Topics regarding layoffs at EmblemHealth

Topics regarding layoffs at EmblemHealth


I feel a bit whiny just talking about this but I legitimately can't help but feel so damn exhausted all the time. The awful culture here alone can be so soul-crushing sometimes. Working here has made me so jaded which is kinda depressing because I... —  read more 

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I worked at emblemhealth for the last 10 years and for the most part it was a pleasant place to work. However, because of poor management the company was loosing money. The New CEO Agnani former lobbyist from Washington and probably voted for Trump... —  read more 

Union Overtime

Great company for remaining Union employees with real pensions and massive overtime pay.No cost sharing for health premiums feels like a city job. All management employees with knowledge were let go. Current claims processing is a disaster,outsourced... —  read more 

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All union jobs cut

Customer service, claims processing, care management. All outsourced. If you don't understand people with foreign accents be wary of choosing EmblemHealth as your insurer. Your information is not staying in the U.S. any longer.

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