Topics regarding layoffs at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Topics regarding layoffs at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Time to Unionize?

At what point do we stop letting executive ‘leadership’ push us around? They have taken away benefits that effect tenured employees, first the PTO cap and now the pension freeze. They have favored young employees with new and expanded benefit... —  read more 

Workload unmanageable

Anyone else feel like there has been a sharp decline in the last 3-6 months? Must be the staffing shortages compounding. I can’t get an email back from most areas of the company without 2-3 reminders or a call. Many things are just completely... —  read more 

Wake up Board of Directors

Does this narcissistic sociopath of a CEO own you too? If you want to know what our members think about CareFirst, take a gander at the company FB page. Just complaint after complaint after complaint. It's downright embarrassing. You are failing... —  read more 

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Brian and his bagel

We have a leader in Brian who is so disconnected from the day-to-day staff that his own folks within the finance team are telling us we need to cut expenses due to losses this year but he is so disconnected that he not only hires but also emails the... —  read more 

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Leadership Shake Up PMO

It was a leadership shake up that consisted of a demotion (per say) and a promotion. JA has been demoted to tool jockey. He lost all of the PM’s. This couldn’t happen to a better person for he truly was a sorry Director @ best. GOOD LUCK JA. Turn... —  read more 

Question of trust

The success of any company is primarily based on trust. It is very difficult to work where there is no more trust. In our company, the employees don't trust the leadership and the leadership doesn't trust us. Something must be done about it.


Definition of landfill 1 : an area built up by landfill 2 : a system of trash and garbage disposal in which the waste is buried between layers of earth to build up low-lying land 3: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

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AIP Payout

Don't expect to get anywhere near your normal AIP. Executives keep dancing around it but the company did not make its goals. Don't be surprised if it is little to none (20-30% of what you normally make have received in the past). Trust me, Execs... —  read more 

DK Scams Again

Just wanted you guys to know that DK is went to Northmarq, just in case anyone wanted to warn them on their layoff board lol

CareLast about Associates

Another IT group has been outsourced. Many long time talented people who previous management looked out for, and provided extensive training to retain them. New management (DK) comes in and shows the group the door.....then move on themselves. What a... —  read more 

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