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Who is on the block for June?

Program Managers, Technical Support Consultants, Client Delivery Executives, Business Analysts, Sr. Managers, Senior Project Managers, Implementation Consultants?

How does Allscripts Fire People.

I've seen a few people let go at Allscripts. Both times an HR rep came called them in a room and they were laid off or Fired. The Manager didn't have to do anything or see them before they got let go. Is that just the company practice? Seems a... —  read more 

Consumer who knows who needs to be laid off

Oh my goodness I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and these offshore support 100% of the time who don't know the system as well as I do and cant even figure out my issue when I send screen shots and elaborate direction and they still want... —  read more 

Office closures for good

Just heard they are closing down offices for good to cut costs. Dont plan on going back. Starting with smaller locations like Alpharetta, Charlotte, etc.

June Layoffs

Heard some rumors on major reorganization/layoffs in June, mainly targeted developments and services.

Will Customers Ever Trust Allscripts Again?

I hate to sound like a bad Michael Moore movie, but will customers and employees ever trust Allscripts again? Doubtful. As an employee, I’d have one foot out the door with no interest in helping customers. As a contractor, I might stay on if the... —  read more 

Annual Board meeting 5/21/2020 at 9 am

According to the document available in the security exchange (SEC), Today is Annual board meeting 5/21/2020 at 9 am. Board members voting and plans to be discussed for the rest of the year.

All Hands with LK Tuesday

If it is anything like this past weeks with PB, it will be lies, lies, and more lies. Followed by more cuts right after the call.


I just got furloughed from ÀS/CHMB. I have my medical and benefits but will have to pay back my portion if I am taken back or not. I am not too sure what to do next.

Layoff Package

To whoever got impacted by last round of layoffs, do you receive package based on your original salary or the one after TEMP paycut?

Whats next - Buy out OR Chapter 11?

While its evident from the All-Hands yesterday that layoffs will be recurring norm in the next few months, will there be a buy out or will they file bankruptcy? How soon?

How the heck can this be right now??

“ Allscripts wins #1 ambulatory #EHR vendor award for practices with 26-99 physicians for 7th consecutive year by Black Book Market Research LLC. We also won #1 Practice Management Solution award for practices with 10-49 physicians for 2020”... —  read more 

May layoff

Allscripts lay-off every May during last 10 years. What do we expect this year? Chapter 11?

Why the layoffs?

Allscripts provides software products for physician practices and hospitals. Why would covid 19 cause such a revenue decrease that 5% are laid off, all travel is eliminated,no longer using contractors , no raises till next year etc? It seems like the... —  read more 

Unpatriotic unethical company

Am hoping American workers dont loose their jobs over foreign workers. Allscripts is notoriously unpatriotic protecting foreign cheap labor and shipping American jobs over to India. Blows my mind how unethical and pathetic that policy is, especially... —  read more 

Any more layoffs/furloughs coming up?

They have cut down the teams to the bare minimum already but will there be more cuts in the coming weeks or next few months? Is there any future left for this company?

Who is in charge of laying people off?

Or to be more precise, who decides who gets laid off? Because that person has no idea what they're doing, from what I can see. Some of the best are gone, some of the laziest are still on the payroll. I'd really like to know how that makes any sense?... —  read more 

Nothing has changed

Yes, Allscripts is laying people off, but what's new there? They've been doing it for the past two years at least, constantly. The only thing that is different now is that they can do it in numbers they probably always wanted to do but couldn't for... —  read more 

Why are we still hiring?

If you don't believe me, go google Allscripts jobs and limit it to the last 7 days. There are plenty of jobs that were posted in that period. Which makes me see red. Was there no way to offer those jobs to people who were cut during that time? And... —  read more 

Allscripts and WARN Act 2020

Did Allscripts violate the WARN Act? I didn’t see any notices in North Carolina or Illinois. Shouldn’t they have given some type of advanced notice?

Layoffs or furloughs?

Can somebody please clear this out for me, just to know how worried I should be about my mom's future? Are people being laid off or furloughed? There is a huge difference between the two... She is still employed, but I'm not sure for how long and... —  read more 

Massive layoffs 4/8/2020

Lost half of my team (of about 70 people) and we are not the only ones who suffered today. Pay cuts are being delivered as well.


If you were pulling in more than 100K, you now lost 15-30% of your salary. Supposedly temporary. This is your SECOND invitation to leave. I am sure many now will accept, which is EXACTLY what they want. Happy Hunger Games. May the odds be... —  read more 

Furloughs Coming........

Furloughs are coming while executive management is at a client go live in MD. Are they now billable employees?!?!? I think not. Allscripts can’t float anyone anymore.

Live like RB, untouchable

He’s still employed so take note on how you should live your life

Strategic Realignment

So all those execs who sold their MDRX? Yesterday they started another round of layoffs. Not sure how many but they started yesterday.

Marriott Executives Pay Cut

Marriott announces CEO Arne Sorenson's salary will be suspended for the rest of the year and senior executives' salaries will be reduced by 50% as the coronavirus ravages the hospitality... —  read more 

Real possibility of a depression

If you look around and see how much this virus is impacting our economy, it raises the very real spectre of a depression, not a recession like the talking heads media has been floating. Small businesses will be the first to go under, with restaurants... —  read more 

Delayed Merit/Bonus

Delayed merit and bonus structures announced for some business unit. Some layoffs on India side this week. Allscripts to higher consultants to review business wide.

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