Topics regarding layoffs at Kimberly-Clark

Topics regarding layoffs at Kimberly-Clark

I'm confused

If the restructuring at KC is over, then why are people asking about layoffs? Aren't we done with that at least for a while? The whole point of restructuring was to cut whomever they wanted to cut in the process. What would be the point of leaving... —  read more 

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Holeman Distribution

100+ were let go back in March... Here is the WARN notice: Notice Received on: Jan 31, 2019 Company: Kimberly Clark-Holeman Distribution County: Lamar WDA: North East Texas WDA Number of employees laid off: 126 Layoff date (end): Mar 31, 2019 Layoff... —  read more 

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Ongoing layoffs and outsourcing

I can't find any public announcements so I can only assume it's happening all over, but K-C's eliminated and outsourced (out of country) many roles 2018-2019. I'm not certain how they'll be able to solve problems in even a relatively efficient manner... —  read more 

No innovation

Is anybody else noticing how much we have stopped relying on innovation? Something that helped Kimberly-Clark actually become the company it is? And how, if you actually try to innovate, you are held back by bureaucracy? I think all of our problems... —  read more 


According to the latest news consumer European Business will be sold to a private equity. To be announced soon before the earning call on the 22nd of october The sale is worth 1.5 Billion to be reinvested in more profitable and growing markets such... —  read more 

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Over 80 people have severed or retired in production .temps start on Monday ,struggling to find people to run the answers on shutdown. feet dragging by the company. the crappiest offer I've ever seen. Saying we want to keep the place... —  read more 

Global restructuring update

Major restructuring in EMEA impacting KCP withing marketing, finance , R&D and sales support. ITS team to be relocated to poland and a new centre in Banglaore India. New sales Model to be implemented resulting in a massive headcount reduction within... —  read more 

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Personal Care machines

Many “top secret” projects going on. All depend machines will be distributed among BCC mills. All tampon lines at Conway will move to Nogales and all pad machines will go to Conway. Foak team will set camp in SLC or Dallas.

8 empty bays at BCC mills

Heard there are 8 empty bays at KCNA BCC mills. 3 Beech, 2 Ogden and 5 in Paris. Anyone thinks they might merge AFC and BCC again? Dismantle an AFC mill and send machines to the BCC mills? Thoughts?

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