Topics regarding layoffs at Alcon Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Alcon Inc.

Overloaded to the max

I'm safe for now, however, considering how overloaded I am and what kind of pressure I'm under, it's the first time that I regret not being laid off. How busy are you? Does the leadership really think that the remaining employees will continue... — read more 

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Europe Redundancies

Job cuts have been announced here is well, the cuts will take place over 3 to 6 month because of the EU and local law restrictions and council rules. Nothing is for sure right now but we know the cuts will take place

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R&D Layoffs

Our Research and Development in Irvine, CA got hit with almost 20 full time employees being let go. Overall, almost 300 in North America layoffs - two plans will be closed. Out of 300 let go in NA, 100 will be from R&D...

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Poor Performers

I used to work for Alcon - I left on my own while the getting was still good. I read these posts during my breaks because I wanted to see how my friends and those I hated did during the recent cuts. Also it's just curiosity to see how a place I was... — read more 

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Leaving Alcon

When I was at Alcon, I didn't fit in well with the old boys and the fine church ladies, so my career wasn't progressing that well. I thought I was doing something wrong that this was my fault. I also thought I wasn't cut out for corporate work -... — read more 

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1200 to be let go

At least 1200 globally will be eliminated based on several sources. No clue how all of this impacts field sales, home office and fringe programs are almost certainly going to be annihilated. Europe is getting murdered on the numbers, what we have... — read more 

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