cerner and Meditech are adding new partnerships and tech upgrades to build upon their offerings for... —  read more 

Epic and Cerner in Beckers

Must have been an oversight that there is no mention of new customers buying Sunrise. Two large health systems — Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare and Houston-based Memorial Hermann — recently switched their EHRs from Oracle Cerner to Epic, continuing a... —  read more 

SunnComm the SunnSCAM

The weekly SunScamm call was another joke today. Where was Hea O'B? Isn't this her baby? Can't stand the truth? Please put us out of our misery. 4th QTR will be fun with everyone on PTO & no, I am not changing mine to accommodate your... —  read more 

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Writing in the CLOUD

Beckers reports EMORY in Atlanta GA went from Cerner to EPIC in 1 year or less. ONE YEAR OR LESS. We have clients who STILL are not live after 1-2-3yrs! Suncomm, plug & play, Paragon flips.....still not live. I am talking about 10-15-20 bed... —  read more 

New EHR Deals and Go Lives

Where is Altera on this list? No one moving to Sunset ? Here are nine health systems that have implemented new EHR systems since Sept. 9. Sundance, Wyo.-based Crook County Medical District is switching to Oracle Cerner as its EHR vendor. The move... —  read more 

Welcome to the 4th Qtr

Get those email filters ready. PW emails about timesheets and expenses should start this week. Shake the jeans. Look under the sofa cushions. Go through the closet to check pockets of all jackets. Even check car. Due to ongoing pi-s poor project... —  read more 

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All Hands Call 9/21/22

Comical at BEST! Mgmt (Directors & even 1st line management) have become condescending and irritable to listen to on every level! No one has anyone's back, great employees have left in droves because of inept front-line Sr. Managers & Directors... —  read more 

Article in Beckers

No grants to install Sunrise/Sunset !!!! Small, rural and safety-net hospitals across the U.S. are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding and community grants to purchase and install Epic EHRs. Digital transformation has... —  read more 

Epic is Coming

Formal announcement coming soon that Northwell is moving to Epic. $188 million per year revenue loss for Altera once the contract expires. Epic targeting Sunrise customers of all sizes..... Armegeddon !!!!!


Allscripts posted on Linkedin that Payer Path was rated number 1 in BlackBook. That is the equivalent of being rated by Mad Magazine. No hospitals or provider groups look at Black Book. They all look at KLAS. Payer Path is only run by clients running... —  read more 

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