Topics regarding layoffs at Eli Lilly

Topics regarding layoffs at Eli Lilly

No need to worry

Things are going great right now and I don't see a need for layoffs. The weight-loss dr-g itself will make sure our following quarters are showcasing both major profit and revenue growth. If the management feels the need to lay people off in a... —  read more 

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Any thoughts on how much the Twitter fu-kup hurt us? It was a major image blow that will haunt us for a while, that's for sure. Having to come out and say that no, that good thing that we've supposedly done? We didn't. As unrealistic as that tweet... —  read more 

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Why am I hearing about layoffs once again? We don't need to get rid of the people. The business is booming, The stock keeps going up. And yet people are saying we'll be seeing more layoffs as soon as Q1 next year. I honestly can't understand why... —  read more 

Lilly VERP

What's the best way to arrive to a decision here, should I stay or should I go? Any Lilly folks here who may be able to chime in?

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More info on layoffs

The US target for layoffs was 2000. They hoped to have most come from VERP, with a max of 2800 VERP packages to be allowed. Each site and division will be looked over and reorganized based on who left. Don't expect and management leavings to be... —  read more 

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VERP Acceptances

It seems the acceptance letters have all gone out and everyone has been approved. Numbers are still under the 2800 they hoped for. Does this mean a round of layoffs are to be expected soon?

New job postings

Communication has been minimal, so it's nice to have this site to rely on for answers. I see jobs are being posted. Is this to back fill those retiring? It doesn't make sense?? Or are people going to have to start bidding on there own jobs?

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NJ Manufacturing Site

Does anyone know what will happen with the Branchburg NJ site, will they still Manufactue Product on site? I heard a lot of areas will be outsourced and reduction of upper management.

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Lilly - DBU Layoffs

A quick question regarding Lilly's plans to lay off DBU reps? Do we know the magnitude of layoffs, or any subgroups withing DBU rep population that they are planning to target (more than others)... I am really annoyed with the way how they are... —  read more 

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How long until we know?

Don't you just hate this? Eli Lilly announced layoffs, and now they're just going to let us stress over it and speculate about who will and who won't get laid off for who knows how long. Who in the world thinks this is a good idea for company morale?... —  read more 

Next Steps - Areas cut and responsibility/job/role/position/level re-allocations will be delivered by line management by end of September 2017

Lilly will cut 3500 jobs cut worldwide, 2000 job cuts in US, Encouraging early retirement for those able to retire and those close to retirement, Letters have been dispatched to to all retirement eligible folks yesterday. Areas cut and... —  read more 

DBU Sales

No matter what they do they have to MASSACRE the DBU Sales Team. Take one person working there and you can see that their salary can easily be three times if compared to folks in manufacturing. Look at Bio Sci / Neuro – same programs – I expect to... —  read more 

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No R&D Layoffs at Lilly?

Given all Lilly's drug failures over last 36 months things are becoming increasingly difficult - based on this, I really think that the C-lineup will not have guts to cut R&D (rightfully so)... So, what options do they have. Think about it and you'll... —  read more 

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