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Last week's layoffs

60 immediate cuts, 46 from HMHS, 14 from Highmark. Another 63 are being outsourced effective today. Marketing, Customer Success, Delivery and IT. Outsourced unannounced yet Is this the final number of laid off people? ANd more importantly, is... —  read more 

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More layoffs at Highmark Health?

Somebody mentioned in another thread that there is a rumor going around about 200 more layoffs happening sometime this month - is this true? If it is, any chance somebody here has more info on it? It would be good to know who is about to get hit... —  read more 

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Is this true?

Sick how HR handled the layoffs. No respect at all. People on my floor found out when their computer was shut off instead of from a manger. Is this really how layoffs are handled these days at Highmark Health? If this is true, than this is a new low... —  read more 

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Update on HMHS

Work from home has now been taken away as a perk for employees. Morale is already at an all time low and there is really no meaningful work in the pipeline. Only a matter of time before this company is totally gone.

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HMHS Layoffs

I am perplexed that there are no updates on HMHS Layoffs on this board. Just look it up online, there is info posted and people are afraid to speak up.

Layoffs, Outsourcing and Unhappiness

Highmark Health is a very frustrating environment for IT folks who want to do quality work, stay relevant and add value to customers... New procedures and policies are announced weekly - it's so process heavy it's stupid... The rules are often... —  read more 

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