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Catalent and H1B Violations?

Just laid off 16 in IT to replace with outsourced bodies from L&T Infotech. This has been going on gradually for 2 years. The more they replace the slower their projects go.

Always in motion

Layoffs are frequent, nothing more to add about Catalent
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The business I started is not important

The business I started is not important . . . it is the point that I was trying to make. Being laid off is not necessarily a bad thing, it promotes entrepreneurial ability. While businesses are in business to make money, it is the PEOPLE doing the... read more
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Hired as temp

Hired as temp. Any ideas how its gonna be?
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never mind, here it comes again

never mind, here it comes again. the rumors are swirling that more than 50 positions will be cut in April...
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