Topics regarding layoffs at Blue Shield of Californa

Topics regarding layoffs at Blue Shield of Californa


Lisa Davis, the SVP and CIO at BlueShieldCA, joined @richkarlgaard to discuss how CIOs can position technology as a driver of business growth at the 2023 #ForbesCIO Summit in California.

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Next layoffs round

Does anybody know when the next round of layoffs will be? The media is reporting January 25? Is that date accurate? I'd like to know the same thing, so please share if you have any more info.

Frequent reorgs

This is getting really frustrating. The worst thing is that after every reorg, it gets worse here. Why reorganizations fail here? Employee morale suffers because of that. I am planning to leave because it is becoming obvious that the... —  read more 

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BSC - Laid OFF

Totally mismanaged company that needs to layoff the management team first. I was part of earlier layoffs this year. The best thing I can say about BSC was that they knew how to play politics big time. Many were so good at politics that actually being... —  read more 

Some observation

I can talk only about IT, cannot cover the business or operations aspects of Blue Shield of California. The IT group has constant reorg activities, managers move, staff moves, and there is chaos all the time. The projects are slow, even they they... —  read more 

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