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Valeant Pharmaceuticals Layoffs 2018

I never knew that executives can be so sneaky and will lie so much? Is that normal? They do tell you one thing and then to hit you with something else - the mood is pretty bad here in Laval.

Valeant Cafepharma

If you need info on layoffs check out Cafepharma Valenat pages there. There are more posts there on Cafepharma but I am not sure if they have a ton of layoff content.

Layoff and a lot of Supervisor e ingeniering left Valeant.

Too many people left valeant, because what happened, they don't want to stay. Valeant is hring a lot of people, but is because the people are living their company, but when New people apply the dont tell you the true. About time FDA did something... read more
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Valeant, an Accounting Pioneer Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. didn’t just pioneer a new way of running a drug company—it has an unusual way of accounting for one, too. The approach flows in part... read more

B&L effects

I think that Valeant simply destroyed B&L employee base - the best execs were forced out, and the best employees followed - the atmosphere of fear has spread at B&L and productivity dropped to zero. I'll never understand why Valeant took this... read more

Ruthless and Fierce

Nothing more to add here - Valeant is ruthless and will cut and downsize whenever it's needed

Mergers and Layoffs

The execs at Valeant have shown themselves to be very narrow-minded and uninformed. VRX bought a fairly small privately held pharmaceutical company named Dow Pharmaceutical (DP). DP had a proven track record of growth and innovation. DP employees... read more
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I was let go - V has a slim product line..

I was let go - V has a slim product line... The drug I was selling for Hepatitis C, it came out poorly in new clinical trial, efficient in only 10 % of cases, company sold product off, all representatives were let go due to no other drugs available... read more
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