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How many people work at Energizer?

I think the employee count information has to be released to the public. Do you know how many people work here? How about the overall people count at the main location at St. Louis?

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Energizer Layoffs 2020

This thread is for info about potential Energizer Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

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Energizer Layoffs 2019

This is a master thread about Energizer Layoffs in 2019?

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Energizer Layoffs 2018

I need to ask you a few things - are there going to be layoffs, who will be affected, if yes where and when will cuts take place. How about employees located in St. Louis.

Energizer Layoffs 2017

I needed to vent a bit as there are many rumors about layoffs in St. Louis.

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Energizer Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Energizer layoffs in St. Louis in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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