Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Layoffs

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Eagan Layoffs 60 People

More cuts by BCBS Michigan

Well, the three years from hell are nearing the end, but not without more casualties. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan just laid off 70 more employees from several departments, again as part of the plan from 2015 to save $300 million by this year... —  read more 

BCBS North Carolina - big cuts

No page for BCBS NC so I am posting it here. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina in Durham laid off 165 customer service repos - ACA impacts.... Just search info on the internet, there is a ton of info on layoffs there... —  read more 

Here it goes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN 2017

They sold their buildings a few years ago and leased them back, hmm wonder why. Possibly due to planning on moving the company to Pennsylvania Highmark? Might as well, customer call center moved to Tuscan AZ. Provider call center moved overseas for... —  read more 

BCBSMN layoffs 2017

this year will be bad - with all the changes and uncertainty, ACA direction, etec. Nobody knows what will happen, it's sad.

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