Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Presidents Club

Allscripts is having their sales President's Club next week and the Altera people that qualified were still invited. There could be some really nasty interchanges after a few drinks !!!!!

losing clients

The VP of a vertical in a outage call informed that veradigm allscripts is losing 30 clients a month on average. The remaining ehr has 800 clients down from 1200 about 18 months ago and are still losing. wonder if the leadership change can stop... —  read more 

Stock Down $25 Percent

The stock price is down 25% from the high at the time of the DUMP announcement. Maybe the revenue and eps projections from just Veradigm Payor and Life Sciences business along with PRO which basically gets sold to docs in trailer parks is not all... —  read more 

Not good

Allscripts' EHR products are hemorrhaging customers. The hope is the new Avenel EHR will be the next big thing and replace all our EHRs, but the executive team on it is so incompetent that, after over two years, they still haven't been able to sell... —  read more 

New Exec Team

The pattern continues if promoting “favorite pets” to senior positions instead of people that are actually qualified. Black did it with the recently departed SVP and now Poulton promotes his pet to CFO who has no background to be in that job…

Salaries, Bonuses and Stock

For all you PRO bobo’s who are so happy to still be part of Allscrapps, google the recently filed 10K and look at the $$ Poulton and Black are pulling in why you are working for grits….

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Espp ripoff

Why is allscripts kicking all the transition-Co employees out of the espp? Why not refund the money your holding for espp on announcement date? Why not give us the option to by mdrx at the discount and sell next day.. May 1st vs May 28th.. Harris... —  read more 

Stock play?

Please correct any of the following assumptions: Constellation Software owns Harris who is acquiring Allsccripts. Constellation is a Canadian based company by my search results. Can US buyers invest in their stock? Am I correct in thinking this may... —  read more 

Org Chart

Was told the new org chart showed some higher-ups resigning and leaving in May .... both US and India. Makes me wonder if they are leaving how many skilled employees are also looking for greener pastures pre takeover. Points to ponder!

Inflation Raise

With the rising living cost, are we expecting some additional raises to compensate the inflation? Met a friend yesterday. His company gave 2 raises so far to make sure the employees get fair pay. Other friends received emails from HR saying the... —  read more 

Sales People Leaving

We have had 4 sales people resign over the last 4 weeks including the guy that was Rep of the Year for last year. Looks like this will be a trend and time to start getting off the boat before it sinks.

Don't expect much

No matter how long someone has worked at Allscripts and no matter how good they are at their job, the following months are going to come down to one thing and one thing only: the overall bottom line. Offers will be determined in a way that will save... —  read more 


The sale price of $700 million was stunningly low. Harris has years of profits ahead by collecting maintenance fees and reducing costs as customers go through the time-consuming steps to replace the former Allscripts products. Northwell represents... —  read more 

The best time to leave

I thought I'd stay here a little longer but it's really not worth it. I’m a little sad too because I’ve worked here for a long time, but it’s clear that things are going downhill here. I was surprised at how quickly I got a better offer. Market... —  read more 

Thrown Under The Bus

That was very nice that the CEO and President got an a call with the Wall Street analysts and told them that the products they sold off are dying and the customer base and bottom line are in a sharp decline. Basically said “we are selling off the... —  read more 

Allscripts SELLING OFF HHS! Expect CHAOS. Probably going to be some "downsizing".

From the Corporate Email: "Today Allscripts announced that we have reached an agreement to sell our Hospitals and Large Physician Practices business segment to the N. Harris Computer Corporation, based in Ottawa, one of six divisions of Constellation... —  read more 

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Change the culture

As long as the company is listening to older employees who hate change over the rest of us Allscripts will not be able to move forward. I realize that they have invaluable institutional knowledge, but they have to accept that some of it is outdated... —  read more 

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