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Live like RB, untouchable

He’s still employed so take note on how you should live your life

Strategic Realignment

So all those execs who sold their MDRX? Yesterday they started another round of layoffs. Not sure how many but they started yesterday.

Marriott Executives Pay Cut

Marriott announces CEO Arne Sorenson's salary will be suspended for the rest of the year and senior executives' salaries will be reduced by 50% as the coronavirus ravages the hospitality... —  read more 

Real possibility of a depression

If you look around and see how much this virus is impacting our economy, it raises the very real spectre of a depression, not a recession like the talking heads media has been floating. Small businesses will be the first to go under, with restaurants... —  read more 

Delayed Merit/Bonus

Delayed merit and bonus structures announced for some business unit. Some layoffs on India side this week. Allscripts to higher consultants to review business wide.

Execs dumping stock

Check the recent 8k filings with the SEC. Every exec has dumped mdrx stock in the last couple of weeks. Even the people at the top don’t have confidence in the company...the writing is on the wall

Party at HIMMS announced at Town Hall

They will be partying at HIMMS! Announced they will be taking many to del frisco's! As we cut costs, non-bill travel & bill travel is now scrutinized. PMs are sitting on timesheets so IC utilization #'s look terrible. Where is Glen when you need him... —  read more 

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Worst and best part of working at Allscripts

What was/is the best and worst part of working at Allscripts? For me, the worst were the leaders who ran departments like dictatorships. Control by fear and don’t delegate at all. The best part was the one day a year you could go out and... —  read more 

Sales Party in Orlando

This from our leader ... This week, our sales teams and all who support them gathered in Orlando for our 2020 Global Kick Off to discuss our vision for the decade ahead. About 500 of us who attended the event took part in 60 education sessions and... —  read more 

AllScripts Failing?

For the past couple of years, Allscripts has been losing customers at a rapid pace. They cannot keep up with competitors such as EPIC and Cerner and are quickly losing customer's to these healthcare giants. A snippet from the latest financial report... —  read more 

What's the deal with Black Book

Every year Allscripts wins some awards for best EHR from Black Book...Yet clients complain and are leaving in droves. Something doesn't add up...

Happy New Year

Wishing all domestic associates a stable and prosperous new year. We are the real heart of allscripts.

US versus India benefits

Every Glassdoor post from an India employee makes it seem like working for Allscripts is the best... If you work in the US, you know that is not the case. The Raleigh office decor and morale is depressing. Do they have better benefits/perks in India... —  read more 

EHR article - Death by a thousand clicks

Great article about how the legislation to fund the creation of the EHR in the 90's resulted in the buggy implementations of it that we see today. Some of which have resulted in lawsuits against the companies responsible for creating the... —  read more 


About 6 months ago Allscripts ended all third party consultants contracts. I understood that resource management would look to their own before looking outside. I just found out otherwise. I know that it’s cheaper to employ consultants (no benefits... —  read more 

Life after lay-off

I wish I could say it has been all roses and sunshine after being laid off from the job I loved to wake up every morning too. It’s taken a while to process the decisions that were made and not be angry. One year later I can now say, I found a job I... —  read more 

The ship is sinking, layoffs still comming

Yesterday Allscripts disclosed private offering of $200 million convertible senior notes due 2027. If you follow the financials the senior notes are: "A bond that takes priority for receipt of principal and interest over other debt securities sold by... —  read more 


Copied from lower thread. Good findings... Wow. Just wow. And executives wonder why they're hated. The website had some shocking numbers about the executive who loves... —  read more 

"Every Day,

Every One Of Us Is Building A Bridge To The Future By Innovation Ways To Improve The Practice Of Medicine And The Process Of Delivering Care."

"India is the heart of Allscripts"

This was our fearless leader's comment during her quarterly call this past week. "India is the heart of Allscripts".....NA resources, the writing is on the wall. Sad, just sad. Wonder how our clients will feel about this. Talk @ a slap in the... —  read more 

Leadership Fail

Allscripts seems to follow up their "strong" quarterly reports with a round of RIFs. My sympathies to those let go, but the company itself has been stumbling, bumbling, and fumbling for many years. They failed to capitalize on the federal Meaningful... —  read more 

What leaders should be RIF’d

Seems like they only reduce individual contributor positions. There are so many in upper management that should be eliminated due to complete incompetence and lack of actual leadership skill

Beckers healthcare Podcast

Becker's Healthcare Podcast featuring Paul Black Paul has done a remarkable job since taking over as CEO of Allscripts 7 years ago. The mix of his clarity of direction and strategy together with his likability and personal skills and... —  read more 

New layoffs coming

New layoffs are coming next month. These rounds are much like the rounds in September. Basically based on salary and not performance. For anyone working be prepared. This will be very ugly.

Nothing can be done to save Allscripts

I worked in HIT in the Raleigh area for +20 years, and left several years ago, when I got offered severance. It was a no brainier, take the severance and exit the business. Since that time, most of the people that I worked with, have also left... —  read more 

Next Generation EHR

In Healthcare IT News (on 10/3/19) it was announced that Allscripts and Norwell Health will be working together to create what they termed was the next generation electronic health record. Does anyone have and information on which Allscripts... —  read more 

Any news on layoffs?

As somebody said in another thread, we are well into September and there is still no official word on any new layoffs. I'd like to think that means whoever posted about September/October layoffs was wrong, but it'd be nice to have a confirmation of... —  read more 

Abysmal Q2. Is this all there is for 2019?

Anyone seen the numbers for this Summer? Awful. Layoffs in Sales, Marketing, and leadership (Director and above) should be mandatory. I can’t wait to hear how the numbers are going to pull up for Q4. Not... What a waste...

Allsron fake news bumb is over....

stock back near it was before the very questionable "rumor" mill. Consider the sources.... fitting if we see "record bookings" coupled with an actual record low... You rock Allscripts leadership...

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