Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Topics regarding layoffs at Allscripts

Recent Promotion

There have been recent references to a recent promotion of a sales vp to also function as VP of Professional Services and she has no experience in this area which is completely non-sensical. Does anyone have additional information on how this... —  read more 

Oh, well!!!!!

The company have been lay-offing people since December of 2018. I am glad, i have made the right decision when I resigned and accepted a better career opportunity at Rady Children Hospital of SD.

I Expect The Whining To Continue - It Wouldn't Be The Allscripts Layoff Forum Without It ;)

With the announcement that people who had pay reduced temporarily will be receiving back pay out in the open, I fully expect the usual crew of doomsayers and nitpickers who clearly hate their jobs but seem to not want to leave to continue the... —  read more 

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Give up on back pay

We were told in the last town hall that we would not be getting the back pay. Like it or not, I believe it is clear that we will NOT be getting any of that “missed salary”. We have also been told that we will not be getting any raises for performance... —  read more 

Enjoy the Time

Reading through most of these posts can be seriously depressing and adversely impact our ability to enjoy life. Don't get stuck there because it gets in the way of enjoying your family and friends, and what you've contributed to our customers. Enjoy... —  read more 

This is truly ridiculous

Does nobody in management care that we keep losing clients left and right? Instead of improving client experience to increase retention and with that improve the results, they keep cutting best employees and outsourcing their work - and achieving the... —  read more 

Bangalore takes over

One of our development groups was given word today that the leadership moving forward will now be run out of that hotbed of qualified 'talent' known as Bangalore. One has to wonder if the third world approach to toilet usage will become standard... —  read more 

Financial rebound

Allscripts is on track to get back to financial stability, haters will be haters. I see so many failed attempts to create panic and forecasts on potential layoffs. While I agree the situation isn’t ideal, we are cautiously optimistic of the turn... —  read more 

Just Another Day at Allscripts

Out with the old. In with the new. No literally. Another round of long serving good employees out the door while HR frantically combs the campuses and under 30 hangouts for new entry level hires once the dust settles on this latest group of... —  read more 

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Congrats Glenn T

Congratulations Glen Tullman! A champion of business. He earned more in executing the Livongo buyout than MDRX has cumulative/net since he was forced out? In any event, congratulations if you were still here we'd be in a better place! Cheers! —  read more 

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7/30 is here!

Have done everything to shore up the stock price to $7.40 to hedge against a sharp decline... good job so far... now have to either announce spinoff of a unit for a healthy amount or spin some message to survive.

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