Topics regarding layoffs at Takeda

Topics regarding layoffs at Takeda

More layoffs in October

I've heard a rumor that Takeda is planning major layoffs that should start sometime in the near future, most likely next month. I wish there was a way to confirm or deny this, so I didn't have to stress unnecessarily if it's not true. But I guess it... —  read more 

Any news on Deerfield?

It's been around a month since it was announced Takeda would be closing Deerfield - how are things looking there now? I know they said not many people would be laid off as part of the HQ consolidation, but to me that sounds more like the usual c-ap... —  read more 


Takeda reps with eight years got the same number of weeks payout as a Shire rep with eight years of experience. Anyone with less than eight years with Takeda made out better then Shire reps with less then eight years of service. The Takeda... —  read more 

Layoffs In Progress

Just received confirmation from my manager. Some will be offered re-lo to Boston but even Boston offices are expecting cuts and restructuring. First estimate is 20% of Boston based teams will go with us.

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More layoffs at Takeda

Heard from several sources now that we are looking at more layoffs at Takeda, but there is very little details involved. Anybody here maybe knows more about what we can expect in the following weeks (or months?) Frankly, any bit of information would... —  read more 

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Total Layoff

Oh, the office building is so big – nothing will happen to us… Do you guys feel the same today? Everyone is canned and we are off to Boston. Zooooommmm…. If you are in sales, field sales, you are gone, in no time – the home office elites get two... —  read more 

Layoffs in IT

Go ask Christophe Weber what the plan is - how many sales and IT folks he needs to fire to save 1.5 billion he needs to service all the loans taken for the Shire debacle...

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