Topics regarding layoffs at Sanofi

Topics regarding layoffs at Sanofi

For once it's not us

Sanofi is planning to lay off 670 people in France. I'm sorry for the people there, but it's a relief that for once we might be spared. Sanofi may be on the up-and-up thanks to its vaccines unit and new anti-inflammatory star Dupixent, but the... — read more 

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Broken Industry

Layoffs and shareholder value destruction is what you get an industry's entire business model is no longer working and is falling apart. Layoffs, plus M&A / consolidation, and layoffs. Repeat the process until nothing valuable remains.

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2015 Layoffs R&D

Sanofi had a mandatory meeting today, the layoffs have been announced only internally. They could have waited until the new CEO is announced. It looks like R&D jobs in Boston are affected will provide more dtails once I hear about it

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oncology and global R&D layoffs

A big new development partnership news was published morning, but we also dropped the ax on about 100 employees a big reorg shuffle affecting the Research and Development group. Layoffs are happening in oncology and global R&D.

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Genzyme Layoffs by Sanofi 2015

I am sure that people will not like this but I had to come here to let you know that Sanofi iz making a big mistake trying to change corporate culture at Genzyme. We at Genzyme have been successful for long time and we are not a big pharma company... — read more 

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