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Allscripts lays people off all the time

Don’t be surprised or take it personal. If you work from home, always be job hunting and polishing up your resume. With the latest news about The Zapp merger, plan on more dead weight to cut, corporate debt, and goodwill that the stockholders will be... read more
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When speaking of Layoffs, what division are you speaking of ? There are so many to the Allscripts puzzle.

There were layoffs at Allscripts last week

OK - I got confirmation. There were people laid off last Friday. I've confirmed several of them. It appears to be similar to reduction in December. High level, very respected people who were likely well compensated. They seem to be culling the... read more

I don’t believe it

I haven't heard anything or seen anything that would indicate any group layoffs, and neither have any of my fellow office dwellers. While I'm sure there's more coming at some point in the future that could be soon or far in the future, I don't think... read more

Near future

Wondering what the near future holds for the remaining CHMB employees?

Slip sliding away.....

KLAS Research. KLAS reported that Epic and Cerner now control 54% of the hospital EHR market and are gaining share at the expense of other vendors, including Allscripts. According to KLAS, Epic’s market share stands at 28% and Cerner's at 26% while... read more


EPIC may be a better place to work, but they're pretty infamous for only hiring what basically amounts to interns fresh out of college and chewing them up for a few years. If you're older than 30 and/or have healthcare IT experience at other... read more

No layoffs needed

Lately the company has not had layoffs because enough folks are leaving on there own. That should tell you all you need to know about the work environment and employee "satisfaction". This right here. This is how bad things are here now that... read more
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Hey now.. Record bookings, this is like 38 quarters out of 40 with record bookings... Your managers, direct and upper, are ALL receiving bonuses , so be it, much smaller but they still make extra $$$ making the associate monkeys do their tricks while... read more

Leadership has been failing miserably

Leadership has been failing miserably, in fact they have practically outsourced leadership as many of the top leaders SVP and C suite are now consultant hires, whose consultations was horrendous so they thought that having them be Allscripts might... read more
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Will there be anymore layoffs this summer for CHMB employees? Will there be any remaining CHMB employees at the end of 2019?

Q1 2019 numbers

The numbers have been released and revenue growth is stagnant yet bookings are “record high”. How does this company manage that?

Numbers annoucned May

Been told since there has been a small but constant reduction of work force over last 6 months, there will not be another large wholesale cut of workers. Any others been told that or heard?


Since CHMB is getting slowly wiped, I figured I’d find out what the end of the road looks like. Is there any severance? If so, how long, how much, etc? Thanks

Good read

If you consider the market, the company is not doing fine. Flat or declining stock value versus large increases at competitors over the past ten years. Maybe they've fixed the debt problem by selling NetSmart, maybe not, those are the noises being... read more

Rule 70

Been told by a friend at work that anybody under Rule 70 is at increased risk to be a part of the next layoffs round. Is this true? If it is, how is that not a clear case of age discrimination? Which, if I'm not mistaken, is illegal - just as any... read more

What steps can be taken to save this company

Legitimate question. Is this company saveable and how can that be accomplished? If Allscripts is the #3 player in this market does that mean the smaller players are doing even worse than we are?

Doubtful on the idea that Allscripts will be fine

Doubtful on the idea that Allscripts will be fine. Allscripts is hemorrhaging money for the last decade. There’s at least two analyst reports out there taking odds on bankruptcy. The odds numbers keep going higher, and are safer bets than betting on... read more

Failure is imminent; trust me

The Allscripts cabinet and Mr. Black must go! They all lost track at year 3 1/2 with NanthHealth quick buy with no research and and the final bow is buying a failed McKesson business unit for pennies on the dollar; then letting the people who failed... read more

People are leaving on their own

Is it just me, or is the number of people who are leaving Allscripts on their own growing every day? Two people I know had their last day last week and are already working elsewhere. And from what I understand, at least two more are actively looking... read more

How is it looking for this year?

Any ideas on when we can expect more layoffs at Allscripts in 2019? I'm guessing this year will be as bad or even worse than the previous one.

What's going on???

Do we know if layoffs are done at Allscripts? Have all the people who are being laid off already been notified or will this be a prolonged thing that will last for days or weeks? There's so little information available all around that it's making me... read more

Layoffs have been confirmed!

In case somebody was doubting that layoffs are really happening as people have been posting here in the last week or so, Allscripts has just confirmed it officially. So happy holidays to us all, I reckon... read more

Major US based layoffs

Most US based Paragon Support staff will be terminated on either 12/16,2018 or 2/1/2019. Offshore resources are not impacted and hiring.

7 offices closing EoY

Was told seven US Allscripts offices closing before January, a consolidation effort. Separate from ongoing space reorgs, such as Alpharetta. Anyone know which offices?

Sure glad I sold a bunch of calls.

Congratulations! Allscripts just erased all the gains they made from the Summer layoffs. Do you think we’ll get to single digits by X-Mas? Time to start looking inward to determine a new management strategy. Hint: Bad management and hosting. Sure... read more

Major layoffs...again

major layoffs coming in November. Get your resumes ready. This is going to affect quite a few people but mainly around Sales and Service sales. Could be more so don't feel safe if you are outside of that bucket.

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