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Glassdoor Reviews!!!

I have been seeing a lot of "venting" on this forum. It is not the best place to provide feedback. If you really want to provide feedback go to Glassdoor. CareFirst HR has an active presence there and they cannot erase feedback or comments, but they... —  read more 

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IT layoffs (September?)

There's a lot of gossip of who in IT will laid off and when it'll happen. I think people are afraid to message on Skype with gossiping. It's like some directors know more than others about what is going to happen. I've heard there are layoffs coming... —  read more 

6/19 CIO All Hands Call

I am an IT associate and just sat through the worst presentation ever by our useless CIO. We just had a reorg on Monday and this dufus managed to drive through a one hour presentation with only barely mentioning it. I still don’t know anything... —  read more 

May 29 CEO call

I used to look forward to the CEO calls, now they are an opportunity to catch up on other work. The first one to take us downhill was with some new VP they hired, no employees, but a cheerleader who has been on more TV, news, radio, media, etc. to... —  read more 

Being laid off would be a blessing

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield has long become a place where you go if you want to see your career die. There are zero opportunities for advancement if you don't know the right people. Zero. No matter how hard you work, no matter the knowledge and... —  read more 

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Worthless management

As somebody mentioned in another thread, if the only way you can pay for the acquisition of two companies is by laying off employees, then you are the one who should be laid off for making such stupid decisions. At least in that case, the number of... —  read more 

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