Topics regarding layoffs at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Topics regarding layoffs at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Read the fine print!

Notice that the requirement is to be committed to REMAINING fully vaccinated according to CDC standard. You are basically signing away your right to make decisions as the data evolves. Give up your rights to keep your job. The choice is up to you.


BDP is like the dude in the Capital One commercials — just with worse facial hair, probably less education, and lno more able to run a complex company. But trendy suit!

July layoffs

I've been hearing some rumors about July layoffs, but considering the source, I thought it was better to check before I get too stressed over potentially nothing. Has anybody here hear anything about upcoming cuts sometime before the end of July? Any... —  read more 

Is this a joke?

While the annual raise was embarrassing, you work around the clock to keep your job. It’s now suggested volunteering your talent and time, join a 1000 donation club to United Way or just give any amount, give money to a emergency employee fund, and... —  read more 

Transformation?? DOOMED

Why? To fully do what BP and redhead want, they need IT. And IT doesnt really exist at CF anymore. Just a bunch of energizer bunnies trying their best. Some VERY bright people worked there at one time, a few still there just biding their time, and... —  read more 

People leaving CareFirst

Have you noticed how despite everything the company is experiencing a mass exodus? It seems to me that never before have so many people left this company voluntarily. The reasons are clear to me, but it is not clear to me how the management is not... —  read more 

Lost our way

Talk about a company that has seriously lost their way. It definitely wasn’t perfect, but it used to be a company that cared about its associates. I feel like we’ve all been lied to and the leadership of this company needs to be seriously called... —  read more 

February layoffs

More layoffs coming this month. All financial analysts in IT who support corporate initiatives were told last month, by none other than the Chief Hatchet Officer himself, DK, that their department is being eliminated. FAs can apply for a handful of... —  read more 


Remember back in the day when they gave out turkeys to all of the employees this was not too long ago then they switch to gift card to go buy one. What was it this year? $0 😂

Anyone else thinking this?

CareFirst just completed its virtual Week of Equity & Action for all employees. Last year it was a full day activity on-site in multiple locations, primarily in Baltimore. E&A is undoubtedly very important and should be addressed, but one wonders if... —  read more 

How are things going?

I was laid off at the beginning of the month and for 3 weeks I have been scrambling around turning in my resume online and in person and networking like crazy. And yet all avenues seem to have dried up. I’ve also been trying temp. agencies, etc. I’m... —  read more 

The shock has worn off

My position was eliminated and when they notified me I felt nothing but shock. It’s taken me this long to come to grips with it. I still don’t understand why I was targeted, considering I was one of the most productive employees in my area. But I... —  read more 

Real reasons for layoffs?

Stop thinking this is about poor performance. This is about $$$$$. Get rid of anyone who has a decent salary and a pension - even if they’re close to retirement. No more high salaries. Job descriptions re-written with nice titles that make them look... —  read more 

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DK next?

So they moved IT under Rose Megian today and DK held a meeting but no one had the balls to ask questions? Is DK next on the chopping block?

Layoffs are happening

Layoffs are happening. Started last week > the Claims Ops was hit and today IT is being impacted. Not sure of any numbers. 1 in my mind is too many when we have some much work. Seems as if they are targeting tenured employees with over 25+ years... —  read more 

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