Topics regarding layoffs at Shire PLC

Topics regarding layoffs at Shire PLC

Upper management needs reality check

When will upper management at Shire realize that employees are the backbone of this company? Some of them are so disconnected with us in our department that I look at one or two of them and think “aren’t we on the same team?” We are given unrealistic... — read more 

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What is going on?

When I think of Shire, I picture a boat with no rudder, floating aimlessly with no sense of direction and that’s what this company is going through. There is very little guidance from department heads due to so many changes taking place both in... — read more 

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Global Drug Safety

No layoffs right now, they has some layoffs a few months back. I am hearing that Global Drug Safety may be impacted in January or February 2018 time frame - we will see how things play out but I am concerned that this time Shire will cutting much... — read more 

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ex Baxalta Layoffs (GDS)

Not sure about other departments, but Global Drug Safety got layoff about ten to fifteen days ago. It is ex Baxalta. They used us and trashed. Most of us will be gone by October. They did not even offer relocation. Few days ago our positions were... — read more 

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Real life story

I worked myself to the point im having health issues...always there when they needed me...always did the extra. I took this job serious...was proud of it. I was fooled to be a temp. For almost 2 years and a half...overworked underpayed not insured... — read more 

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2014 Shire Layoffs

I just posted below regarding the La Jolla plant - I wanted to see if Shire had any additional layoffs in 2014 and what the plans for 2015 will be.

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La Jolla / Regenerative Medicine

Shire Regenerative Medicine laid off staff at the La Jolla plant’s (around 500 people) back in March of 2014. WARN was filed with the state department of employment. Organogenesis who was part of the purchase deal, intended to hire as many of them as... — read more 

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No future - RIF only

Shire is a really bad company to work for. You will eventually be laid off - this company is going nowhere and will either fold or be acquired. The leadership has only one interest - extract as much money for themselves. Salesforce is average, R&D is... — read more 

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Downsizing at Shire (so far)

There has been one (almost two) round of layoffs in ADHD (more to come here, but let's park this for now). One big round of layoffs in GI (possibly more coming). Finally, three BIG rounds of layoffs took place in Renal, the business unit eventually... — read more 

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