Topics regarding layoffs at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Topics regarding layoffs at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield


Definition of landfill 1 : an area built up by landfill 2 : a system of trash and garbage disposal in which the waste is buried between layers of earth to build up low-lying land 3: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

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AIP Payout

Don't expect to get anywhere near your normal AIP. Executives keep dancing around it but the company did not make its goals. Don't be surprised if it is little to none (20-30% of what you normally make have received in the past). Trust me, Execs... —  read more 

DK Scams Again

Just wanted you guys to know that DK is went to Northmarq, just in case anyone wanted to warn them on their layoff board lol

CareLast about Associates

Another IT group has been outsourced. Many long time talented people who previous management looked out for, and provided extensive training to retain them. New management (DK) comes in and shows the group the door.....then move on themselves. What a... —  read more 

No one's job is safe

I hope it's just a rumor that someone came up with to create a bit of panic. However, the rumors so far have mostly come true. Is it possible that layoffs are around the corner as is talked about among my colleagues? If that’s true, then I hope it... —  read more 

CIO and CDO Out

Took too long to get rid of these yahoos. Interim org is a cluster. More org changes must occur. They just threw people underneath the IT Leadership leftover. If you like crazy, join the company.

CareFirst Week of Equity

If you are going to require us to sit on these calls, in addition to all of our other calls/meetings that weren't able to take a back seat this week, at least give us technology that works! 2nd year in a row and the technology still stinks. ... —  read more 

Read the fine print!

Notice that the requirement is to be committed to REMAINING fully vaccinated according to CDC standard. You are basically signing away your right to make decisions as the data evolves. Give up your rights to keep your job. The choice is up to you.


BDP is like the dude in the Capital One commercials — just with worse facial hair, probably less education, and lno more able to run a complex company. But trendy suit!

July layoffs

I've been hearing some rumors about July layoffs, but considering the source, I thought it was better to check before I get too stressed over potentially nothing. Has anybody here hear anything about upcoming cuts sometime before the end of July? Any... —  read more 

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