Topics regarding layoffs at Novartis

Topics regarding layoffs at Novartis

Toxic work environment

Novartis offers competitive pay and good benefits so I think a lot of people are willing to ignore everything else that's been going on for the sake of not losing those things. There is no escaping, though, that the company's culture has shifted... —  read more 

24 Laid off - Closure

Sandoz-Novartis 24 Broomfield 7/6/19-7/13/19 Closure Company Layoff Total Workforce Region WARN Date Reason for Layoff Upsher-Smith Laboratories LLC 74 Denver 5/10/2019 Closure

GDQ Layoffs

GDQ has been affected by layoffs here in US. Lay offs of competent employees without any rationale, no rhyme, no reason. Nobody knows the criteria. And shame on Novartis' executive management to allow something like this happening - our HR is also... —  read more 

Severance package?

Does anybody know what kind of a severance package we are looking at with these major layoffs? Somebody mentioned that the usual package has been changed and reduced, but I can't find any info on that. Any chance that's not true? It's hard to believe... —  read more 

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Glad I left this place

Left this place about a year ago, still the best decision I ever made... I used to love working here, but man has this place changed for the worse. I really got tired of all the breaks to proper career growth, all the political games - which is... —  read more 

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Short-sighted management

The biggest issue Novartis has by far is management. We have a bunch of know-it-alls who continuously ignore every suggestion and every concern we might bring their way about their solutions to things that are ALWAYS short-term and seriously lacking... —  read more 

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Jimenez Out - Cost Cutting in

Now let's watch things unfold as they introduce cost cutting again - this time it'll hurt even more. I am fairly confident there will be a large job cut in less than 6 months. No insider info on this, not a rumor, just my gut feeling as I am seeing... —  read more 

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What's wrong at Novartis?

There is no opportunities for job growth, career development is slow. Management will promise promotions, and then they don't go through when it's needed - it's all Novartis fluff talk - nothing helps... Layoffs also happen at Novartis - my group was... —  read more 

Severance Pay

Does anyone know what kind of severance payment was distributed to Novartis sales folks that were let go in Q1. I know that numbers change and Novartis has different policies for different geographies, I am primarily interested in how folks in the US... —  read more 

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Novartis Emeryville Layoffs

If I remember correctly, there was a WARN filed with the state back in December 2013 or January 2014 for our Emeryville, CA location. I think over 200 people were affected - do we know if that went through?

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Alcon is alive and well. Not too many job openings. Actually going through reductions by re-evaluating contractor positions; looking at all savings opportunities. It is a different company from 3 years ago.

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2014 Novartis Layoffs

Hello All - I used to work for Novartis and I left a few years ago. I liked my time at Novartis and would like to see if I can return and work there again. I wanted to see if you had inside information about the current situation - I am wandering if... —  read more 

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