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BSC - Laid OFF

Totally mismanaged company that needs to layoff the management team first. I was part of earlier layoffs this year. The best thing I can say about BSC was that they knew how to play politics big time. Many were so good at politics that actually being... —  read more 

Some observation

I can talk only about IT, cannot cover the business or operations aspects of Blue Shield of California. The IT group has constant reorg activities, managers move, staff moves, and there is chaos all the time. The projects are slow, even they they... —  read more 

Massive Layoffs at BSOC, March 2016

12 locations with layoffs... El Dorado Hills will be hit the hardest with job cuts. Blue Shield of California will have layoffs at the following locations: El Segundo, Ontario, Walnut Creek, Lodi, SF, Rancho Cordova, Woodland Hills, Costa Mesa, San... —  read more 

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